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 On style of music.

Greetings in the Name of the Lord!

I have read a few of the takes on this issue of music, and I am intrigued by everything that has been said. I have to admit, there was a time when I struggled with music. that's not to say that I still don't have moments, but I really have a greater focus than before. While I pastor a small church in texas, I am also the co-worship leader for the church. there was a time when I was rather prejudicial towards the hymns of the church. I felt that they lacked something and that those who listened to them and wanted to sing them were old and outside the "culture" that we are in. I love the new worship "music" that is out there right now. But there was a day several months ago, when I was at the church praying and singing and playing on the piano, that I felt the Lord speak to me to look in a hymnal and find the song " How Great Thou Art". I did and began to read the words of the song. Immediately, those words began to rise up inside of me and burst within me. I began to play and sing the song. I began to weep. It stirred my heart. It took my mind off of me and placed it on God. In the end, Praise and Worship ( as well as other styles of music)should lead us to the Father. I find myself looking more at the lyrical content, than the music itself. I remember, that many worhsip teams would play Amazing grace , set to the music of " House of the rising sun". The results were nearly the same as playing it in the regular chord progressions. People still worshipped God. The fact is, that music will inspire and it will bring emotion. BUt in every case it should lead you to thinking and dwelling upon the goodness of God. If it doesn't, than don't listen to it. However, don't judge the music. Judge the fruit of the musicians. In the Bible that I read, it never says that we will know true disciples by the genre of music that they play or listen to. We will know them by the fruit that they produce. We all know who P.O.D. is ( at least most of us should've at least heard of them. They don't look the part of a Christian band and they don't get up on the stage and preach at people either. However how any of us knew that they come down off the stage and hang with people and witness to them one on one after their "set". Read their lyrics, the Bible tells us that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Fruit and words go hand in hand. Style shouldn't matter. Any way just a thought. Agree/disagree it is all the same to me. I just wanted to voice a thought. thanks for reading.

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 Re: On style of music.

I think we need to be extremely careful who we listen to... especially in the realm of modern music. But if someone loves the Lord with all their heart, and they are sincerely born again... and their music is "modern"... so be it.

Look at Keith Green.

As an industry however... the Christian Music Industry is in dire need to being overhauled.


 2006/11/7 17:13

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So, what do you think are good principles on choosing good, sound music, whether it be secular or worship?

wondering on your opinions.

Daniel Sahm

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 Re: On style of music.

I agree with you bcpastor... if you are very observant you will realise that most of the contemporary gospel musicians do not place much focus on intimate worship--i stand for correction.The problem I have with modern christian music is that too much emphasis is placed on the intrumental experience the congregation will have than on the actual intimate worship experience God wants us to have one on one with him. So there are so many wonderful tunes out there, but they lack the power that backs a true worship experience.
My rule of thumb is that, dont care about the instrumental part, once you get soaked in the words of the music and in that intimate worship, instruments means nothing to you, the words and how you express them out from the deepest part of your heart to God is what matters.SO we have to be picky... listern to the words and ask God to guide you.

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I remember, that many worhsip teams would play Amazing grace , set to the music of " House of the rising sun". The results were nearly the same as playing it in the regular chord progressions.

So why change the music? To appeal to the people or God? Let me quess at that one answer.... and it will be correct.

side note: The house of the rising sun was a whore house, if my memory serves me correctly.

There is no life in this "new way".


Side question: Why do many in todays ministries wear black, like its a funeral they head up?

 2006/11/8 7:53

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 Re: Wearing black

Ormly wrote:

Side question: Why do many in todays ministries wear black, like its a funeral they head up?

Now I am changing the subject....share an insight on the color black.

I have worked at a Crises Pregnancy Center for 15 years as a counselor. I have heard all kinds of stories, acts of human depravity. If you can imagine it, you can bet it has happened somewhere to someone. I often said I worked on the rim of hell, trying to get people to not proceed with their journey there.

Now do you know what those people look like? What do their eyes look like? Brothers and sisters, they have a black look in them..and I see this in the modern rock musicians, even the so-called Christians. When I became aware of this look, I resolved to not ever wear solid black anymore. Oh yes, I have been told I look good in black and with my grey/silver hair, it could be stunning! :-P Seriously, these people who are away from God have this black look and I, for one, want to be as far away from it as possible.

This has been my experience. If you want any scripture to back it up all I can point to is: Matthew 6:22,23: The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!


Sandra Miller

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I come from a background as a Christian rap artist (although I have since left that style of music), so I may be able to offer an insightful response.

I notice now looking back on my music, that every song was always to be "the best" rapper, or the best with the words, or the best beats. The whole genre, secular and Christian, is soaked with pride. And that goes back to the roots of the style. It was always "who can make the most clever and complex play on words".

My whole taste in music has changed since I started to follow the Lord seriously.

I think that a few things to consider when deciding about music is, how is it presented? does it sound like it is just copying the world and substituting Christian lyrics? and who are the band memebers?

I notice now, most new CCM band members are in there early 20s, some in their late teens. Why should I trust them to lead worship? I don't know anything about them. They are my age. I think it is best if you can find out information about who the people actually are first, so you can see if they would be trustworthy.

Just a few thoughts... :-)

Taylor Otwell

 2006/11/9 16:57Profile


Absolutely... many of the bands in today's CCM have no accountability. They are on the road so much they dont attend church, etc. Yet people treat them as "ministers". Most are not. Let's not be foolish...

On the flip side, being in 20's usually means you have a lot of growing up to do, but then again... look at Keith Green and all the Lord accomplished thru him. He was barely 28 years old when he died. 11 years younger than I am now.


 2006/11/9 17:06

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Santa Cruz California


This is a pretty good article regarding music today.
[url=]Article About Music By Steve Camp[/url]

patrick heaviside

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 Re: ormly

I full agree with your post as well as crispy's and a few others. Music seems to be the fastest way into the heart of man.


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