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 Re: Hi, Christian

id like just the dear saints on SI to share your experienses and thoughts and do share some scripture whit me to guide me in this matter

Hi, Christian, I've just been wondering... has anything in these posts been of any help or encouragement to you so far?


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 Re: "Blue Eyed" Evangelists


Patience, forbearance, longsuffering, compassion.. only to trust her with God, for salvation is of the Lord.., meanwhile remember where God says in
[b]ICor7:4 For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy..[/b]

Regretfully, long time ago, as a young wife, I continued smoking even after I was saved, the guilt of it took me to a point where I begged the Lord to help me quit, and HE did. Praise God. My husband was very patient with me, and still is.:)

If all possible, do continue to draw her to read the Bible and pray with you (with God's help, and He does,)for doing so is such a precious thing ..yeah, be patient, dear Christian, life is a journey, live one day at a time, only one day at a time, trusting and obeying God fully.

In Christ, mamaluk(will pray)

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Dear Brother, surely, surely the burden you feel for your wife is from the Holy Spirit. God seeing her real condition put sight and burden on you so follow that detect don’t consult with flesh and blood, I myself am really in this state concerned about my husband’s salvation eventhough he decided to go to church with me a year ago. Recently,a question that does not seem to go away lingers in my heart ‘’Lord is he born again?” and it always leads me to a spirit of prayer for him. I don’t want to put water on what the Holy Spirit is doing in you-don’t quench it bro. Keep on praying for her and God and you will by no means loose her! The only weapon you have now is prayer and God wants to make her salvation real and he wants to use your prayer so pray for yourself and for her! He who does both to “desire and to do” will accomplish his work in you as he puts the desire to pray for her he will accomplish what he wants to do in this women! If you want our prayer backup I promise I’ll do it for you with my prayer partner! Take courage! THE LORD IS GOOD!!!

Your sis. Mek

Mekdes Tsige

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some posts have helped me, i will be praying and fasting, my wife have contacted a older godly woman that will reguarly wisit our home and pray whit my wife, and i will practice Patience, forbearance, longsuffering, compassion and speak scripture to her in a loving way as often as i can, and try by be an living example of the grace of god on a human, and pray to god to grant me thease gifts of the spirits, im still very burdend but i will go forward on my knees, thank you all for your concern and "advices" and experiences, and anyone who want to bring this into the throneroom of god in prayer im much grateful



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