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 A commentary concerning Calvanism

Hebrews 8

7For if that first covenant had been faultless, there would have been no occasion to look for a second.

As I read this again I thought.... does this mean that God makes mistakes. Does God make a poorly thought out plan?

Then I started thinking about Noah and the flood...where God repented from making mankind;
and I thought about Exodus when Moses was on Sinai and he talked God out of destroying all of Israel for worshiping the golden calf.

I think, is God capable of making bad decisions concerning man's welfare?

Then I thought of Jesus' words where he said I didn't lose one that you gave me. And how the word says that no one can pluck out of God's hand His own people.

It seems that there is a contradiction here.

However, I believe that this shows how mankind, because of their tendency towards things that are evil can upset the plans that God has for their own welfare. This is evident throught the entire Bible. That is why Jesus had to die the death that NO MAN man should have to taste (which is obvious he speaks not the mortal death).

If we look at the first chapter of Romans Paul describes two types of people, those who follow the light of their own consciences and those who trade the truth of God for a lie.

Yes, man, because of Adam's decision, inclines himself to sin. And left without God would of course be a completely wicked being. But this is not the makeup of man. This is the makeup of a beast of the earth or a creeping thing upon the earth. God breathed into mankind his Spirit, this makes us different from animals. We can decide for ourselves to follow after the light that God deposited in us or deny it.

Those who follow after it are those like,
Abel, Job, Abraham (these men existed before the law of Moses, yet after Adam so they were, like Adam sinners) and were counted as righteous because they lived by faith and let the Spirit or the light of their consciences guide them.

Nothing has changed today. Except of course that now we have overcome our battle with sin and being enemies of God,by FAITH in the blood of Jesus to maintain our righteousness despite our sinful nature. He did it once and for all. Think of those words...He died only ONE time for all....for EVERYONE.

I believe that those who agree that man is completely wicked and incapable of making a desicion to surrender to God on their own free will their lives to Christ, are forgetting that in God's eyes we are different from the beasts of the earth. If we are a creation (mankind) who is NOT capable of making a desicion to surrender our wills to God then you would be saying that we are like cows, or cockroaches WITHOUT CONSCIENCES! This is a lie, we know right from wrong, Why?, because God has imparted into every human being a part of who He is, His Spirit, His Truth, His Light, His moral code, knowledge of His character. This guides us, this tells us what is wrong or right the difference between a lie and truth. This confirms to us that the Gospel is Truth!! Those who deny this light are telling God in essence, "No thanks God, I don't need Your rules for my welfare, I don't need your moral guardrails. I think I can control my life and make my own rules." So a hardening of the heart takes place.

Just as sin entered the ENTIRE WORLD through one man (Adam) and caused God to damn all mankind to hell. Now, grace sufficient enough to cover all of that sin that damned the entire world to hell has been defeated and has entered into the ENTIRE WORLD!! through one man (Jesus). Praise the Lord! This is the Good News!! And just typing it out makes me want to shout Hallelujah and Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb.

My brothers be free! We must continue in this faith grounded and settles in the gospel message that we first heard. (Col chapter 1) This is why Christ died! Go out and proclaim this Good News. Christ died for the wicked, who couldn't find peace between what they knew they couldn't overcome (sin) and a Holy God, and the Light that God has deposited into every man we pray will bear witness to the truth of the Gospel and lead them to repentance, salvation and right standing with God through faith in the Holy One of Heaven.

God Bless You,
Let others see the reason for your joy,
Desi, Jr.

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