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 Pray for Kent Hovind & Family

I have heard that Kent is in jail right now until his sentencing in January.


Jury deliberations took about three hours.

A federal jury has convicted Kent Hovind and his wife, Jo, of tax fraud.

Hovind faces a maximum of 288 years in prison. His wife faces up to 225 years. Her charges include aiding and abetting her husband with 44 counts of evading bank-reporting requirements.

In closing arguments this morning, Alan Richey, Kent Hovind’s defense attorney, said the Pensacola evangelist was never notified by the IRS that he was violating a specific law by not withholding and paying employment taxes on workers at the Dinosaur Adventure Land and Creative Science Evangelism, both of which he founded and operates.

Hovind also believes that as workers of God, he and all employees of the theme park and his ministry are exempt from paying taxes.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Heldmyer said the case was not about religion but about paying taxes.

In her closing argument, she said that Kent Hovind was advised and told numerous times by the court, an attorney and even a member of the Pensacola Christian College that he must pay taxes.

Kent Hovind is charged with 58 federal counts, including failure to pay $845,000 in employee-related taxes and withholdings.

If found guilty, he faces a maximum of 288 years in prison. His wife, Jo Hovind, faces up to 225 years. Her charges include aiding and abetting her husband with 44 counts of evading bank-reporting requirements.

Defense lawyers for the Hovinds rested their case on Wednesday without presenting evidence or calling witnesses.

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 Re: Pray for Kent Hovind & Family

Hey bro Ricky!

I think that if Hovind had just given to Caesar what was Caesar's none of this would have happened. I mean, ultimately, it's all over money. Just give the heathen their tax money and remain blameless. God will replenish his ministry in more ways than one. I really like Hovind, I admire his apologetics. I just wish he would have gone about this differently. I'll be praying for him, brother.

I pray everything's good with you and your family. Give me a call sometime, after you get settled in! Would love to hear from you.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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I really admire him to.

The 'world' is going to have a field day with our leaders. Last week Ted, and now Bro. Kent. I believe these are the days, the days when it's still light out that we can pray/fast.

Leonardo Santana

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 Re: Pray for Kent Hovind & Family

This is incredible!

I have so admired him. I have his creation videos and they have helped me to understand much about the creation/evolution war.

So, to read this was more than just disheartening.

However, it was self inflicted.

Let's face it. You don't go around and fight satan so openly and not expect him to move on you.

He should have seen it coming.

Still, it should be a lesson to us to pay our taxes. Even Jesus paid tax. Remember the incident with the fish?

So, as has been said, give to the tax man what's his and to God what is God's.

God bless.

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 Re: Pray for Kent Hovind & Family

that is so sad someone told me the laws used against him are not usually used against religious factions and it seems hard to believe that kent would do something so dumb so i dont know i do know however that the Lord can deliver him and we should interced for him since he is one of the few evangelists left and it is probable that it is an attack of the enemy but maybe he will stay in their for righteousness sake that is if he is righteous in this case either way he had a great ministry life is a serious threat that is sad but if as a Christian he is righteous he should rejoice for great is his reward in heaven.

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 Re: Pray for Kent Hovind & Family

i will pray for him, that God will be glorified....even if He is guilty and goes to jail....still maybe the place GOD wants him is in jail... ? or maybe it is an attack from satan...but let gods will happend...but it isent impossible for god to send a man into Prison or even into death... maybe from your blood or mine laying spilled on the ground.... another paul can be born..... and by that many souls be saved.... Gods ways are not our ways

a reminder.... :) i often wonder how many times we try and pray away something that god sent...


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Ah HA! You used the word heathen! Is anyone offended at that term?


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I don't think this was about money. From what I hear brother Kent didn't have much more than a dime to his name. He gave it all away. I think I heard him say once that he was convinced that government taxes were unscriptural, so for him it was a matter of principle, not money.

That said, he still should have paid his taxes.

I do have a question about "render unto Caesar..." What exactly does Caesar own? Isn't it all God's? Did Jesus really feel that strongly about taxes that he had to tell us pay them? Is that really what He was saying there? I don't know, just asking.

Nontheless, yes let's pray for the Hovinds and Haggards

Denver McDaniel

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From what I understand, we are to respect the laws of the land and submit to the governmental authorities and state agencies which are put in place by God. Land and income taxes are ordained by God, and Christians are to obey city ordinances, state legislatures, etc. To not do so is to be in rebellion to God...and furthermore gives heathen the lawful right to punish us. It also brings reproach upon the gospel. Paying taxes is not sinning. Paying taxes is not the same as condoning abortions or same-sex marriages. We [i]must[/i] pay our taxes and give unto Caesar what Caesar demands. I believe that if we submit without sinning, God will more than amply bless us so so that we lack nothing and actually come out with even more than what we gave. It is the way of the Lord.

Paul Frederick West

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I do have a question about "render unto Caesar..." What exactly does Caesar own?

It's hard to quantify depends on the government you live under. For instance about 75 years ago in the Soviet Union, Ceasar took it all.

Probably after tonight in America, he's going to take a little more here too.


Mike Compton

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