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First off... "freedom of speech" does not apply to a private forum

On a side note, Greg is Canadian and wouldn't really understand the First Ammendment to the U.S. Constitution :)

But to what I really wanted to say...

According to Corinthians we should always act according to charity, and seek to abound in the edification of our hearers. Thus, if you know something you say would offend your hearers, and get in the way of them possibly receiving your message, you adjust how you say what needs to be said.

Using four-letter words, in general, is much like coming across a mis-spelled word in a printed book. Such is almost entirely intollerable. If you come across such a thing in a book, no matter how many pages of print a book might have, a single mis-spelling could ruin the entire credibility of the book.

There might be a place for mis-spellings in a book. There might even be a time to push the language envelope as far as one can to drive home a legitimate point, such as Paul in Philippians 3. But, such is by far the exception, and not the rule. We should instead constantly seek to speak with grace. Grace might be a little rough sometimes, such as when one of the prophets said Israel was like whore who spred her legs to every passer by. That's a pretty graphic image. But such images are rare.

Let's speak the words of Christ.

Jimmy H

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