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I also recommend Keith Daniel. I don't know where you're at in Ohio but he is going to be speaking in the Hartville area this weekend.
His schedule is here:

I've recently been listening to Paul Washer and have been very blessed. Leonard Ravenhill is another favorite...

 2006/11/2 21:44


Warren Weirsbe.

He also has written a collection of commentarys that are pricless. He is called by many, 'The pastors pastor'.

 2006/11/2 21:53

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Some not mentioned so far - who have blessed me:

Earnest O'Neil
Paris Reidhead
Ron Bailey
Richard Owen Roberts
Edwin Orr
Charles Price


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Nancy DeMoss


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i agree that Pastor conlon and Clendennen both do point to jesus christ. david wilkerson is one i enjoy as well for the truth and grace in which he preaches the word of God!
any minister who focuses on Jesus and the ministry of winning souls for Christ is always a blessing.....
a great bible teacher i have recently been listening to is Chip Ingram!

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There have been two sermons that have changed the pattern of my walk with Christ:

Ten Shekels and a Shirt - Paris Reidhead

I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus - Jon Schaelchlin

Both of which are on here.

God Bless,
Desi, Jr.

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Carter Conlon
Keith Daniels

Through the years I have received David Wilkerson's news letters. I haven't listened to many of his sermons on audio but many of his news letters have hit the spot through the years.

I never heard of Keith Daniels or Paris Reidhead until I listened to them on SermonIndex. Ten Shekels and a Shirt is really a good message.

Richard Owens Roberts surprized me with his style. The Revival Hymn is special also.

Gary Eckenroth

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My spiritual mood depends on who i listen to. Anyone else like that?

When i want a spiritual hot water bottle put underneath me, i listen to Leonard Ravenhill.
When i want to be put into remembrance that faith produces a new creature, i listen to Paul Washer.
When i want to be encouraged to press on and seek Christ's face, i listen to Keith Daniel.
When i want to hear a relevant teaching that pierces my heart and makes me think, i listen to Art Katz.

There are others, but these are the main ones i've listened to. God is a good God for allowing us the privelege of hearing Him speak through His many different servants.

Joe Auvil

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