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 Great teachers/preachers?

Hey I am a new youth minister and campus minister in Ohio, and I have been listening to some sermons on here so that in the midst of teaching a lot and discipling, I also am feeding myself spiritually (in addition to the Word, prayer, and fellowship of course). I was just wondering what some of your favorite speakers are, as I am new to the site. I have been listening to Carter Conlon some and really enjoy him. Any that stand out to you as just powerfully anointed with the spirit, both convicting as well as motivating and teaching. Thanks!

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 Re: Great teachers/preachers?

My favorite preacher that I am listening to on a regular basis is James Knox out of Deland FL. He is not on this site (tho perhaps he should be... someone should look into that).

Here is the link to his site where you can download his sermons:

Listen to just one sermon and you'll understand why I really like this guy. He's currently doing a series on Romans which I highly recommend. Also, there is a series on there about Deuteronomy that is excellent.

By the way, my recommendation of Pastor Knox is in no way meant to take away from SI's wonderful collection of great preachers! Avail yourself of what's on here too!


 2006/11/2 14:54

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 Re: Great teachers/preachers?

id say Paul Washer....
Leonard Ravenhill
Keith Daniel

i will say that every single sermon ive listend to have shown me more glory of GOD, they are good to start whit, also i recomend you go thrue the top 20 list, all sermons there are very good, but hey, there are so many sermons here of Great servants of god, you found a great treasure of godly resorses here, welcome



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A.W. Tozer - For very meaty yet simple teaching.

Art Katz - For understanding the times we live in, where we've been and where we are going.

Leonard Ravenhill - For setting a fire under you and razor sharp insight.

Keith Green - If you like to chew on soemthing when you sing unto the Lord, then get his music (which is not avaiable on this site).

Jimmy H

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 Re: Great teachers/preachers?

For me, it's been John G.Lake and Charles Spurgeon. Both great wise men of God.

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David Wilkerson

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 Re: Great teachers/preachers?

Carter Conlon and B. H. Clendeden point to Christ, and not themselves.
There are sooo many good Preachers on this site, it is hard to pick just a few.
I think it is really where the Person is in their walk with God, that the Spirit ministers to the individual, by that Sermon at that time.
God Bless

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 Re: Great teachers/preachers?

There are so many excellent speakers here, and on sites recommended by visitors.

At the moment I am enjoying some challenging sermons by John Greer at the following location

Do not be put off by the fact that he is an Irish Presbyterian, his teaching is solid.

These sermons are available in audio, and good quality video as well.

May the Lord bless you as you serve.
Many blessings Greg


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 Re: Great teachers/preachers?

After finding this site nearly four years ago, I was first lead to Tozer, David Wilkerson, and Leonard Ravenhill. Around this time, I was also giving considerable listening time to Bert Clendenon and the School of Christ...which opened the door to Watchman Nee and the two men he heavily fellowshiped with: Stephen Kaung (I have actually had the pleasure of speaking with him on the phone--he is in his 90's and still preaching) and T. Austin-Sparks. I have downloaded all of their available sermons and loaded them onto my faithful iPod alongside the audio bible. Each week, I listen to approximately 40 hours of sermons and scripture and have been doing this for about 3 1/2 years.

At this time, I have come to believe that T. Austin-Sparks is one of the most anointed teachers/preachers I have heard. You can see/hear traces of his influence in the sermons of dozens of younger preachers whose material is available through this site. I find his messages to be full of meat, not milk and delve deeply into the life of Christ. I highly recommend his sermon series called "In Christ" and "The Glory of God". I find the difference between preachers such as B.H. Clendenon and Wilkerson and T. Austin-Sparks to be that the first two are mainly concerned with building the church and the body of Christ and Sparks is centered on the character/nature of Christ.

I hope that this is of some help to you. Enjoy your journey and while the bumps in the road may hurt...they are ultimately necessary. Blessings to you --Dan

Dan Silva

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Lately I've been listening to Keith Daniel...

But also I have been blessed by:

David Wilkerson
Carter Conlon
Leonard Ravenhill
Art Katz
Paul Washer
A.W. Tozer's writing (haven't listened to many sermons by him)
Ray Comfort
Zac Poonen
KP Yohannan

Taylor Otwell

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