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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : A double hell -james

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 A double hell -james

[b]A double hell[/b]

(John Angell James, "Life and Letters")

You who are poor--with this 'pearl of great price'
to enrich you, with a title to a priceless inheritance,
reserved in heaven for you, pure and undefiled,
beyond the reach of change and decay--to animate
and comfort you; all the privations of your earthly
poverty can be borne--not only with patience, but
with cheerfulness.

The grace of God in the heart, the promise of God
in the hand, and the glory of God in the eye--are
enough to reconcile us to the longest life of the
most dire poverty.

But poverty, without true piety--is to be poor indeed!
To be both poor and wicked, is to have a double hell
--a hell here, and a worse hell hereafter!

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 Re: A double hell -james

A double hell? It doesn't bear thinking about!

I don't mind poverty with piety, but without, with no hope of God and eternal life, talk about misery.

One thinks of Luke 16 with the rich man and Lazarus.

One had poverty and piety, the other, riches and wickedness.

The tables turned at death, in that the 'hell' Lazarus knew was exchanged for a glorious heaven.

The rich man's 'heaven' was exchanged for an eternal hell and damnation.

God help us to seek Him and not any miserable earthly reward.

God bless.

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