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 Please Help - Revival Men Needed!!!

[b]Revival Men [/b]

We need men who can do more than clean up football stadiums; we need men who can clean up the Church. We must have a holy race of prophets. We need a God-possessed generation of living trumpets to awaken the sleeping Church out of her stupor of self-indulgence and pride. We need an army of Spirit-filled Revival men

These Spirit filled men of past had confidence in the God whose they were and whom they served, knowing that He would not send them into warfare in their own strength. They had confidence in the Savior whose commission they bore, and on whose errands they were sent forth. They had confidence in the promises of glorious success with which He had armed and comforted them. They had confidence in the Holy Spirit's almighty power and grace, as the glorifier of Christ, the testifier of His work, and the Resurrection of dead souls. They had confidence in the word, the gospel, the message of reconciliation which they proclaimed, knowing that it could not return void to Him who sent it forth. Thus they went forth in faith and confidence, anticipating victory, defying enemies, despising obstacles, and counting not their lives dear unto them that they might finish their course with joy, and the ministry which they had received of the Lord Jesus.

All they were and possessed, they freely offered to the Lord, keeping back nothing, grudging nothing, joyfully, thankfully, surrendering all to Him who loved them and washed them from their sins in His own blood, regretting only this that they had so little, so very little to give up for Him who for their sakes had freely given Himself!

They had no time for levity, or sloth, or pleasure, or idle companionship. They prevented the dawning of the morning to commence their labors, and the shades of evening found them, though wearied and fainting, still toiling on. They labored for eternity, and as men who knew that time was short and the day of recompense at hand.

[b]Revival Men Are Bold As Lions[/b]

They were men of boldness and determination. Adversaries might contend and oppose, timid friends might hesitate, but they pressed forward, in nothing terrified by difficulty or opposition. Timidity shuts many a door of usefulness, and loses many a precious opportunity; it wins no friends, while it strengthens every enemy. Nothing is lost by boldness, nor gained by fear. It seems often as if there were a Premium upon mere boldness and vigor, apart from other things. We need strength from above to be faithful in these days of trouble, and rebuke, and blasphemy to set our faces like flint against the censure and applause of the multitude, and to dare to be singular for righteousness' sake, and to fight, single-handed, the battles of the faith.

The sneer, the scoff; the contemptuous smile of superiority, the cold support, the cordial opposition, the timid friendship, the bold hostility, in private and public, from lips of companions, or neighbors, often under pretext of reverence for religion, these are fitted to daunt the mind of common nerve. To meet these, nothing less than divine grace is needed.

Let us break the regularity of well-beaten forms and preach and labor in season and out of season in churches, or barns, or schoolhouses, or fields, or streets, or highways, to minister faith, fully and closely to men's consciences wherever you may happen to be brought into contact with them. To be always the minister, always the watchman, always the Christian, always the lover of souls, this is to turn the world upside down, to offend against every rule of good breeding, and to tear up the landmarks of civilized society.

In closing, let us consider the wise words of the late Leonard Ravenhill, [i]"Prophets are God's emergency men for crisis hours. They thrive on perplexity, override adversity, defeat calamity, bring the new wine of the Kingdom to burst the withered wineskins of orthodoxy, and birth REVIVAL. Let no Christian's heart fail him because it seems that the enemy has come in like a flood, that the voice of the prophet is not heard in the land. God has His men hidden. They will come forth without price tags; with nothing to sell, nothing to propagate, but 'holiness unto the Lord'." [/i] Reference Used - "Historical Collection's of Accounts of Revival" by John Gillies

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