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 Whence, then, this loveliness, this charm? -pink

[b]Whence, then, this loveliness, this charm?[/b]

(Arthur Pink, "The Attributes of God")

"The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord." Psalm 33:5

The goodness of God is seen in the variety of natural
pleasures which He has provided for His creatures. God
might have been pleased to satisfy our hunger without the
food being pleasing to our palates--how His benevolence
appears in the varied flavors which He has given to meats,
vegetables, and fruits. God has not only given us senses,
but also that which gratifies them; and this too reveals His
goodness. The earth might have been as fertile as it is
without its surface being so delightfully variegated. Our
physical lives could have been sustained without beautiful
flowers to regale our eyes with their colors, and our nostrils
with their sweet perfumes. We might have walked the fields
without our ears being saluted by the music the birds.
Whence, then, this loveliness, this charm, so freely
diffused over the face of nature? Truly, "the earth is full
of the goodness of the Lord."

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 Re: Whence, then, this loveliness, this charm? -pink

Despite what we do see in the world, God still displays the beauty of Himself within it.

The heavens declare the glory of God, the psalmist says. And they do.

Thank God for His creation.

God bless.

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All that is beautiful is a tangible reflection of the beauty of our Lord. And would it not be a sin to refuse to delight in it? Our delight is a way of expressing our appreciation for our Creator.

How would we feel if we handed a beautiful photograph to a friend and he ignored it, or coloured it with black crayon. What does that say about his thoughts towards us?

Perhaps we do harm when we cause one to feel guilty for enjoying God's creation, whether reflected in nature, or in the handiwork of man - like art and music in the church.

Now turning elements of creation into idols or selfish gain.... that is another story....



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Can you just imagine, that day, the day we get to take a glimpse at Christ literally?

Our delight is a way of expressing our appreciation for our Creator.

Yeah, amidst all the groaning over sins and yearning for holiness, may we express that appreciation in joy and delight of the beauty of our Lord and of God's creation, in much praises and hymns.

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