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 The Seals

Revelations interprets itself to a point. You need to look at how some parts of revelation mesh or overlap with other parts. You can't read Revelations as chronologically linier in time from chapter to chapter although some chapters are that way; some thing could happen at the same time or even overlap. Remember the Bowl & the Trumpets are all in the 6th and 7th seals and the Bowls are all in the 6th and 7th trumpet.

The sections are split into parts.
The revelation Chap. 1
The Letters to the Churches in chap.' 2-3
The throne room in chaps.' 4,5
The Horsemen Chapt; 6:1-8
Chapt;6: 8-17 tells about the time during the Anti-christ reign untill the Rapture.
The trumpets; Chapt; 7-11 :
Then a whole new view or "sign" starts in chap. 12-14
Then another view or "sign" starts in chap. 15-16
Then the Judgment of the Harlot in chap. 17-19
Then the Millennium or the 1000 year reign of our Lord and the rebellion in chap. 20
Then Eternity in chap. 21-22

The first seal relates to [b]Rev 12:5-10 10 [/b] which describes Jesus winning the battle and conquered Satan.

The second seal relates to [b]Rev 12:11-17[/b] which represents the devils’ wrath. This is when martyrdom started to happen. Martyrs are always butchered or slaughtered, red being the color of blood. The rider on this horse also has the same kind of sword that Jesus said to have brought and the same peace that He did not come to send.

The third seal relates to [b]Rev 13:6-10, & v.17[/b] which represents persecution both economically, and Spiritually of Israel and the Church. This balance could also be a yoke in which God yokes us with Israel. The voice was heard in the midst of the four beasts, which is the Lamb.
This is a time when the new Roman Empire is in full order But the AC & his cohort the FP are not in full view.
This horse is bringing economic persecution as governments are in charge of the economy.

The fourth seal relates to [b]Rev 13:7-18[/b] The rider here is the only one who is named of the four horsemen. Furthermore, he is the only one with one following which is also named. Since there are two characters in this passage, they could be compared to the Anti-Christ and the false prophet.
The world has always tried to extinguish or abolish and even destroy the Jews and it also hates the true church of Christ since it hated Him first of all.

5th Seal:
Since The Four Horsemen span the whole history from Israel to the future up to the Anti-Christ and his false prophet, this seal should tell what will happen and what will be in the time of Anti-Christ and his false prophets’ rule.

6th Seal:
This is the time of the end of the the first [u]part(not 1st 1/2)[/u] which we call the false peace and the persecution of the True Israel of God. This is a time when the Anti-Christ will break the 7 year (false)peace treaty and a time when God will begin His time of wrath. This involves the "Rapture" in Chapter 7 which is still in the sixth seal.

Chapter 8
[color=990000][b]:1[/b] And when he had opened the seventh seal;[/color]
This "silence in heaven about the space of half an hour" is actually 1/2 a season(3.5 yeas of the whole season of the 7 year tribulation) because He uses the term hour for the term season also in these verses, see vv.s [b]Rev. 3:10, Rev. 17:12, Rev. 18:10, Rev. 18:17, Rev. 18:19[/b]. You would not think by common sense that these references are actually one hour
This 1/2 a season is spoken of for our recognition of a division of events. First we see the rapture in chapter 7, then heaven becomes silent because of awe & reverence for what is about to happen, in other words God's wrath.

Remember the Bowls & the Trumpets are all in the 7th seal and the Bowls are all in the 6th and 7th trumpet. The trumpets are part of Gods' wrath along with the vials.

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 Re: The Seals

Something to think about.

Won't comment, will study.

God bless.

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