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 Anybody Love Israel?

Shalom y'all
Been over there a couple of times and was really blessed. I am a retired heating guy and a senior now so have to watch the $heckles but trusting God I can go back again
Here's a few links and a link of some of my pictures on a worldly site that is paranoid about God [ theophobic ha ha]
yrs in Jeshuah


Jim ........ Next year in Jerusalem! 8-)

 2006/10/18 20:52

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 Re: Anybody Love Israel?

Jimmy H

 2006/10/18 21:08Profile


Hi Bro- How is Art doing? OK I hope

 2006/10/18 22:56

 Re: Anybody Love Israel?

"Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved." Romans 10:1

Thanks for the pictures and links! I love looking up ministries that have a passion to reach the Jewish people.

I've never been to Israel...but I am hoping and praying for the day when the Lord opens the door for me to go!

God bless you, brother, for your love for Israel!

 2006/10/18 23:18


Well, you were there once already Roniya!

On the Cross!

Cant think of a better pilgrimage - God will bless you and you can use your tithe to do it!
We went on tours with Bridges for Peace
and Canadian Friends of Israel and Derek Prince Ministrys and stayed with some Israeli friends and roamed around as well.
They have a cool train service and good bus service
Had a great time and got closer to Jesus
favorite place was En Gedi
God Bless your plans

 2006/10/18 23:30

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