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 Evangelistic letter help...

Besides Arminian objections--- what do you think about this presentation of the gospel? Is there any analogy that isn't clear or any part to change or even something to add? Tell me what you think! Thanks!


Are you good enough to go to heaven?

Hey quick question! If you were to die today and stand before God would you go to heaven? Let's find out.

*First things first, God is Holy.

We've all heard that God is love. We have also heard that God is GOOD. If a man is tried for raping and mutilating thirteen women in court, he'd be sentenced to death. The judge that sentenced him would be just in doing so. We wouldn't accuse that judge of murder for executing justice. Same here, in Psalms 7:11 it says that God is a Just Judge and that He is angry with the wicked everyday. Doesn't it bother to know right from wrong? On this side of the earth and the other everybody knows rape is wrong. Though some may enjoy doing it, still that man knows that it's going against his conscience. Well, I don't have a conscience you might say... Well, God says you do. God says you've tried to destroy it by your evil deeds but you still have one. It was meant for you to not do anything wrong but everyone has perverted its original use. Point is God would never do anything unjust. He is righteous and good and has been patient with you for years. God is perfect, even though you are not perfect do you still deserve to go to heaven?

*Since God is good you deserve to be punished.

Just imagine if I take your thoughts for the last two weeks and put them up on a movie screen for all of your family to see. Well, you should be embarrassed- especially since God has seen it all. Something to think about... the bible says that on judgment day everything that you've ever done, wanted to do, or thought about doing will be shown on display for all to see and for God to judge. Now you may say, I don't believe that… well, that's fine but just remember that if you believe really really hard that you have one billion dollars in your bank account when you only have ten... you'll eventually find out you only have ten either that or you'll always be deceived. What really matters is reality. Now, Christianity claims to be reality. It says that just as we desire justice in our human courts, God will execute justice to all. If you believe Hitler would deserve to be in hell, why wouldn't you believe you'd go too? Is it because you think you are better than Hitler? Well, what is the breaking point for being a good person? Do you think God will have to let you into heaven because you're such a good person? Do you think you meet the criteria?

By definition if a man rapes a woman: he is a rapist. Now remember, God sees your desires as well. One of the Ten Commandments says not to covet. Coveting is desiring something that doesn't belong to you. Have you ever desired or thought about rape? Hopefully not, you might pass that question. But if you have you might want to think about this. Now, have you ever told a lie? Here we go... Yes! Any lie, big or small. A small desire to rape a woman is the same as a giant in God's eyes. Therefore, any lie is a lie. You might say, "Well, I'm only human." That's great; so am I. This applies to all humans. Try using that in court, "Well, I ate that man but I'm only human. Besides, look at all the people I didn't eat!" If you have told a lie you are a liar. Whether you like it or not, I can safely say that whenever you feel you'll get away with it and whenever you want to you will lie to anybody. That classifies a liar. If you say you've never told a lie then we'll just have to squeeze it out of you… Have you ever twisted the truth or not said the whole truth? Regardless, let's continue in this subject.

Have you ever stolen anything? I have. If you've never physically taken anything don't forget about God who's given you life. You owe God your life, thanks, gratitude, worship, obedience, love, faithfulness, breath. You've stolen time from Him to do whatever you want with it. You haven't served Him. Therefore, even if you haven't taken anything physically (which I believe you have, and would if you could get away with it and wanted to) you stolen from God. Jesus said that if you desire a woman (or man) sexually in your heart when you're not married, in Matthew 5, you've committed adultery in your hear with your lust. You can't desire anything that doesn't belong to you. Jesus also said that if you are angry with your brother without a cause you've committed murder in your heart. Have you ever been angry for selfish reasons? It's like wishing you'd never see your best friend ever again…wishing that she'd disappear, and vanish from your life. God says that that is murder. Have you ever taken God's name in vain? Have you ever called yourself a Christian? Ever told people that you were a real Christian and then went around acting like satin? Have you ever said His name in place of a curse word? This is called blasphemy. Simple. Ever complained? That's actually a sin in the bible. In other words, are you perfect, could you stand next to an angel in comparison? If you say you are you're lying and need to reread what I've written. If you're being honest, you admit that you are guilty as the bible says in Romans 3:10, "There is none righteous, no, not one;"

"But wait!" you say, "I've done good too!" Well, let's take a look! In order for God to consider a "good work" it has to be in accordance to his law. You say, "I've gone to church before." Well, the bible says that a good work is done to God's glory (as your desire and motive), in gratitude, from true faith (Ephesians 5:20; 1 Corinthians 10:31; Romans 14:23). If you are not a Christian you've never done anything of the like. Even if it was done in accordance to God's law, you didn't do it out of faith in Christ for God's glory. "But wait!" you say, "I don't think I deserve hell." Ok well, let's see. The devil was kicked out of heaven for one sin… and you have how many? Oh still, it wouldn't be fair you don't deserve torture? Let's see… yes, yes, hell isn't for your payment. It's your punishment. The time you are in hell isn't making up for what you've done. Let me explain. If a man is sentenced to death for raping 1100 women his death wouldn't be enough to pay for what he's done. He's given this punishment though he deserves much more. I'm not saying you've done the worst you possibly can in our perspective. I'm saying that the only reason you haven't is because God has held you back (2 Thessalonians 2:7). I'm saying that in God's eyes you deserve to be punished. On that day you stand before Him, all the great things God has given you will be held against you.

*Now, if you admit that you've sinned and fall short of glory and heaven you should keep reading.

By now I know you're wondering about God's forgiveness. Yes, we've all heard that God would forgive somebody! How do you get forgiven? I often tell people, "All your life you've had a cup in your hand. Every time you did something bad you poured more wrath into it. Then when you die and you stand before God he will tell you to take your wages and drink your cup." The GOOD NEWS… the gospel is this. On the cross Jesus Christ, who didn't do any evil, took the wrath of God. If you turn in faith to Him He could be your substitute. Just think about it. God becomes a man and asks you to nail Him to a cross so that you can spend eternity with Him. If you turn to Him HE will take your cup. The cup that you deserved and He will give you His cup which you don't deserve. Your punishment could be passed to Christ's hands. Christ wasn't nailed to the cross against His will. He was nailed to the cross because we needed Him. Without His death we'd be hopeless. If Christ did not die for us we are left to a devil's hell. Christ didn't die for a bunch of good people. He died for those who could never earn their way into heaven by their own merit. He had to earn it for us. He had to do what we couldn't so that he could trade. If Christ did not die on that cross then nobody ever would ever have a chance to see God. Why did he do this? So that He could show his love. He was God's lamb. He bore what I deserved. If you turn to Him in faith, follow Him, love Him, trust what He did on the cross was sufficient.

*If you don't change your life (for the rest of your life) you can be sure you are still holding your cup.

If you reject the Lamb of God, you are left with the wrath of the Lion of Judah. There is only this time left to fall at his feet to receive mercy. If you wait too long it will be too late. In hell there are many prayers, but none are heard. In hell, everything you have ever learned or heard about God will haunt you forever. Total separation from God... You'll be totally separated from the only one who can bring forth good. Nobody can comfort you and help you in hell. Now is the time! 2 Corinthians 6:2 "For He says: "In an acceptable time I have heard you, And in the day of salvation I have helped you." Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation." One day it will be too late. You could die tomorrow, the only reason you're still alive is because of His patience. You rely on His goodness for life that you will use against Him. The first second in hell will be you assurance. An infinity of time... I can't even imagine.

Well, what do you want? Do you desire to be rid of your sin? Do you desire to be with God for an eternity? If you don't desire Christ ask God to be merciful to you and change your heart. Only by a supernatural work can you have what you enjoy and desire change. If you enjoy and desire God, desire to be with Him for an eternity, love Him, obey his commands out of love for His holiness, love other Christians, care for the lost and tell them of their need for the Savior, repent from your sins and turn in faith to Christ alone, you can be saved. If your desire is to be separated from God, God will give that to you. Consider this: Believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Surrender your life to Christ. Lay down your life for Christ, commit to following him forever. Trust in Him and Him alone. CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD AND BE SAVED ! Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Him.

Exodus 34:6-7: "And the LORD passed before him and proclaimed, "The LORD, the LORD God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abounding in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, by no means clearing the guilty"


What about somebody who has never heard of God?

First, we need to be rid of the pathetic idea that we deserve to hear about him. Then, I tell you that people don't only go to hell for rejecting Christ… They go to hell deserving to go. Separation from God is what they desire and have earned. Nobody comes to God unless God changes his will. If left to what people deserve they'd all run into hell willfully. Besides, if you worship a stick your mind will tell you that it's not God. Even people on stranded islands don't want to follow Christ unless God has undeserved mercy on them.

Why doesn't God just save everyone? He has no obligation to do anything of the like. Asking Him to have mercy on one human being and save them is already asking Him to do way too much let alone those who have been saved so far. He doesn't owe us anything. He owes us what we deserve. Still, even those who hate God receive his patience. The heart is what matters… What do you want instead of God? Lust? Murder? Money? Selfishness? People beg God in their hearts to give them what they desire. At the hint of evil people's mouths water. If God gives you over to what you want, you deserve it. Romans 1:24, 28 says: "Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves…And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting"

Don't dinosaurs living millions of years ago disprove creation? Well, the word "dinosaur" wasn't invented until the 1800s. They used to be called dragons. How about evolution of man? Have you ever seen a dog turn in to a snake? I have a feeling no matter what you do to that dog millions of years it will not turn into a snake. If monkeys slowly turned into humans why don't we see lots of half-monkey people? We see lots of monkeys and people… No halfers? Wow, we have a couple fakes! See here for details… If you know any living halfers let me know!

For more creation research go to and enjoy the free video seminars.

What about other religions? Ask a Muslim how they get to paradise and they'll tell you to become a Muslim and earn your way to heaven. Ask a Jewish man and he'll tell you to keep doing good things and follow God's law and earn your way into heaven. Ask a Christian how to go to heaven and he'll tell you that nothing you do will ever merit you eternity in heaven. "Solely by the work of another, of God himself, can I be saved." Christianity is the only religion where you can't earn your way into heaven. We teach you have already broken God's laws and are guilty. Christianity is the only religion where you don't boast of your own good works to be saved. We have a Savior in Christ! Any other saviors?

This is meant to be out of love, if you had a big black mark on your face from a marker it'd be more loving for me to tell you about it than not. Same here, even though the truth may hurt... it's the truth... and truth is always loving.


If you are considering Christianity you can go to to hear some sermons and get some directions to church. We'd love to rejoice with you.


In Christ Alone



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