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 A Day At The Races (not literally!) The Lord Confronts Me

The story:
Everyone loves a story. The story was we got up late around 9.40am. Our eldest daughter had gone to school. I was trying to make up for lost time.
You know the feeling? You're kind of running around. Then it was my wife decided to zero in on a couple of points of mine. I thought 'Why now!'. Roughly translated = get lost. But I struggled (badly) to compose myself and listen. It took three goes. Fnally the fight dragged on through the morning but we were still (praise God)together. Her 'I need you to listen'. Him 'Why me. What about me'. It was hopeless. Then in the Christian bookshop (of all places) I decided to use the toilet. It was a bit of a walk. On the way back I met the Lord. The words came. 'Two thousand years ago a man was born in the City of David in Bethlehem'....I knew the import. I dropped to my feet (not literally) stood on the steps in my tracks stopped so to speak. It was the Lord He was teaching me. I was trying to access some books by the (supposed) Christian educator John Maxwell whom I had a stronghold against reading (no way) but at the church the pastor's words on 'men and their work' broke that stronghold I thought 'why not learn'. A few months ago the store was full of his stuff at least 17 books, today hardly any. How's that for fickle Christianity, the fad had passed! I was set on educating myself on (supposed) leadership but ended up with a horrible fight with my wife. I thought 'what's the use. I can't even run my family let alone leadership. But you know what? In some strange mystical way they were all connected.. The Lord spoke on 'You think you can educate yourself but you refuse to come to me. I will educate you directly, I am all you need.' He spoke on, I humbled myself. The searing iron of his words sank into my mind, burning up the pride, resistance, stubborness. It remained (the effects thereof) even now the same night. Then I remembered the words 'Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven and all the tribes of the earth will mourn'. Why should they mourn! The agony of regret 'cause they rejected Him. I felt that remorse but also joy because He had discovered me again and I had listened (submit) to Him. I came back to the bookstore a changed man. 'Let's go home' I said to my wife. I noticed she was wearing red. How beautiful I thought 'How come I didn't notice. Mrs Red-mond, see? My wife all in red. We came home and had coffee together, intimacy, closeness. All because of one man in Galilee whose name was Jesus Christ.
'Whom the Lord loves He chastens'
'There is a way that seems right to a man but the ways thereof are the ways of death' (Proverbs)

 2006/10/16 10:05

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