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 Re: Halloween!! The worst time of the year !!

this thread originated in 2006...which for some reason i find amusing...i dont know why, but i do.

myself, i ignore halloween, and since, like former Vice President Cheney, i live in a bunker at an undisclosed location, the wee ones dont ring, though i love them, and pray that the LORD mark each and very one of them, "HOLY UNTO THE LORD".

churches hold "harvest parties", which i try not to judge, though as the Spirit leads, gives me pause. Something off about that all, but who am i to question any outreach?

I read only a few posts, and i enjoyed Pilgrim's testimony about his days in San Francisco. indeed, that must have been 'intense'.

oh, i bless God for any saint that is led and can minister in the cities, as i long for the desolate area's, rural.

there is one feast i love, always have, the Feast of Booths, Succoth.

some of these "national holidays" really make me cringe, New Years Eve, "St. Patricks" day, and halloween, all excuses to engage in prodigous liquor consumption, mayhem and violence, but i do Bless God that there are saints called to be salt and light amongst these hellish evenings, may God protect them all.

 2010/10/31 10:42


Merry Christmas everybody!

 2010/11/1 15:42

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Happy Thanksgiving!

 2010/11/4 12:12Profile

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