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Hemel Hempstead

 Halloween!! The worst time of the year !!

Halloween is coming up and it is the worst time of the year other than Valentines Day!!
I cannot believe that some churches actually celebrate it.
In some countries children our killed and it may be even so in the uk !! Yet it is not really publicised unfortunatly!!
In canterbury where I stayed for a bit!! They sold knifes in the magic shop.

Le 19:31 - Show Context
Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God.

To me it is one of the spiritual lows of the year!! There are some people even christians who want to dress up please pray against it!!

Is there anybody who can give a more detailed analysis of why it is wrong!!

Dominic Shiells

 2006/10/16 9:13Profile

 Re: Halloween!! The worst time of the year !!

I think it is obvious why it is wrong, and it is no surprise to me that Halloween derived from the Roman Catholic Church.

However, every year Christians go into panic mode because Halloween is right around the corner. While I am all for praying against the evil things of this world, I personally do not get my shorts in a knot over Halloween. I do not think churches have any business hosting or condoning Halloween parties, but I have no problem with harvest parties as an alternative. In many churches the kids dress up like Bible characters. There is nothing wrong with that. I have a 3 year old son who runs around wearing a cape, a football helmet, rubber boots and a toy sword on a daily basis. Kids like to play dress-up.

Should kids participate in Trick-or-Treat? No, I dont think so because that did derive from pagan origins. Not to mention it isnt safe in our sick society for kids to go door to door and get candy. Should they dress up like monsters and ghosts? No... we should be thinking things that are holy and pure.

Should they dress up like Moses and go on a hay ride? Yea, why not? Knock yourself out.

Should adult believers panic about Satan having a night where he goes wild? Hey... I watch the news everyday and I dont think he is anymore active on October 31 than he is any other day! But God is still on the throne, and He rules my heart. Satan is powerless over me. I will always pray against the devil, and against the evil of this world... but I wont get myself into a tizzy because Oct 31 is 2 weeks away.

I'm just asking for a little balance and reasonableness.


 2006/10/16 10:10

Joined: 2006/5/22
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Nottingham, England

 Re: Halloween!! The worst time of the year !!

I got this information on another website.

Basically, halloween originated with the druids in Britian around 300 B.C

It was named after samhain, the god of the dead. Their new year was 31st October, the next day was their New Year's Day.

They practiced animal and human sacrifice.

It's just satanic, nothing to do with Christians, in the sense of celebrating it.

There is more that I have read about it, but you'll have to do your own research.

Besides, what I have done in the past is if anyone comes to my door trick or treating, I just give them a tract.

Let them figure out if it's a trick or a treat!

God bless.

 2006/10/16 10:28Profile

 Re: Jarhead

oh I concur!! Lord knows i concur.

How I loathe halloween.

this year it falls on tuesday, Praise God, thats during my "weekend", and I intend on staying in.

Look at all the stores, with their enormous displays of stuff.

But lemme just say what holidays I love, obviously Christmas and Easter, as days of the faith......

But there are two "American" holidays that are my personal favorites that we can link up WITH the faith......Independence Day, the 4th of July, and Thanksgiving.

Independence from darkness, during the warm summer, have a nice meal, family time, think of God's blessings that we can read WHAT we want, worship WHO we want, a blessed time. Patriotic displays, either fireworks or gunplay (safe gunplay) Independence from tryanny, and that can include, independence from sin and the deeds of darkness.

Thanksgiving: thankful to God for all that He has given us, His redeeming Blood, and generous provision, oh to eat, and eat heartily. Praise God that my dear son is flying in ON Thanksgiving!! can't wait...and you know why the lad is flying ON the day? coz he wants the perfect attendance award, doesnt want to miss ONE day of school! I love that spirit, the boy wants me to make duck this year...ok, I will.

Tell ya what the "holidays" I think are positively dark and depraved.

halloween, st patricks day and new years eve..

telling ya bro, I stay buried up in the house during those three evenings...let the devil take the hindmost on those days, all the amateur drunks are out that night....yeeek...street preachers and evangelists, go get 'em, minister to them, and my prayer is that the Lord shield and protect you all with love.

"harvest parties?" God bless the churches that engage in such an outreach, but i dont feel anykind of leading this way. My church in Cali would do a "harvest party" and I would work it, just to be in submission to pastor Ted, and they would do it as an outreach, but something in my heart just felt ........I dunno....lets put it this way, I wasnt DRAWN to such a ministry.


 2006/10/16 11:12

 Re: enid

God bless you, great idea!!

But soemthing in the Spirit tells me you bake an awesome corn muffin.....why would I know that?


why not give 'em a corn muffin, or cookie in Jesus' love with a tract?(coz I know you bake great cookies too, tell me if I'm wrong..)

but loved sister, as the Lord leads you, but thanks for the leading, I just went to American Tract Society and bought this item, they assure me it will be here in time for that accursed "holiday"......


([i]*Moderator note- Shrunk this url down as it was causing the page to go 'wide'[/i])

I am going to give the wee ones a bit of candy, just coz I have a boy and I know how they love candy.

much much love to you in Christ, bartle

 2006/10/16 11:38

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Decatur, Illinois


Every year around Halloween, my Church takes the youth out "Reverse Trick-or-treating". They go door-to-door giving away bags of candy (the looks you get from some people are funny) with tracts inside.

Joe Auvil

 2006/10/16 12:01Profile

Joined: 2006/8/17
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Middlebury, Indiana

 Re: Halloween!! The worst time of the year !!

"Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God" James 4:4.

Pretty simple.

Here's a decent site I found on a simple web search from the neopagan point of view:

Note the tone of satisfaction the neopagan gets with "Christian" observation of this [u][b]utterly[/b][/u]pagan "holy" day.

Just as an aside, This article does discuss other "Christian-ized" pagan holidays that the Catholic church just couldn't get those good ole laypeople to stop celebrating. Well, when you can't beat em' join' em'... OH and better change the name while your at it!

Another thought I have is that the only thing that Christ said we were to commemorate was His death (not birth, not ressurection). Luke 22:19 and 1 Cor. 11:24-25.

Neil Long

 2006/10/16 12:29Profile


While I am agreement that we should not celebrate Halloween (as I probably didnt get across too clearly in my first post. I was merely trying to point out the absurd level of panic among believers about Halloween)... I would like to point out that along about December 1st there will be a thread or five started that will inform us that we are wrong to celebrate Christmas (a holiday rooted in paganism and popularized by the Roman Catholic Pagan Church).

If one holiday rooted in paganism is wrong, why arent they all wrong?

(I love Christmas, by the way... what are y'all getting me???)



 2006/10/16 13:32


I would like to point out that along about December 1st there will be a thread or five started that will inform us that we are wrong to celebrate Christmas (a holiday rooted in paganism and popularized by the Roman Catholic Pagan Church

oh no. really? Lord have mercy.

I'm gonna be alone on Christmas, so maybe I'm just gonna spend the whole day worshipping the Lord and His birth...AND not participate in those threads.....


 2006/10/16 13:38

Joined: 2005/5/2
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 Re: really?

If one holiday rooted in paganism is wrong, why arent they all wrong?

To think: our Christian weddings observe some pagan rituals.......... and .... Christ changed water into wine at one.... .. not just a little bottle or two... but BIG JUGS!

Oh, my!

Halloween: I've decided not to hide in my basement with my lights out while the wee ones come knocking on my door. I'm gonna treat them all to a big fat juicy apple and a sticker, a big smile, and some conversation. Demons go a way, because I love the kids in my village - they are precious in HIS sight.



 2006/10/16 14:48Profile

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