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 age of the sun

we are talking about evolution and the age of the earth. we have mentioned that the sun is x-amount of billions of years old. we need to address something here, and that is this: the sun's mass is currently decreasing, and always has been decreasing. that's right folks, though it may come as a shock to some of you who are too intelligent to disbelieve evolution, the sun was MUCH bigger billions and billions of years ago. the sun is decreasing at a rate of 10to the 9th billion kgs/second. if the earth was truly old enough to accomodate these 'perfect' methods of dating bones and other fossil evidence then the sun would have been so large during the proposed dates of these fossils that the earth itself would have been INSIDE THE SUN!!! i'm sorry jake. you may be an extremely intelligent man. you may love the Lord your God with all your heart mind soul and strength, but you have missed the boat here. you have been infected with the innane babbling of a world that hates God. I believe whole-heartedly in MICROevolution. this states that within a species adaptations occur. these are evicenced by darwin's finches, as well as our lack of need for our appendix. the thing is MACROevolution is a crock. there arent just missing links in the fossil chain, there are no links whatsoever. we look at the fossil records and we see the cambrian explosion. this is where in the precambrian era there was nothing but single-celled organisms. then we see th cambrian era where a multitude of diversity just appears. if evolution were true this would be the smallest fossil era where diversity is concerned, but this is not the case. we dont see a reverse pyramid effect with the fossil records becoming more and more diverse, we actually see less and less diversity. if evolution were true this would not be the case. i think that any christian who believes in MACROevolution should take a long and hard look at themselves and where their belief in this THEORY originates from. it is definately not from God. this THEORY originates from a world that HATES our creator. i believe in the big bang theory. God said it...BANG...and it was.

Marshall Brooks

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