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The Lord has spoken to me many times in the last 2-3 years about "restoration" of His Church. This is when I didn't really know what restoration was. I couldn't have made it up if i wanted because I had not heard much about restoration but mostly about revival and reformation.

He would wake me up in the middle of the night and I would hear "restoration" and that He was excited for His "church" because we had proven ourselves worthy. There is more but I never thought too much about it because I was just letting him do His thing. He is restoring and building and I am just trying to follow where He leads. Here is something I found on the differences in meaning- I truly believe this is what He is doing right now:

~~"Revival" means to bring life to what already exists. It is a new presentation of the old. It is a renewed attention to or interest in something old. It is to give new life and vigor to the old. It is to become active again. "Reformation" means to amend, improve by change of form or removal of faults or abuses of what presently exists. To put or change the old into an improved form or condition. It is a modification of the old. "Revolution" means a sudden, radical complete change in organization. It is the overthrow or renunciation of any given system with the intent of the substitution of another system. "Restoration" means bringing back to the former, original position or condition. It is the representation or reconstruction of the original.

Revival is good but not always the best. It can bring blessing, healing, cleansing and a return to a place of covenant blessing, but revival can fall short of true restoration. A revival is not the highest purpose of God for the present day church. Instead of revival, God is calling for radical and revolutionary restoration. He intends to bring us back in these “last days” to the former, original condition of the life of the New Testament church. God is making a new wine skin of His church. It will yield His new kind of assembly and a radical change of hearts of His people.~~

There has to be a reason why the Lord spoke to me about 'restoration' when I really didn't know the true meaning of either of the terms.

I know in my heart that the Lord is trying to get us back to new testament church ways. Since the overtake of the Romans and their adoption of Christianity- is when it most of it began to change with it's traditions, etc...

Just something to think about...

In Him,Chanin


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