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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


See there are many things that are not sinful, yet in light of the times we're living in they have become absurdities.

Yes, we are living in a time where to not care about the condition of the church is a sin. WE are not WHAT we should be. There is something wrong.

[b]Jeremiah 8:20[/b] - The harvest is past, the summer ended, and we are not saved.

Finney used to use the allegory that we are firemen and the whole city or town, world is on fire. Are we just going to let people burn alive? do we have a sense of urgency. The world is dying for want of Christ, we need to be firemen for Christ to share this true gospel in word and deed.

THere is nothing technically wrong with smoke and lights and video games (although thats a stretch). However, considering the urgency of our times, having a gathering of youth (or adults) together and do nothing but play games, read a few verses of scripture, socialize and go home is absolutely IMMORAL in these times. The day of slumber is over my friends. 20 years ago these things may have been at least passable, but in these times friends it is time for a voice to cry out in the wilderness. It is time to take our youth deeper in the things of God.

YES! its not time for games, adults and children take note! It is time for the deeper things of God, for people to have a vested interest in Christ and religion before anything else.

Friends there are (I believe) 2 segments in the church today, those who are contented with being Penninahs, and producing quickly yet only producing average children, and then there are the Hannahs. These recognize their own barrenness. These know the power of the Spirit is the only answer. These know tears, intercession, holiness, prayer are the only answer. These I believe will be the ones whom God will use to birth His Sameul (Revival) in the earth.

Well going with your allegory I will state that I believe that God is raising "Hannahs" amongst the "Penninahs". God is raising people to prayer for revival and for people to get serious about being serious. The time deserves it, let us live up the family name that we bear. It's an awesome responsiblity let us not be found sleeping. How awful a crime for the waked few not to plead and cry out for the slumbering masses to wake up. There is no elite movement of revival people, I believe this scriptures would fit for anyone who feels they have been revived out of there slumber to share with others, its our responsiblity:

[b]Hebrews 6:1[/b] - Therefore let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity.

[b]Ephesians 4:13[/b] - until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

onward Christian soldiers... THERE MUST BE MORE THAN THIS...

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: superbowl reply

I wanted to share this reply I got from my "Superbowl Is My Religion!" post on InJesus. By the way, Jimmy (PTC), hope you don't mind but I included you little quip about fixing our eyes upon Jesus. I expounded on it a little. Good stuff! You must remember when reading this that there are these Christians making a huge uproar about the half-time show."Write CBS, write to MTV, write your congressman, etc..." His ending is so good!


I hope that you will repost this reply because I feel that this conversation needs to have a little more life to it before it dies on the Injesus website.

I enjoy sports and regarding the Superbowl, New Englanders have experienced very little Superbowl success over the many years. So hurray for Pats. However, it is sad to see that the Major Networks have perverted this entertainment and Christians need to see it for what it is.

It is not an attack on those who like football, even though if your addicted then remember what the bible says about Idolatry. We serve a God who wants us to put Him first not second.

For the many websites on Injesus who were crying out about this half time Porn show, shame on them! Are they still blind to the way satan works in this world? Is the church of today a part of the world or coming out of the world? For any Christian to take full part of a WORDLY thing like the Superbowl and not expect some fornication to happen within view then YOU the church are still blind.

Satan is the Prince of the Power of the Air. This game went all over the airwaves throughout the world. He used this hyped up, over priced, drunken stuper event to bring more lust into the hearts of believers and unbelievers. Why would any christian or church be surprised that Billy Graham was not selected to speak during halftime? They would run him out on a rail. So don't be surprised that the world chose Janet Jackson, the Harlot, to entertain the world with a lustful performance. CHURCH, this is what the world wants.

So please stop your pouting and scrambling for the hate e-mails going to CBS. They will fall on deaf ears. The damage is already done to the viewers. The money from the game has already been deposited in the bank. Another superbowl is past us, Tom Brady has already gone to Disney World! Just wait for next year's event, that's if you are foolish enough to wait with baited breath. I only hope Christians that you are bold enough to see that the bible has already predicted that this would happen during the end times. Put your bet on a sure thing, God is in Control and knows what He has to do next to wake up America. Come out of Her before it is to late for you.

God Bless, Bob


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I know this post is a bit old and maybe done for some, but I thought it fitting to mention something.

I was at TSC all day Sunday and the messages were very timely for me as they always are when I go there. All three messages just fit together perfectly.

The thing I wanted to mention though is that Carter Conlon preached the morning message titled something like The Journey From Pray To Obedience. As soon as it is on the TSC website I challange everyone to listen to it. He talks about really standing for the Lord and not allowing the mixture and compromise of this world to overtake us. He mentions the superbowl and addresses some things discussed on this post. It is about standing for purity and Christ even if others and most don't agree and even if it means rejection.

Prepare to be pricked in your heart and also to be encouraged by what the Lord is wanting to do with His true body, those that want Him and Him alone.

Cling to Jesus!



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