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 William Booth

Does anyone know of any text sermons by William Booth? I know there is one on this site, but I was wondering if there were any more. I don't think he wrote a book , but if you know of anything please let me know.One of my friends is thinking of doing something with the homeless and I told him William Booth would be good to read, but I can't find much. Thanks,

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 Re: William Booth

Ravenhill recommended a book by Booth. I can't recall what it was, but listen to "books recommended by leonard ravenhill" under the Leonard Ravenhill section and you'll probably hear something on Booth.

 2006/10/8 2:44


I have a good book at home. I think it's called "God's General,the story of william B and the Salvation army."

 2006/10/8 10:02

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There is a two volume set called "The Life Of General William Booth" by Harold Begbie. It may be a little pricey to get, but well worth it. Also I would reccomend "The History Of The Salvation Army" Volumes 1 & 2.
This message by Keith Daniel would be good to listen to as well
[url=]Becoming A Soldier In God's Army Rquires A Personal Calvary[/url]

A good place to find books is

patrick heaviside

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Thanks a lot, those should be good

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Hi There there is a new biography called

William & Catherine
The life and legacy ot the Booths
Founders of the Salvation Army
by Trevor Yaxley
printed by Bethany House.

I have just finished reading it, and it is one of the most challenging books I have read in some time. I seriously recommend it to any one who has a heart for the lost, it will really stir you

William booth also wrote a book called 'In darkest England and the way out' which is about his plan to help the poor and needy.

Simon Brereton

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 Re: William Booth

Try this link

 2006/10/8 18:57

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