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Their alarm has been stoked by a highly suspect claim that if current trends continue , only 4 percent of teenagers will be “Bible-believing Christians” as adults.

I hate to say it, but I think that a lot of church adults would prefer that their youth are close to the kingdom and headed for hell, rather than close to hell, and headed for the kingdom. Too many would rather see our youth be good Christian-like people with a touch of polish, than dirty sinners who come to the end of their ropes … when they might cry out to God for REAL salvation.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard adults decry the decline of youth commitment to their church. In a way, I sympathize with their concern. After all, they have poured $$$$, time, and energy into the church institutions. But what about true salvation – true vibrant walk in the Spirit? I don’t think our churches place that as the premium desire.

One thing for sure: by staying away from the church, our youth are protected from religious deception, a gospel of works, and a false sense of eternal security.

Now that I’ve read this report with all man’s statistics and opinions, I’d love to hear a report written by God himself. Surely he sees things very different. He knows what he is going to do with our next generation, and it may not look like our statistics at all. After all, statistics don’t determine the moves of God. He can work quite well apart from our institutions!

In the mean time maybe this report is meant to be a prophetic calling to our generation – to admit our sins: our religiosity, our dead works, our failure to be salt and light in the lives of our children, of putting the church ahead of our kids, of putting religious business ahead of relationships with God and others, of pushing our kids into religious conformity, of being materialistic, of hypocrisy, of pride, of lack of love, of self-centeredness, of kingdom-building, of being focused on the temporal instead of the eternal, of bitterness, of unbelief, of prejudice, of putting man on pedestals, or putting down the poor, of failing to minister to the broken-hearted, of vanity, of pettiness, gluttony at potlucks, of bible-thumping, of anxiety, of shooting the wounded, of walking according to the flesh, of bickering over music, Bible versions, of power posturing, of frivolous talk, of gossip, easy believism, shaming, condemning......

....and we wonder why our kids aren’t staying in church (?!?!?!?)

has anyone considered that the youth are pulling away because they dont see the Walk walked?

My point exactly.



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