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 Amish girl wants to be shot first

Family friend: Amish girl asked to be shot to save others

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (Reuters) -- One of the girls who died in Pennsylvania's Amish schoolhouse massacre asked the killer to shoot her first in an apparent bid to save the younger girls, a woman who spoke to the victim's family said Friday.

Rita Rhoads, a nurse-midwife who delivered 13-year-old Marian Fisher as well as another victim, said Fisher appealed to Charles Carl Roberts IV to shoot her first because she thought it might allow younger girls to survive.

Rhoads said she did not know whether Fisher in fact was shot first. Roberts shot 10 girls ages 6 to 13, killing five of them and then himself in Monday's rampage. (Watch "shocked and sad" Amish express forgiveness -- 2:46)

Fisher's 11-year-old sister, Barbie, appealed to Roberts to shoot her next, Rhoads said. Barbie survived and was in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia recovering from shoulder, hand and leg injuries.

"Barbie has been talking and she said Marian said, 'Shoot me first,"' Rhoads said. "Apparently what she was trying to do was to save the younger girls."

Barbie, who attended her sister's funeral Thursday before returning to the hospital, gave details of her ordeal to relatives including her grandfather, who told Rhoads, the midwife said in a telephone interview.

"It was very courageous of the girls to offer themselves," Rhoads said. "God was really present to give the girls that kind of courage."

Pennsylvania state police were not immediately available for comment.

Roberts, 32, a local non-Amish milk truck driver, attacked the one-room schoolhouse at Nickel Mines, a farming community in Lancaster County about 60 miles west of Philadelphia.

He allowed boys and adults to leave and then tied the legs of the girls before shooting them, police said.

Four of the girls including Marian Fisher were buried Thursday and a fifth funeral was being buried Friday.

The Amish, descendants of Swiss-German settlers, are a traditionalist Christian denomination who place particular importance on the Gospel message of forgiveness. They believe in nonviolence, simple living and little contact with the modern world.

I'm really moved, don't know what to say.
In Him,

marvin geddings

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 Re: Amish girl wants to be shot first

gegginfsm wrote:

I'm really moved, don't know what to say.

Amen! To say more could be distracting, right?


Sandra Miller

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The days we live in are truly evil.


 2006/10/10 13:10

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 Re: A demonstration of Christ's forgiveness

Can anybody lead me to the full interview with the midwife. I watched it, but would now like a script if it is at all possible. At the end of it she was asked how one could forgive such a person, and she said, “You have to experience Christ’s forgiveness before you can forgive.” I believe that this woman gave one of the most powerful explanations of the Good News that our modern day has heard.

The Amish refer to this crisis as their 9/11, and their response DEMONSTRATED the way Christ would have wanted his followers to respond.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Rom. 12:21

God’s ways do indeed work, yet so few believe it. The endless tit-for-tat response to evil has gone on since recorded history. Now the world has had a chance to witness the power of Christ’s forgiveness. This is the Good News of peace and goodwill! Forgiveness gives one peace of mind. Yet, as we have seen, it comes with pain and suffering among God’s followers.

May God give us all the willingness to demonstrate Christ’s forgiveness in our sin-sick world. It means we must forgive those who wronged us, and do good to them.



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This is the Good News of peace and goodwill! Forgiveness gives one peace of mind. Yet, as we have seen, it comes with pain and suffering among God’s followers

Let us also pray for the Amish people in general as their's is not a religion of salvation thru grace, but of works. My cousin lives in an area of Upstate NY that has a large Amish population... and believe it or not, there are many of them that are coming to true faith in Christ. Many churches there see the Amish community as a mission field. They dont attempt to get them to leave the lifestyle, as there is nothing wrong with the way they live. But they do need to come to true Biblical salvation thru grace, and not by works.


 2006/10/10 16:25

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Despite our understanding of their doctrine, it sounds like they are demonstrating their understanding of God's grace through their actions, which is more than you can say for a lot of the church.

I hear you, though, and am not trying to detract from your point. But perhaps some of our congregations should be evangelised by that particular Amish community, who are exhibiting a grace not limited to intellect and lip-service.

Praise God.



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