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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : MIRACLES ARE a MUST!! -by Andrew Strom - COMMENTS??

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 Re: Just thinking out Loud

The miracles were done out in life, look at the great commission. If in American and in this time frame preachers are guilty of anything, it's the constant insistance of keeping the move of God within the four walls of a building. That way people who attend thier churches will stay dependent and never grow up to be and do the works of righteousness God has pre-ordained for them to do before the foundations of the world.
Simply put, take Jesus to the world and these signs shall follow.....That's based more on the faithfulness of God and not our faith, our faith is simply go...and these signs shall follow.... Dorcus---"Be in Him" ---same as "In my name", WOW!!!! what trust, what authority God has placed in each believer! ut we must all Go-- take Jesus into our world (work places, shopping centers, malls, gas stations, where ever life has us for the moment).


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Praise Jesus!!!

i have a couple of general comments on this topic. i agree with the previous statement that in the last days there will be false signs and wonders. i believe that this is allready taking place. With talk of gold dust and gems being seen. These things seem to manifest among those who seek signs and miracles for the sake of excitement, emotion and titalation.

There are also however true miracles and wonders being manifest in these last days. i believe that God does these things today for the same reasons that HE did them in Jesus day. The primary reason for them were to bring the lost to conviction and salvation. i also believe that we should expect any miracle or sign to have A BIBLICAL PRECEDENT! Such as instant healing. It should not take the form of some phenomena such as the appearance of gold flakes in the air.

Jesus cammanded us to go and deliver those aflicted with demons and disease. He comanded us to do so in HIS NAME and for HIS GLORY. WE should do this and leave the results to God. We should expect this as a way that the Holy Ghost brings the lost to repentance. It should be viewed no differently than the preaching of the full gospel. The same as Gods Word shall never return void. Neither will HIS miracle be with out effect.

Yes Andrew we should expect these things. We will see these things. i have seen these things and they do bring revival.

Blessings Hisservant rich

Matthew 4:17

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sis Dorcas

I believe that herein rests the difficulty western Christians find with healing or miracles..... many have no idea what it means to 'be in the Name of Jesus'. They don't believe they are living out His life, and that His Name is upon them from their head to their toes and to their core. They don't need to worry about not living in the Spirit .... because they don't expect to.... They don't expect to obey Him either. Their whole belief system is a bunch of meaningless words that doesn't affect them, which has little implication for the way they actually live out their life.... but, it makes them feel comfortable inwardly - to have a mental form of godliness. (This is religiosity, I think, rather than Christianity, and it should be recognisable to honest souls by its lack of liveliness within them.)

you have brought out an aspect of this that i hadn't intended to bring out because i hadn't thought about it. the name of Christ. i was thinking more along the lines of how the apostles themselves saw Christ doing miracles and had a hard time when He told them things and then all the unbelief and so on. it seems our Lord has brought the full picture to light by having you bring up the issue of the name of Christ by which all this is possible. it seems that you are right in what you said above that there is very little expected of us by way of living out the life of Christ.

i hadn't even reckoned with how hard it must have been for Peter to minister to those guilty of having Christ killed...but then again by Holy Spirit, God gives us grace to do all things.

God bless you sis

Farai Bamu

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dohzman said:

---"Be in Him" ---same as "In my name", WOW!!!! what trust, what [b]authority[/b] God has placed in each believer!

Bro Daryl,


I would qualify your statement this way:

Our authority is directly proportional to our submission to God.

We need not expect 'authority', if we are unwilling to obey.

 2006/10/12 16:06


God bless you sis


God bless you too, bro. Thanks for your thoughtful replies.

 2006/10/12 16:07

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