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In a rather risky move - just before Christmas shopping season, it
was announced on August 21 that Wal-Mart has joined the National
Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.
( )

The original announcement states: "The National Gay & Lesbian
Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) announced today a partnership
with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc... This partnership will include executive
representation on the NGLCC’s Corporate Advisory Council (CAC)
and sponsorship of the organization’s 2006 events and initiatives."

Yes - you heard right. Just prior to the Christmas shopping season -
the most important time of year for retailers - Wal-Mart suddenly
joins itself to the radical homosexual agenda. Did no-one in
management consider that Wal-Mart has always been seen as a
"family-friendly" store? Did they not consider that millions of
Christians and conservative Americans may object - and take their
Christmas shopping elsewhere? Did they not take note of the fact
that right across the country, overwhelming numbers in the 2004
election voted to keep marriage as between "one man and one
woman"? What on earth were they thinking?

Even the LA Times, which was among the first to break this story
in the mainstream press, commented that, "For Wal-Mart Stores
Inc., even trying to make new friends is controversial." The Times
quoted Randy Sharp of the American Family Assn. who said that
he and others had stopped shopping at Wal-Mart because of its
shift from a "pro-family" stance.

Now, why didn't Wal-Mart see this kind of reaction coming? Do
they not care if they alienate large numbers of existing customers?
Or is it just that they figure no-one will do anything about it? What
kind of business takes an action that is bound to offend millions
of its customers just before the busiest time of the year?

The reaction of people who hold conservative values was well
summed-up by WorldNetDaily in a commentary entitled, "Why
did Wal-Mart go 'gay'?" earlier this month.

In it, Kevin McCullough writes: "On nearly every occasion I've visited
a Wal-Mart, I've nearly always seen entire families shopping together...
there quite possibly couldn't be a more family-friendly vendor in all
of America... Until this week... Wal-Mart stores have now signed
on to an agreement with the 'National Gay and Lesbian Chamber
of Commerce.' Leaving me to ask the question: WHY?... why is
Wal-Mart now spending resources in time, attention and money
to promote same-gender sexual behavior?

"Why will a Wal-Mart vice president now sit on the NGLCC task force?

"Why will Wal-Mart spend monetary resources to help fund
conferences that promote same-gender sexual behavior?"

The WorldNetDaily piece goes on to comment that, "In turning
their back on the Red State shopper who disapproves of these
changes, Wal-Mart has made a terrible business decision."

Many conservative Americans could only shake their heads in
agreement at this sad assessment. And yet it appears that
Wal-Mart remains completely unapologetic and unmoved. One of
its spokesmen even dismissed their decision as "just another
routine business outreach."

There has been no backing down - no apology at all. It is almost
as if Wal-Mart feels it will suffer no major repercussions at all
from this. Even though they must be aware that in some quarters
there is talk of "boycotts", etc, they seem almost blissfully unconcerned.

Well - maybe they are right. But on the other hand, it just may be
that Wal-Mart is about to find out how its customers really feel
about these new changes. For a big retailer at Christmas-time it
would take only 2% or 3% of its customers to send a very clear
message by shopping elsewhere. If that happened, the alarm bells
would be huge - right across the retail world.


LA TIMES Article-,0,1146352.story


NGLCC Articles-

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yep and now I have to shop at the competitor I don't like.


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And there are more in our community who share the same view, Melissa.

I think it is such a stupid business decision for Wal-Mart to have made. Families shop there: they have greater needs materially then gays, so if families stop shopping who will buy their merchandise????

I recall years ago K Mart was boycotted by Christians because K Mart owned a bookstore that sold porn. Locally the boycott was very real: sales did not tempt the people, either. Locally, the store never did recover financially, even after building a brand new one with the latest design, etc. Since then Sears has purchased it and it still does not have the business it did before the boycott. You must remember I live in what is considered the 'Bible Belt'.


Sandra Miller

 2006/9/28 13:04Profile


Well, I am just over the hill from you and plan on notifying them and boycotting .
I spend a lot of cdn $ there so it is going to be a hassle for me but worth it to oppose the so called 'gays' and there misled supporters

 2006/10/16 22:50

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Hello all,

im at theological college in the uk and we are just reading this article.

I ave just found out that ASDA in the uk is owned by wal-mart, i wonder if they are going to have the same stance over here.

anyone got any input on this line of thought

yours in christ



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Wal-Mart has always been seen as a
"family-friendly" store

Since when has Wal-Mart been a 'family-friendly' store? Assuming that the homosexual agenda isn't the only threat to the Christian family unit, Wal-Mart would have long been at the fore-front of attacking the livelyhood of families all over the world. The days of the Christian Wal-Mart sadly passed away with Sam Walton.

Is homosexuality the only Christian justice issue that gets us fired up?

How about sweatshop labor? Child labor? Greedy wages and illegally unpaid overtime for employees and their families? Not honoring family (e.g. maternity) leave times? Replacing full-time employees with cheaper part-time employees? Destruction of community-run and family owned local businesses and job opportunities? Substandard medical coverage that is often (#1 company in 27 states) shifted onto taxpayers?

All of these issues threaten the family, and all of these issues are typical to Wal-Mart.

Unfortunately (not really), that challenges our lifestyles to a committment to God's truth and justice we're unwilling to make; we're not ready to change our shopping patterns yet, at least not on the grounds listed above. Those things aren't real to many of us, because we've never experienced them. Yet we need to re-evaluate what sort of values we are funding.

So, yes, don't shop at Wal-Mart: they have a history of attacking family values.


 2006/10/17 7:20Profile


preach it!

I didnt even know there was such a thing as a "Christian" wal-mart.

their god has been the dollar from day one, but isnt that the god that most business concerns operate under?

so we boycott them all?

I'm pro-union, and anti-child labor. I will say that without hestitation

Hear me, in America, if you kill the middle class, and eviscerate trade unions, we will have a permanent working class poor. If we do that, watch out.

McJobs lead to McRevolution.

and what really grieves me is that most American evangelicals will say nothing about child labor, but when homosexual start to enter the "fray" out.

and yesterday, I say a fellow on CNN, was part of the Bush administration's faith based initiative, he wrote a book telling Christians that the Republican poltico's were just using the "religious right' as just another constituency...using them.

The republicans were/are never serious about ending abortion, its a joke, and its not even funny, coz babies continue to get murdered. The republicans really dont want inner city youth breeding out of control, Bill Bennett unmasked himself when he said as such.

and for the years, the republicans were screaming about homosexuals when they KNEW that Foley was gay and had a penchant for young men, but there was an unspoken pact, that he keep his mouth shut, so long as he runs for nothing more than Congressman.

hypocrites and fakers.

..and the democrats are no better, they say that they are pro-gay, but they're slavering and shrieking themselves about Foley, they love it, when they should be praying for this man, but there's only two democrats who I've heard testify that they pray, and thats ex-President Carter and Senator Barack Obama..

anyway, you preach it.


 2006/10/17 11:22

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 Re: nakedicame

The republicans really dont want inner city youth breeding out of control,

Bartle, you rascal. You can't pin Planned Parenthood's historic doctrine on the Republicans...

hypocrites and fakers

Okay,... that one sticks to 'em.


Mike Compton

 2006/10/17 13:08Profile


Melissa said - and others agreed

yep and now I have to shop at the competitor I don't like.

I've wondered this....

If there was only one store left running (I don't mean Wal-Mart necessarily, just any old trading post) and the people running it weren't Christians, and your / my family needed food and the other stuff they shipped in for my convenience, would I [i]really[/i] boycott them just because they were unbelievers?

Long ago asked myself if Jesus would have boycotted them, and decided there was nothing in the New Testament which suggested He would.

Now, I understand there is a place for actively opposing sin and for proclaiming the righteousness of Christ, but, is boycotting a person's source of income - whose trading is honest, legal and decent - the correct way?

It may be difficult to imagine a situation in a small place where there is no choice and the whole community is experiencing the same hardships - whether weather or war - but while not disagreeing that one wishes to see homosexuality presented to the world in God's language rather than the language of commerce, I think it is unnecesarily harsh on oneself, to take on such a course of action. It is much easier to boycott a manufacturer or a product, than the sin-promoting affiliations of a global company. Really, we probably shouldn't 'buy' [i]anything[/i] which is advertised in a risque way - from Body Shop products and underwear, to swimwear, films and filmstars, if that is the case.

Will your heart be purer for resisting to shop at Wal-Mart?

 2006/10/17 14:26

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Will your heart be purer for resisting to shop at Wal-Mart?

nope, but my Pastor will be happy... ;)

That is something to think about Dorcas.


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