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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Prayer for our Military

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 Prayer for our Military

In January, I returned from a 5 month deployment to Qatar. I was supporting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and absolutely sure that we were there doing the right thing.

While I was there, I started to see that Americans don't really support our military. If they do, they don't show it much. Our military is over-stressed right now, and all we hear is that it's only going to get worse. We're fighting to build a culture and government that the people of Iraq and Afghanistan don't really care about. We're sacrificing time away from our families to come home to an indifferent world around us. And with our media, we don't even know the what the truth is, and why we're fighting.

I'm one of many who could use prayer right now. As a Christian, I'm having a very hard time showing the character and contentment that God deserves out of me as a witness to him. As a military member, I'm having a very hard time staying motivated to what seems to be an endless, uphill battle. I'm over-worked, under-paid, my family is stressed, and my heart is torn. And I'm only one of many.

If you get a chance in your prayer closet tonight, prayer is the one thing that I; that we need right now.

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Nottingham, England

 Re: Prayer for our Military

Will pray.

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fredericksburg, Virginia

 Re: Prayer for our Military

I will pray,

My brother William is in Iraq right now, he tells me of some crazy things that he has seen, and done over there. His first tour, he saw one of his good friends get killed one LAV behind him ( LAV's are like tanks, but they run on regular wheels.)He has been definitely moved by these things he has seen, He just started his second tour last month, so in return, I ask that you pray for his salvation and safe return.

Matt Kroelinger

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Philadelphia PA

 Re: Prayer for our Military

Praying, brother.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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Joined: 2005/4/19
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 Re: Prayer for our Military

I'll be praying, Brother. Thank you for your sacrifice.


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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Prayer for our Military

Thank you brother for bring us your reality and perspective.

Adding my prayers

Mike Balog

 2006/9/27 15:57Profile

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