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 Re: Judge Roy Moore, one of Gods brave men.

MC, this is spiritual truth you hid in that brilliant piece of writing:

'[i]we claim we have repented but without Christ [b]our inadequate sorrow and pitiful repentence would only be the crowning acheivement of a life of self-serving sin[/b].

...The only thing I am certain of is that I am glad to be invited to enter into the only unsinkable boat ever made... the same great Ark that Whitefield, Luther, and Jackson entered into. [b]All talk of shame and guilt must lead us to Christ...[/b] there is no human atonement satisfactory[/i].

ChrisJD said

I appreciated for instance the Biblical distinctions that were brought out in terms of the different forms and or conditions of slavery that God permitted and how this was seen in view of the realities of life in our fallen world.

I am so glad someone is referring us to scripture on this matter, and its lack of censure for the living and working relationship which had the potential to give a man [i]back[/i] his dignity and inward integrity, provide him a home, and possibly also a wife and children.

World-wide, historically, conquerers made slaves of at least some of the conquered. Slavery continues today.

The life expectancy of a slave on the sugar plantations of Cuba, was 6 years. That was a great waste of human life.

MC's host of rhetorical questions attempt to wrench our grid of reference into some sort of Godly perspective. Let's not let their validity wash through our minds like empty water through the gills of a large fish.

 2006/10/4 9:46

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