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 Revival Fire in China

A leader from the house church movement in Henan Province reports on the contnued remarkable work of God in China

The things we are seeing now are beyond anything we ever saw or even thought possible. For example, during 'Gospel Month' - a time when we ask every believer to lead at least one person to Christ - there were 120,000 conversions in Henan alone.

God worked with us, confirming the word with signs and wonders. Without these miracles, man alone would not be able to accomplish anything.

Three sisters went to Xinyue District in Henan to evangelise, and after seven days of ministry 1,100 people repented and were saved.

It was as if there was fire in their hands, for whoever they laid their hands on, they immediately experienced a 'burning' sensation all throughout their body.

As these three sisters were evangelising, a man came up to them and began to curse them. However, they paid no attention to him.

After a long time others came to the sisters and said, 'Why is it you show compassion to this man, even though he is cursing you?'

As soon as they said this the man collapsed and died. It caused great awe and reverence toward the Lord in the crowd of people who witnessed this judgment of God.

Many repented and accepted Jesus. In previous years when missionaries worked here, they didn't see such numbers converted even after several dozen years. We sense now that this is the time for the Holy Spirit to mightily work through us.

Though there are many difficulties in open street evangelism here, during the Chinese New Year festivals it is easier to go out into the open to preach the gospel.

A whole group of sisters were preaching when some police officials soddenly appeared.

One stretched out his hand toward the sisters and shouted, 'Arrest them!'

However, immediately his ann turned stiff in its stretched out position and he was not able to put it down or retract it. He went back to the police station and in desperation asked, 'What can I do?' Someone said, 'You must find a Christian to pray for you.

Therefore they invited our preachers to the police station to pray for him, and when they did, he was healed!

They then preached to the police and many of them accepted the Lord.

Previously, during our open air meetings, few people would pay any attention. Now, everywhere when we go out with our tambourines and other instruments to share about Jesus, crowds of people stop everything they are doing to attend our meetings.

As we preach, many cry out, 'We have never heard such good news in all our lives. Why has nobody told us this before?'

The people forget about all their plans and activities and remain for hours to listen to the gospel. It is truly the fire of the Holy Spirit burning in our midst

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 Re: Revival Fire in China

after seven days of ministry 1,100 people repented and were saved.

I love how they say:

[b]repented[/b] and were [b]saved[/b]!

oh how we need to repent from sin and our entire old lives and be saved from all of that sin from the past life. The western false gospel is getting people to "believe" they are saved without ever repenting or seeing the picture of Christ saving them [b]from[/b] sin and [b]to[/b] life!

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