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 The History Channel ~ Lost Worlds: The First Christians

Dear saints,

Just caught a portion of this after my step-son mentioned it upon arriving home this evening. If you get the chance I couldn't recommend it more highly. It is a fascinating look at many of the places we are all familiar with in scripture and then some. The part I was able to catch was regarding much as described below, the temple in Ephesis for instance ... Incredibly well done, it will give you an even more broadened idea of what Paul faced, the culture and buildings... new meaning to many familiar verses.

"Lost Worlds: The First Christians.
A team of field investigators using the latest research, expert analysis, and cutting-edge graphic technology take us back to the aftermath of Jesus's crucifixion when barely a hundred of his followers survived. Yet within a few decades, Christianity had spread around the Mediterranean and across the Roman Empire. The man responsible once persecuted Christians but underwent a conversion and gave his life to spreading the gospel. We revisit places that were first to hear St. Paul's message and were altered forever. From his birthplace, the port of Tarsus where a mixture of Roman and Jewish culture helped form him, we follow the systems of trade and transport that helped him travel 20,000 miles. And in Cappadocia in the Turkish desert, we find evidence of how the new religion reached a mysterious community of cave-dwellers. These persecuted Christian communities sought refuge by literally heading underground. Our investigators enter the vast subterranean cities they built."

It looks like it will be on at various times over the next couple of weeks.

Mike Balog

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