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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : " THE EMERGING HARLOT CHURCH " [REV 17]

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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes


Im going to launch into a subject greatly
mis-understood, often neglected,and sometimes
ignored and over-looked.

I am fully aware of some views out there in
christendom land - as to what this "whore" is and what the whore ...represents.

Many tenaciously "insist" she is rome and has
"catholicism" all over it - and for proof texts
to support this view - they hasten to add that
the vatican is built on 7 (seven) mountains and
so their is your proof - i rest my case they retort.

Well im not going to go around in circles today refuting and counter-wise debunking contrary
views...that is not my aim, with this message !

What can we safely conclude about this harlot the apostle John sees rising up in the earth

Just Who is she and what role does she play in
the end-times. ??

We can all have opinions - but isn't it
refreshing to the soul, when ONE was is definite,
concise, clear and not airie fairie about things

I don't know if your like me - but i like to
be certain, definite, and for my yay to be yay and my nay to be nay !! ( 2 cor 1:17-19 )

This WHORE becomes GREAT the Earth

She sits upon many waters - now cross over with me to verse 15 ( same chapter )and we see interpretation " the waters which she sits
upon are[peoples,nations, multitudes,tongues]

The angel informs John that HER hold and HER
influence is "world-wide" very much GLOBAL.
AFFECTING entire nations and languages.

She has obviously grown and emerged to a place
of great prominence in the much so
that we are told in verse two - that even the
the kings and presidents have ( gotten into
bed with her )

Furthermore the citizens of the globe have
become DRUNK AND INTOXICATED with something
she dishes up and serves ?? they become

Therefore we can safely conclude thus far her
wine is intoxicating and somewhat mezmerizing
the effect is "drunkeness" and the effect is
The Kings of this world....are in cahoots with
her, their is an alliance and a league of sorts

The kings and those in positions of power are

and the WINE she serves-up - has an altering
"effect" for indeed the result is akin to that
of "drunkenness"

These people are drunk on something - but one
thing for sure is....they are not drunk on
the real HOLY GHOST !!

IS obviously not "literal" fornication - but
denotes & infers an uncleaness and a defilement
that is not - literally... sexual fornication.

When you have mixture and all manner of detestable
things going on - and it "called" CHRISTIAN
AND the leaders have sanctioned something that
is abominable as being ...."sanctified, then we
have what the old-testament prophets described as
"spiritual fornication"

And now call to remembrance saints how that
James called "friendship" with this world
as being akin to ...adulterers and adulteresses.

When you mix the profane with the holy and call
it "christian" you define what James abhors as
"spiritual adultery" and deceive your own heart.

Have you noticed today how the "church" is seeking
approval from the world ?? and wants acceptance
from the world ?? contemporary christianity
today does not want persecution nor to be seen as
odd-balls, nor to be seen as strange in the worlds

The offence of the cross today is shunned and the
stigma - is avoided by the contemporary church.

And the desire to be LOVED by the world or at least accepted - is now a strong desire by the

Over here in kangaroo territory ( australia )
the churches -push- for approval is so strong
that they have "AWARD NIGHTS" now for leaders
of the community i.e for those in offices of
government and for council ward office holders.

The churches rent large auditoriums and BESTOW
HONOUR AND PATRONIZE those in positions of
authority ( it is good to be subject, obey, and honour them of course ) but to flatter, patronize
and be superflous - somehow is not what Paul
meant when he wrote Romans chapter thirteen.

:-( You have to wonder what the motive is for
excessive honouring and PRAISE ....the church
wants full approval and to be Loved by the
community today - the last thing they want is
a [John chapter 15:18-21 scenario]

In galations chapter six we read that those
going around compelling people to be circumcised
literally in the flesh - had an alterior motive ?

Which was to "avoid" persecution and the stigma
of Christ's cross...they were glorying in numbers
circumcised at their DOING - but did it Paul said
to shun persecution from the synagogues and
the Jews as a whole.

Lest they should suffer persecution from the -
cross of christ.

Today we are exhorted to DO and to get involved
in good deeds - which is a commendable thing, and
indeed it is scriptural...for this is how we put
to silence the ignorance of "foolish men" that
speak of us as - evil-doers (1 pet 2:12 & 3:16)

However that said - today we ARE compelled to
get involved in what they refer to as community
blitz days - a strategically targeted good deed
DAY...that results much exposure and gets the
desired... KUDOS ...from the community.

All good and well if the motive is sincere and is it is a spirit-led event !! and not a sly attempt
to get the world to love you, and seek the
endorsement and approval of man.

Is not rather what paul exposed in an
attempt to by-pass (PERSECUTION)and to gain
the favour and LOVE OF MAN.



SAW that the kings of this world went and got
BINTO BED- with this whore, AND this HARLOT ??

The two were compatible John states and the two
were in "ca-hoots" and the two had a league, and
the two were... "defiled together"

No conscience was convicted and the kings were
at home and comfortable with the whore - they fitted in nicely. And together enjoyed world-
wide influnce, status, impetus, and decision making...and both had a "joined ROLE"...IN THE
communities ALIKE and both served the community at large.

Bro Stephen

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What about capitalism? Can it be that men all over the world fight for the security that is found in the world's monetary system? What do the kings fight for? What do the ship's with their captains represent?

The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. What do you see men strive for today?

Even the churches have become money machines. Everything from comentaries, selfhelp books, music, sunday schools lessons. Everyone is always enforcing the copy right laws. Yet what we have recieved has been freely given.

Pastor sue congregations for millions. They are asking for money to build, build, build. The holiday festivities are lavish.

Do you see the love of mamon manifesting itself everywhere one turns? Do you see the credit card lifestyle? Who do we serve?

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

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Nottingham, England


Thanks for giving us something to chew over!

Thing is, many christians nowadays want someone else to do the thinking for them. Especially if it is about blessings, rewards etc. You know what I mean.

As for who the harlot is, many, in the past, have pointed to Rome. Could be. Seven hills, why not?

Fact is, I personally do not know.

However, I do know the word of God tells us in
2 Thessalonans 2v3 'Let no on deceive you by any means, for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition'.

For me, the falling away is happening now. We can see it.

In the west, as far as we are concerned, martydom is a thing of the past.

2 Timothy 3v12 'Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution'.

If you don't want persecution, live a godless life.

If you live a godly life, expect persecution.

The church today, is involved in harlotry, no doubt about that.

Don't get pulled into the vortex of backsliding and compromise that is engulfing the church today.

Endeavour to give yourself entirely to prayer and the word of God, Acts 6v4.

God bless.

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I found this analysis of a particularly current topic.

"The most influential driver behind the CRB’s plunge since August 8th however, was the unwinding of the Iranian “war premium” which had inflated the price of crude oil by as much as $15 per barrel this year. Iranian negotiators have skillfully split the British, French and the German coalition away from the Bush administration’s hard-line stance for economic sanctions against Iran.

Iran’s rulers have always relied on the Russian and Chinese veto to any economic sanctions, but now there are signs the Europeans are also seeking a way out, once the moment of truth had finally arrived. On Sept 13th, British Foreign office minister Kim Howells waved the white flag, “I can’t see a military way through this, and I’m not sure that even there’s an easy way for the UN to impose sanctions," he told parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

Economic sanctions against Iran would jeopardize more than 10,000 jobs, the German Chamber of Commerce said on Sept 1st. “Economic sanctions against Iran would solve none of the political problems. But the German economy would be hard hit in an important growing market.” France’s oil giant Total is interested in a 10-15% stake in Iran’s Azadegan, seen as one of the largest unexploited oilfields in the world, said head of exploration Christophe de Margerie on Sept 12th.

On Sept 18th, Norwegian energy and aluminum giant Norsk Hydro, signed an oil exploration deal with the National Iranian Oil Company for the Khorramabad block in southwestern Iran. “If exploration proves to be successful, the period of the agreement will be 25 years,” Hydro said.

Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani reportedly offered a 2-month suspension of Tehran’s nuclear enrichment program in talks with EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, which sent crude oil plunging below $66 per barrel. Still, there are questions of whether or not Iran’s internal debate is over, and if the concession by Larijani is fully backed by the Ayatollah Khameinei and president Amadinejad in Tehran. "

What kind of spiritual fornication is represented in this situation?

What are the kings interested in?

What has made men drunk, what has dulled their judgement of these times that we live in?

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

 2006/9/20 4:32Profile

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