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 A Calling to an Apostolic Existence

[b]A Calling to an Apostolic Existence[/b]

Searching throughout the endless caverns and memories in my mind I found something amidst the roughest thoughts. A gem that I could only now find the beauty in; it had been floating around in the back of my head for so long and the obvious nature of this truth would make many overlook it. That gem I found was a voice. A voice which I had almost forgotten; one that had awoken me from a deep sleep with more power than imaginable; it had said to me, “WAKE UP! ARE YOU READY? GET UP!” I immediately felt as if I knew this voice. Why? Because I did; it was the one who gave me life. The Father had done as was needed and what is constantly being needed of the Church of Jesus Christ today. The Bride is asleep and the Groom awaits her at the Alter. WAKE UP! ARE YOU READY? GET UP!

A fire ignites inside my soul as I think about so many things of this world and it all becomes apparent. The perspectives that we so eagerly search for are right under our noses. The values that we once held so dear have been compromised. Purged from this “Great Church” that is the Church of Christ today. The majority of America (78%) for example claims Christianity as their faith. This is the best example of how powerless the Body of Christ is. The media and society (if we were all as Christian as the statistic, it would prove to be otherwise) show that this just isn’t true with the filth on our television sets and in our radios, penetrating though our eyes and ears into our minds and what’s worse, into our hearts. The list goes on and on and the iniquity grows yet some more in its role over our lives.

What does that say about the job that we have all done? What does that say about the status of the Body of Christ in these days we all know as our last? Where is the gift of a spotless Bride for our savior?

The answer to these questions should be stunning enough. The flames grow hotter and higher each day and for us it is all too obvious. But the world is unable to feel the heat. The job is not done and not at all adequate enough. The Apostles knew this, and Christ warned about this.

There should not be a one person in the Bride of Christ that is not living like an Apostle, even better, LIKE CHRIST! It is all too possible granted you let Christ reside in your heart and be the King of your life. NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS WORTH WHAT IT REQUIRES IN RETURN. This world means DEATH. The world is only interested in SIN and we all know that THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH.

Survival is not reliant on whether or not you have money, a fast car, and a nice home or even a loving family and friends. SURVIVAL IS DEPENDANT ON CHRIST AND CHRIST ALONE!

This world would have you tied down with its lies and anything it can get into your hands, mind and then heart. And Brothers and Sisters, once this world has your heart, you are done with this Christ business. So you best make sure that it does not have its grasp on you yet. Repent of every thought and every deed. Seek Christ on every occasion whether it calls for it or not. Draw on the power of the Lord, transform yourselves and become as the Apostles in power of Christ. DEMONS WILL FLEE, SATAN WILL COWER AND PEOPLE AROUND YOU WILL CHANGE FROM GOD’S AWESOME LOVE AND POWER!

What are these chains that hold us down? If it be a job, money, cars, the opposite sex, music, movies. Whatever it may be that chains you down from being able to go at the single command of our Lord, release it from your life because it is evil and only brings death and steals focus from the King who deserves HIS dues. HE deserves nothing less than that, and those who would oppose that statement are in the grasp of the world’s friendship and an enemy of GOD. So be weary of those who attempt to serenade you with the wonders of this world and cry “woe is the end for I have not lived enough.” Because there can be no Glory for GOD in that, and our purpose here on earth is to further the Glory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Glory of the Son of GOD, our Savior, and for the Glory of our Loving, Just and Almighty GOD.

So stay fast with the Lord and let no man rob or deprive you of your crown. Cast aside all that would make you stumble. For if you do not, then you will find yourself face flat so fast you won’t even know what the Devil hit you with. This is no game that some think we are playing. Satan means business because GOD’S business is more important. But don’t be afraid of that old Satan. Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” But I tell you now, the only thing we have to fear is not Satan, it is not the evils of this world, it is not hell, nor is it the worst person on this earth, but it is GOD’S wrath. We should be ever mindful to the wrath of GOD on the Day of Judgment. Where HE will be so thorough with HIS judgment that because HE is so just, no single deed or thought will be overlooked, all will be punished, and we will be judged for it all and ground up into powder before the feet of an Almighty GOD of Justice.

So cast out all things that do not point to or edify the Lord our GOD. And transform all, so that not one last thing in your life does not edify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And when that is done do yet some more then let the truth of Jesus Christ work in you, your family, your friends, and all the ends of the earth until the day of HIS return comes. All will be well in the arms of the Lord. And all will be well in an Apostolic living towards Christ-likeness.

Brothers and Sisters, we have our victory, let us go out and grab it. Stop the waiting, and as the voice said to me so clearly, “WAKE UP! ARE YOU READY? GET UP!” And by Christ’s command, let us go to the far reaches of the earth and damage as much of Satan’s work we can. Because victory is not enough alone for GOD and for us. And praise GOD for HE made us so able in HIS Glory.

In HIS love,


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 Re: A Calling to an Apostolic Existence


I immediately felt as if I knew this voice. Why? Because I did; it was the one who gave me life.

Hallelujah, the hear that voice is what is most important in our days. Are we of those that hear that "still small voice" God is calling, speaking tenderly to his saints (called out ones).

The job is not done and not at all adequate enough. The Apostles knew this, and Christ warned about this.

[b]The world is only interested in SIN[/b]!!

"And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure." - 1 John 3:3

"For whatsoever is born of God [b]overcometh the world[/b]: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, [i]even[/i] our faith." - 1 John 5:4

"overcometh the world" = "is conquering the world." (concordant) "to carry off the victory, come off victorious"

Oh what a glorious truth that we are of those that "overcome" this world and are a part of that process that is being completed but is a present reality for those in Christ.

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 Re: A Calling to an Apostolic Existence


Remarkable, praise Him !

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Amen. Praise GOD.


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