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 dreams and visions

Joel 2 28/29 Then afterwards I will poor out my spirit on all flesh;your sons and daughters shall prophecy,your old men shall dream dreams,even on the male and female slaves,in those days I will poor out my spirit. Habakkuk 2 2/3 Then the Lord answered me and said;Write the vision;make it plain on tablets,so that a runner may read it.For there is still a vision for the apointed time;it speaks of the end,and does not lie.if it seems to tarry,wait for it;it will surely come. On a cold winter night in around 1994,I went to bed and had a dream,a dream that i will never forget for the rest of my life.I knew somehow it wasn't just a dream.In that night I closed my eyes and fell asleep,,,I was opening the door of the old Anglican church,and started to walk inside,as I started to walk along the long aisle I noticed it was daytime,second I noticed there was almost nobody there so I kept walkin up the aisle,as I reached the first two seats up front I saw something in the ceiling that looked like a square opening about 4 feet by 4 feet right above the first step towards the altar.this square opening i was watching,there was a light coming from inside,a light that i really can't describe it was really bright,brighter than any light i know of but it didn't hurt my eyes like the sun burns my eyes,it feels like a gentle light.and there was a long stairs going down from ceiling to the floor,there were about 20 steps,these steps looked like they were made of white stone and after that I looked on to my right side,there stood two young couples on the second row of front seats,they seemed like they don't know i'm there,both of them just staring to the front.I tried to let them see me going right in front of them,not even their eyes moved,I even waved my hands to let them see me but they don't seem to know i'm there.right at that point i looked up to the light in the ceiling I heard a voice coming from behind me,somehow even i'm still looking at the ceiling,i saw a man at the last row of the seats on left side.maybe i had eyes behind my head.I could see he had a beard and wearing brown fur clothing with belt around his waist,He than siad to me;'There learning wisdom' Thats all he said.Than I woke up from my sleep;very puzzled.At that time i didn't really know what faith is and did not know who jesus was.I am now seeking things that are above and not this world.through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.


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 Re:God's hand in your life

At that time i didn't really know what faith is and did not know who jesus was.I am now seeking things that are above and not this world

What a precious foreshadowing of God’s calling - turning your heart to things above! I would love to read more about your testimony if you’d like to share – like - how God brought you to faith in him.



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