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 Popes comments ANGER muslim leaders and followers there of!

By now I am sure you all are aware of the latest outrage coming from the religion of peace, Islam. The Pope makes comments of a violent foundation of Islam. So to prove that Pope is wrong about that The muslim leaders turn the other cheek..not quite. They are outraged and 2 churches in Lebanon have been firebombed and the reason given was becuase of what the Pope said.

Muslim leaders have said things like," he is a poor thing with a medeival mentality of the crusades"..and " He'll go down in history as the equivalant of Hitler or Mussolini.

While most of us probably don't agree with Roman Catholacism as a whole, this will still effect us in many ways.

This shows what will happen if you proclaim the truth about islam's origin's and history. Oh, little old you or me can probably get away with it. But a leader with any type of influnce had better not dare speak against Islam or it's prophet or it's history.

If the leaders turn tail and run this will be one more step in the march for global islamic domination. Well, maybe that's the way it's gonna be.

We as christians of course are not afraid to die for our faith. The preaching of the one true God and His one true begotten Son, Jesus will continue to be proclaimed regardless of the persecution that will follow.

Many have seen the latest news report on about our 11 month old brother in the Lord in somalia. How he was shot to death for not going along with the islamic prayer chant's to the lunar and solar eclipse in sept. God bless this modern Stephen, oh...He already has!

 2006/9/16 4:52

 Re: Popes comments ANGER muslim leaders and followers there of!

As I sit in this internet cafe, where as the only white person, and woman - most of the times I've been here, (I did see one much younger Caucasian, once - on the internet, that is - and one of African origin another time), I have to say I've been treated with nothing but a higher level of human decency than I need have expected [i]anywhere[/i]. I have made no secret of coming on SermonIndex to post on the forum, and an online Bible website also leaves a trace of my activity.

Yesterday, I arrived early, and Friday prayers were on the television (behind me) though I know not from which country. Eventually, I was informed the shop would be closing in 10 minutes for a short while, so that everyone here could go to the mosque.... would I be able to finish in time or would I wish to wait for them to reopen? As it happens, I was ready to go, but, I still felt 'looked after'.

Why am I here? Because it's the cheapest internet outlet in town that I've found and parking is free. I am growing to love these people. (Also, my uncle is Muslim-born and recently I will ill during a visit with my cousin and his family. They treated me like on of their own completely. In fact, I learned from them.) Maybe I sound complacent, but I certainly don't feel afraid.

Eventually, I'll have the internet available at home again, but I am honestly wondering if I should still drop in here every so often, just to make a stand for something indefinable which cannot be put into words at all.

I would hate to be cynical about the reasons I enjoy such freedom but if I hadn't walked in through the door here, I would never have known it exists.

 2006/9/16 6:55

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