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I added some sermons by this speaker in the revival:

[b]Ralph Sexton[/b]

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 2006/9/15 19:37Profile


It should be noted that Asheville is considered "The San Fransico of the East Coast." Homosexuality is rampant, and from what I understand, witchcraft is also prevelant.

KJ is right... Downtown Asheville is a bit freakish. Well, not a bit, A LOT. There is a large gay community, and there is a large occultic community... and then there are us country folk.

Asheville can be a very dark place at times, especially during Belle Chere Festival. On the flip side of that, it is a place where street preachers abound. If you go down to the center of town to Prichard Park, or Pack Square on any day of the week you can see hippies on one side banging away on the drum lines and someone street preaching on the other side. It's like Southern California meets the Bible Belt.

The whole idea of a revival should be that what happens under a tent spreads into the community. My prayer is that God will use these people to effectively infiltrate and make a difference in the Asheville area. And may He use me in greater ways as well. I live out in the country, and so I dont usually spend a lot of time in Asheville... in fact, I avoid going into downtown as much as possible. But I think I need to start getting myself down there.

Bartle... thanx for the idea of taking the football team. Not sure why that didnt occur to me. Of course, I cant just "load 'em up" cuz of insurance reasons, and it cant be mandatory because these are public school kids I'm working with... but thats a real good idea.

As to my response yesterday to the criticism of the revival, I know where Patrick is coming from, and I do respect and love him. We do need to use discernment, and lack of discernment is a MAJOR problem in the church today. On that we do agree. But we should also try and go to the source and understand what is really going on before we make comments. I am not always perfect at that either! But generally speaking I have done a lot of research on a teacher or a doctrine before I say a whole lot about it.

By the way, I wasnt angry with Patrick. I apologize, Patrick, I know it came acoss that way.

In this instance I do have the advantage of living right here where it's happening, and know the people involved. Thats why I was so quick to defend this thing. It's not a wierd kind of Toronto Blessing thing... it's people repenting and getting right with God.

Love y'all! (And not in an Asheville kind of way! LOL)


 2006/9/16 5:40


In addition to the "infiltrating" I would pray that people in asheville would be powerfully drawn to the meetings. In many revivals in past people were drawn to the meeting without realizing how. I am so happy about what I am hearing and seeing,(thanks for the pictures)in this current revival.Praise God!

 2006/9/16 6:29


Like a pebble hitting the water and the resulting waves spreading further out on the pond!

 2006/9/16 6:30

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