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Discussion Forum : General Topics : There is a REAL revival happening here in NC!

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Patrick's a good bro, he stands out there with his ponytail in some nasty funky park preaching the Gospel for love of Jesus. You're a good bro, a good daddy, brave, upright. You're both good bro's of mine, lets just be together on this.

I don't know why, but I get a good feeling in my heart about the whole thing, and I'm envious, coz ever since I've been saved, its been a keen desire of mine to go to a tent meeting, have the Holy Ghost do a re-working on me and lay in the straw for a couple of days.

Now here's the thing, if I God moves on me, and I start going on in tongues, my face will be pressed into the straw so I doubt anyone but the Holy Spirit will hear me, I know how the Baptists get about tongues....(smiling)

Man!!! thats Good Stuff!!

but please, you and Pat make nice, for me and more importantly for Jesus....who knows, maybe I shud drive over to Deetroit, grab Patrick up, and head to Asheville, maybe we get Mikey Compton on the way.....oh, I'm dreaming...there's no way I can get out of my duties here, but its a nice thought...right Pat?

Krispy would put us up, we'd get to put sleeping bags in his tool shed!! lol

Glory to God, bartle

 2006/9/15 15:03

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 Re: Krisp

I like the sound of what the guy was preaching - which
I published on our 'REVIVAL' List. And I LOVE the fact that there was SUCH
HUNGER demonstrated in that community. -I think that is the
most significant thing.

But as I stated on a different elsewhere:
"I have seen claims from Press Agencies that thousands
were getting baptized all the time. But from the info that I have
seen on this - thousands did attend each night - but the baptisms
were in the hundreds - not thousands. Also I believe this series of
meetings has concluded now.

That is why I see it as "Early Signs" rather than full-on Revival."

-That is my take on it. It is the SPIRITUAL HUNGER in the community at large that I see
as the "big story" here. And we should rejoice to hear it!

-Andrew Strom.

 2006/9/15 15:14Profile



oh that's disspiriting news indeed.

BUT, any, and I mean ANY outpouring of the Spirit, and the Fruit gleaned is to the Glory of God.

Rain!! Rain!!! Please Lord rain down the Living Waters on this dry ground!!

 2006/9/15 15:18

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 Re: Krisp

Geez Krispy. What took you so long to tell us? I was up that way last weekend. Maybe I can plan another trip soon or maybe the fire will spread southward!!

 2006/9/15 15:28Profile

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Hmm, that sounds great! I hope I'll be moving up there soon. Cool!

 2006/9/15 15:59Profile

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Charlotte, NC


It should be noted that Asheville is considered "The San Fransico of the East Coast." Homosexuality is rampant, and from what I understand, witchcraft is also prevelant.

So, if this is a move of God, I'm glad to hear it.

Jimmy H

 2006/9/15 16:25Profile

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Is there anywhere that we can listen to Ralph Sexton's sermons? I looked on his website and all they had was live streaming sermons, as far as i could tell. And let us continue to pray that this will spread to the rest of the U.S.!

 2006/9/15 16:33Profile

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Decatur, Illinois


And let us continue to pray that this will spread to the rest of the U.S.!


Joe Auvil

 2006/9/15 17:54Profile

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


That is why I see it as "Early Signs" rather than full-on Revival."

I agree with you andrew, I believe that this is what we will see when revival hits, people simply staying before God night after night desiring to hear preaching and worship God. It will be encouraging to see more events like that happen.






Signs and Wonders no! but true genuine biblical repentance? YES! May God send revival.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2006/9/15 18:13Profile

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awesome pictures.

I checked this revival up and saw a few listings in other news

My prayer is that people don't just go to these meetings but instead go home and make amends with their family and friends, a definite sign of revival to me!

 2006/9/15 18:20Profile

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