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 Are you a Wishbone, Jawbone or Backbone?

In his book, "Everyday Evangelism", Ray Comfort put forth an anology that went somthing like this.

Are you a wishbone, jawbone or backbone? The wishbone looks at his hero's of the faith and wishes he could be like them. Laboring in the harvest feild and bringing souls to Jesus Christ but he never does anything about it.

The Jawbone "talks" alot about witnessing revival and the do's and dont's of preaching the Gospel but again he never actually gets out and accomplishes it.

The Backbone actually will do it! He not only thinks and talks but he actually faces his fear and follows in the footsteps of Jesus the apostles and all the faithfull throughout the age's till now. He preaches the word in season and out of season!

This was one more anology that helped me years ago to continually be that backbone. Oh I am a great thinker and a decent talker but the actual doing is always the challenge. Seems there is always and exscuse. Some "good" reason to put it off another day. Which are you? God bless, John

 2006/9/15 9:08

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 Re: Are you a Wishbone, Jawbone or Backbone?

Is it possible to be all three in one, or is there a fourth or fifth catergory?

To be honest, I don't fit any catergory.

For me, don't just talk, act!

James tells us faith without works is dead.

So don't just talk, act.

Don't criticise, especially if you are the one not obey God's word.

Some critism is valid, some isn't.

Be a 'backbone' for the church of Jesus Christ, we need it. God bless.

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