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 Oswald for today

I just want to post Oswald Chamber's, My Utmost For His Highest for September 15th. I'm sure many of you read it, but I would like to discuss it. First, the account...

What To Renounce

[i]"But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty." 2 Cor. 4:2[/i]

Have you "renounced the hidden things of dishonesty"--the things that your sense of honour will not allow to come to light? [b]You can easily hide them.[/b] Is there a thought in your heart about anyone which you would not like to be dragged into the light? Renounce it as soon as it springs up: renounce the whole thing until there is no hidden thing of dishonesty or craftiness about you. Envy, jealousy, strife--these things arise not necessarily from the disposition of sin, but from the make-up of your body which was used for this kind of thing in days gone by (see Romans 6:19 and IPeter 4:1-2). Maintain a continual watchfulness so that nothing of which you would be ashamed arises in your life.

"Not walking in craftiness," that is, resorting to what will carry your point. [b]This is a great snare.[/b] You know that God will only let you work in one way, then be careful never to catch people the other way; [b]God's blight will be upon you if you do.[/b] Others are doing things which to you would be walking in craftiness, but it may not be so with them: God has given you another standpoint. [b]Never[/b] blunt the sense of your Utmost for His Highest. For you to do a certain thing would mean the incoming of craftiness for an end other than the highest, and the blunting of the motive God has given you. [b]Many have gone back because they are afraid of looking at things from God's standpoint.[/b] The great crisis comes spiritually when a man has to emerge a bit farther on than the creed he has accepted.

Well now.......I love this! You know, I have found since I began to really strive to make Jesus Lord of All in my heart that it's amazing how desperately I want to hang onto a little bit of myself. I want to find something about me that ain't so bad as to need to be crucified. Whatchallthink? Dian.

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 Re: Oswald for today

I was reminding myself of a similar subject only today. The scripture in mind was from Colossians 1v10 'that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God',NKJV.

You sure do want to hold on to some of 'you', but is it worth it?

It scares me that I could end up lost for all eternity for useless pride.

It's pride verse humility.

Humility =Moses
Pride = Pharaoh

Which one lost out?

If I regard inquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear, Psalm 66v18.

The problem with some Christians is that they live in self-deception.
There might not be open wickedness, it's hidden. Which, in itself can be more dangerous, and left unchecked, and rob you of the will of God for you, and an eternity without God.

Are we really ready for eternity? Is this just a game we are playing? Are we serious about the word of God, or is it just another 'book'.

What is it we are doing now, that we hope we won't get doing when Jesus returns?

I'm not talking about the regular smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs etc. They are too obvious. Hidden sins. Let go of them. God bless.

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It's pride verse humility.

Well, Amen!

I'm not talking about the regular smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs etc. They are too obvious. Hidden sins.

Art Katz has a message called "The Spirit of Truth" in which he says, "a partial truth is a lie." He talks about having a "batting average" mentality when it comes to truth. We think if we have obeyed God 9 out of 10 times we are doing pretty good. That was King Saul's mentality. Love, Dian.

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