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Discussion Forum : General Topics : The truth about Islam.

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thingsabove wrote:
Just a suggestion. I may have rewritten the title, "THE TRUTH OF RADICAL ISLAM, CONVERT OR DIE"

and it should also be said of the Christian Faith:


Farai Bamu

 2006/9/16 12:24Profile

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Philadelphia PA

 Re: more stories to be told...

Hi everyone.

Keith, you shared that

I was speaking with my missionary friend here who last night was telling me that nearly every Muslim person here has demonic encounters and has demons that manifest in their homes.

and this agrees with something I read in a book I recently purchased called [i]Iran Desperate for God[/i]. It has the testimony of 8 former muslims that have come to faith in Christ in Iran. In the last testimony, the woman describes how during a certain month that the martyrdom of one of Muslim prophets was observed, a [i] dark spirit [/i] would come over her.

Brothers and sisters, I really dont know how to adaquately and appropriately describe what these souls are laboring under, according to these testimonies. On the same page from this book there is a picture of rows of women dressed in Islamic garb holding what looks like AK-47s. [b]They are said to have all memorized the Koran[/b].

Ohh brothers and sisters,

[b][color=000000]And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation[/color][/b]

Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2006/9/16 13:02Profile

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 Re: the danger of partial truth

Lastly you said it would be nice to get some truth from a missionary to the muslims. The way you say that and the previous things inplies that we have not conveyed truth on this "thread"?

I think if you go back to my words about the Joshua- et-al new reporters you’ll get my drift. I did not say or imply that what has been said was false. It is just incomplete. It is only the partial truth at best. That's as bad as our history text books.

It's hard, if not impossible, to present history or cultural information without being somewhat subjective and generalized.

It’s been said: What’s dangerous is not the part that is said, but the part is left unsaid. Partial truth is dangerous. It has a way of swaying people’s minds in a very wrong direction.

So far, no one has mentioned the most important part: What GOD is doing and how he sees it. And as long as that part is left out, I must only listen with half an ear.

Our purpose of believers is to strengthen the faith of fellow believers:

“Night and day we pray most earnestly for you that we may see you again and supply what is lacking in your faith.” 1 Thes. 3:10

‘We are encouraged about you because of your faith.” 1 Thes. 3:7

“I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you because your faith is being reported all over the world. Rom. 1:8

One tends not to strengthen the faith of believers by leaving out the work of God and the situation of the believers, and instead spotlighting all the bad and horrible stuff. You might merely reinforce fear and give the devil the spotlight. Fear is a powerful force in humanity. It sways people to defend themselves, attack their perceived enemy… and a lot of other bad stuff. Israel’s history should teach us a lot about that.

Does that make sense?


 2006/9/16 14:07Profile


Anyone read this book yet? The Prophet Of Doom.

I would like to hear some feed back.

Was it informative? Did it give you a better undertanding of what were up against?


 2006/9/16 17:21


Anyone read this book yet? The Prophet Of Doom.

no i didn't, got about 15 books ahead of it, were I to have an interest in it, which I don't.

Humbly I say, I have a pretty good idea of WHAT we are up against, AND what is edifying to read and what is not.


 2006/9/16 17:28

 Re: J-bird

Oh, O.k bro. Bartle. I see. Sorry you feel that way.

Anyone else care to share?

This is very interesting to me. If you have no idea what Im talking about, go to the first post on this thread and click on the web site I have provided.


 2006/9/16 18:11

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Hey brother J-Bird.

This is my first post about the topic in which i have to quickly cover a few things.

1) "Islam is not a religion of peace."
Clear and simple, no mistaking. In the quran and the hadith it does not allow for pace to be established with the infidels. The muslims are permitted to assimilate into a society to a certain extent, till they have enough numbers to take the nation by force if neccesary. Eg. Lebannon, Sudan, etc. Peace between us and them is only a ploy for them to trick us intill they are strong enogh to gain power. (A world wide Islam is the goal and nothing short of it.)

2) "Islam is not a religion in which we can just sit back, watch and do nothing about."
We must be prayerful, active and fervrent in our outreach towards the muslims. We must LOVE them and CARE for them. The quote i love to hear is "Muslims dont care about how much you know, they care about how much you care." ( i am not saying that we do not need to be studied up on them and their religion be it suffi, sunni or shi'a......but merely we have to show our love towards them in our outreach.

3) "America is a pagan nation." I agree with Greg on the point that it resembles Constantines Rome. Uncanny in its simmilarites....America is soon to be persecuting Christians just as Rome. Eucemical movement is making ground in America, an im not making a prophecy here but i can sort of see how there will be a state recognised christianity in America coming abut soon.

On this point my friend in Australia is well aware of. He was asked to go onto arabic radio and speak about Christianity. However he was asked what he was going to speak about first, and if he didnt outline what he woas going to speak about he was not allowed to speak on air. This was according to law handed down by government so people's feelings are protected.

4) "Islam in most respects is commited to the destruction of Israel."
Yes and to a massive degree. The muslims know just as mohammed found ou in medina that the Jews will not convert to their religion, and that means that the only other thing left to do is to wipe them out. (go to for examples of hatred toward the Jews in different forms.) Remember that the Arab muslims are decendents of Ishmael, and God said that he would be a wild donkey of a man.....with his hand against the other nations and their hands against him.

5) "Islam has a deep spiritual hold on many souls, and it is intensely difficult for one to convert out of."
The example of demons mainfesting is intenses, however i mean by this statement that for someone to come out of Islam it takes a war and a half, so great is the deception and the hold of satan that the muslims are amongst the hardest to convert.

6) "Concerning 'Prophets of Doom'"
I have not read all of the information available, however in what i read the langauge used was intense and abusive towards muslims. eg: when refering to "paradise" the author tells the muslims "Sorry Muslims, Paradise is full. A giant 'No Vacancy' sign is hanging over the brothel door." (reference

Now concerning the site/ book the information in it is great for christians to know a bit more about islam, however i would not pass this on to one of my muslim friends. I do not believe it will benefit them by me telling them that "Mohammed was a peodophile and a barbaric arab"........J-Bird this claim is TRUE however it will only bing up a wall of emnity between myself and them.

7) is a great site, with stacks of information which is highly edifying which i believe is done in the Spirit of God. He does not attack the muslim by using harsh staements against them, he chooses his words carefully and he seeks to educate christians in the proper way to evangelise to a muslim. All the information provided is free, and it is a great source.
(on this not i am not saying "Prophet of Doom" is not a reasonable site to use, however i am recomending "Answering Islam" ahead of it in its relaibility and safety.)

There is much more i would love to share about my experiences with the muslims, however i have to go to church. I will be back on later to share a bit more about muslims evangelism.

God bless you all. in love and peace.

 2006/9/16 20:21Profile


J-bird I have not read Prophet of Doom yet. When I get back to the states I will try and get it. I would also like to read "The politicaly incorrect guide to Islam" That looks pretty good from what I have seen in the advertisment..

 2006/9/17 1:07

Joined: 2005/5/2
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 Re:Two faces of Islam

Here is an article passed on by Intercessors Network. I include Lars Widerberg’s introductory comment, and then post a site rather than the body of the article.

“Though this item holds one or two somewhat harsh and sweeping generalisations, it carries a message worth pondering and much prayer.”
Lars W.

[url=]The enigma of Islam: The two faces of Muhammad
by Fred Hutchison[/url]

My comments: This article presents two faces of Islam – one peaceful and one warlike, and explains how the two interplay. It is most revealing and informative. You might question some of Hutchison’s final conclusions and speculations, but will likely appreciate how he defrays some typical generalizations.

In all fairness, I feel that the writer, when comparing Islam to Christianity, should also have presented the two faces of Christianity. There is a huge difference between what Christ taught and what has been practiced historically and presently under the umbrella of Christianity. There is a side of Christianity that is similar to Islam – legalistic, outward (ignoring the need for heart change), militant, political, etc.

I felt that the writer did not adequately distinguish between the two kingdoms – that is, the kingdom of the world (political etc) and the kingdom of God (not of this world). It neglects to point out that the kingdom of God is indeed advancing within the Islamic world, though it is not so apparent as other aspects of the culture. It is not the thing news reporters are looking at.

Otherwise - an informing and enlightening read.



 2006/9/17 6:43Profile


interesting article, Diane, and your comments are right on. Bub

 2006/9/17 12:57

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