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bro Chris
so that's what JD stands for!?

you posted this scripture:

[b]The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.[/b]

indeed the word is true. the Lord's judgement is coming swiftly to our nation (and i always say this nation first because i live here and this is where most of us are) and indeed the world because we have forgotten God. Our Lord has shown me and others that His hand will not be stayed but it is raised against us. Nonetheless we ought to see what He would have us do. Lord help us.AMEN. things were very different then...i wonder how those laws were enforced though bro Chris do you have any info on that?

Farai Bamu

 2006/9/14 20:45Profile

 Re: chrisjd's post

This thread has split down two general lines of thinking. 1 being threat of islam and how to deal with it. 2. America christian foundation.

Thank you chris jd for posting the "facts" about our christian heritage. The supreme court in the past has even declared that this is a Christian nation. Now of course there is freedom of worship in america. We need to take advantage of the fact that there are muslims in america by activly witnessing to them with the purpose of them being converted to Jesus Christ.
Another benefit is you may actual convert a "radical jihadist" who is plotting to kill, now that would be nice.

The majority of christians in america are indifferent to the cult's,jw mormon etc. They are being indiffrent to the islamic invasion as well. Also be aware that we as christians are being hemed into a corner where if we speek pointedly on any issue, islam, cults, homosexulaity on and on effecting America we are told "you can't do that" or "that's just your opinion".

J bird has told you he would not lead off with hey you muslim did you know mohamad was a etc. etc. I don't even use that on mormons with Joseph smith or jw's with charles t russell
Primary weapon is witnessing to them of sin rightousness and judgemnt repentance faith and the cross.

I'm sitting here in Baghdad. I've been here awhile. You have your muslims in name only, you have devout true muslims, you have radical jihadists muslims. (In addition there is about 500,000 christains in iraq).
Thats what's in america. (Hopefully not very many radical jihadists). I'll stop for now God bless, John

 2006/9/14 22:41


Just a suggestion. I may have rewritten the title, "THE TRUTH OF RADICAL ISLAM, CONVERT OR DIE"

 2006/9/14 23:13

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 Re: Truth?

The title, even after the editing, still rattles me. I am wondering, ‘Where is this “truth” coming from? From what reporters? What researchers?

Ten reporters once convinced 2 million people of the “truth” - that the giants in Canaan were 100 feet high –that’s essentially how they described these formidable threats. Two other reporters saw the same thing but reported a very different truth, which to me seemed a lot better. Yet those men were ignored.

It’s the same today regarding the Muslim threat: people get most of their “truth” from the worldly media, or those with agendas. People aren’t seeing it through the eyes of faith.

I suspect the same kind of reporting is occurring on the other side of the ocean. Ex: “The truth about Christians is that they want to kill you. They want to control the world.” I ask, why shouldn’t the Muslims be appalled at our decadent life-style, or brazen TV actors, our greed, our crime, immorality, etc…. They have just as much reason to hate Christianity as we have to hate Islam.

Sermonindex wrote:

We need to pray that the "kingdom of God expands"

These words are convicting. I realize that I have not been diligent in prayer for our missionary friends (see earlier post). I almost posted their prayer letter here, which explained their wonderful ministry among Muslims. I refrained from posting it because I did not wish to put the people at risk – those converts whose names were in the letter.
( I wonder if that’s why we don’t hear even a fraction of what God is doing among the Muslims - It’s too risky to make it known.)

Anyway, I emailed the missionary for any info that could be posted here, and will do so if some arrives. It would be nice to get some truth from a missionary to the Muslims.



 2006/9/14 23:19Profile


Well Diane there is a little confirmation on your question of where the "TRUTH" comes from. You said it, you didn't want to put the people "at risk" and's to risky to make it known". The "Truth" of "Radical Islam" is just that convert or die.
Lastly you said it would be nice to get some truth from a missionary to the muslims. The way you say that and the previous things inplies that we have not conveyed truth on this "thread"?
God bless, John

 2006/9/14 23:29


Let me say one more time so that I might be crystal clear about this issue. I AM NOT "bashing" muslims. All I'm attemting to do is shed light on their RELIGION. They all use the same bible. This book is filled with hate. It is what motivates them. It is a doctrine of devils. Muhammad was a mad man. He was a devil worshiper. He was motivated by Satan.

Muslims are blinded by Satan. We need to show them the truth by revieling the truth about their bible. THE KORAN. We need to show them the truth about muhammad. He was a NUT. He was more like a witch doctor than a prophet. That is the TRUTH. Then we need to show them Jesus through the Word of God. This truth is not for the faint of heart, BUT IT IS INDEED THE TRUTH.


 2006/9/14 23:51


on yahoo news today it was reported that "Muslim leaders "condem" Pope for comments he made concerning Prophet Mohamed.
Very interesting artcile in light of this thread.
I will note a couple of things;
1. The response from the muslims was'nt to prove the aligations about Mohamed wrong, it was just a how dare you.....
2. The response from Vatican was kinda of a tapdance that I am not totaly comfortable with.

We should stop apologizing for telling the truth.
(incidently I am not catholic).

God bless, John

 2006/9/15 0:47

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Davao, Philippines



Right now I am in Indonesia working with a missions base for a couple of weeks. It is one of Asia's predominately Muslim nations. As I type this I can hear the prayer chants echoing from the mosques.

I was speaking with my missionary friend here who last night was telling me that nearly every Muslim person here has demonic encounters and has demons that manifest in their homes.

My friend was telling me how when she fist came here she lived alone and one of the Muslim guys was asking her if she was afraid of living alone. She said "no why?" the muslim guy was asking," arent you afraid of the spirits?" She said "no." And the muslim guy went on to say that he was afraid to be in his home alone because of the demons and went on to describe the demon that lives in his home. this is the case for many muslims.

This same friend who also recently began a Bible college here was telling me a story that one of their students shared recently. Lately in the school they have been emphasising on evangelism, though here in Indonesia it is illegal to evangelise and even bares death sentences in some parts of the nation.

The student was telling of how just the other day she was witnessing to a Muslim woman who was becomming converted to Christianity through their conversation. The woman being witnessed to went home that night and was being bomabrded by ugly demonic beings who were attacking her and shouting ,"you cannot convert to Christianity!"

I sure there are many more stories that I have not been told yet.



 2006/9/15 1:33Profile


That was very insightfull Worldveiw. i normally don't associate demons manifesting in islam. Thank you for enlightning me.

When you spoke about the death sentence for witnessing it reminded me of something else.

When a christian is beat or arrested or killed for evangelizing a strange thing happens in the mind of "some" christians. They think to themselves, "well the christian probably was witnessing in the wrong spirit" or "well the christian shouldn't have been breaking the law"

This is not proper reasoning. The first things should be "Wow a modern martyr, or "hero" of the faith".etc etc. something to think about.

 2006/9/15 1:44

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Philadelphia PA


Hi brother Ironman. I appologise it took so long to respond to your question.

The J and D of my screenname are my middle and last initials. My whole name is Christopher Joel Dandrow. I never really liked my name and was teased about my last name growing up but after my conversion I had a whole new appreciation for my name. Then again I sometimes have wondered what my new name is, or will be?

And then I think of what Pastor Wurmbrand shared in the message [i] The Beauty of Nothing [/i] about being asked of the Lord what his name was. As I recall, he thought the Lord would say something so comforting to him in such terrible circumstances. I wonder how we would respond in similar circumstances if the Lord asked us

[b][color=990000]what is your name?[/color][/b]

[url=]The Beauty of Nothing[/url]

In regards to how the early states enforced the laws I could only speculate. At the end of the chapter from which the information was taken, the author says that '...reaction soon set in, and modifications were adopted from time to time' because of 'a liberalizing public opinion' but that they 'lasted long enough to be the mold in which the civilization of the young states should set and harden.' might have some more info on this.

Grace and peace be with you all in Messiah Jesus.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2006/9/16 12:18Profile

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