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 Re: come on sis Diane!

There is no need for all the jumping through hoops if you have been quickened of God to your election.

Ohhhh, it's such a delight to meet someone who understands - I mean, really understands!

Doesn't that make the volumes of endless debate about the fine points of doctrine seem rather pointless It can never get resolved because it is merely a rambling about theoretical positions that have very little connection with the heart of the matter. No wonder people get confused...... yes really confused ................



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sis Diane

Ohhhh, it's such a delight to meet someone who understands - I mean, really understands!

the feeling is mutual sis Diane!!!and you know with that all the arguments and disagreements melt away and become of no consequence. When God has His hand on you and you know it, nothing else matters because you realize He has it all in hand...

God bless you sis

Farai Bamu

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What do you think salvation is?
Do you think it is a thing that we recieve?
In fact, it is not, it is a ralationship, which is not one sided as you think.

IRONMAN wrote:
if God can harden the heart of Pharaoh...whether it be by letting the enemy in or whatever means, then that lets me know He is in control...i prefer it that way!then there is Romans 9 15-18

He only harden the heart of Pharaoh after Pharaoh himself hardend it, so in other words, He gave him what he wanted.
indeed, He is not a God of futility, but does your definition of what futility is match His? but even though the attempt to warn His people appears futile to you because nobody listened, He sent Jeremiah out there anyway.

God has the same definitions of the words we use, otherwise we couldn't communicate.
do you not know that this is talking about nations and not persons?
but what are nations made up of though bro if not people? did Edom not come forth from Esau? Did Israel not come from Jacob?

You cant use a Scripture about a nation for election of individuals.
Your are saying that GOD save us even if we don't obay to choose

no actually i'm saying we are saved by God and obey Him because we are called by Him. Once He has called us there is no going back.

This , again is false.
Many are called but few are chosen.
There have been maney who depart from the faith, don't say that they were never saved in the first place or they will still go to heaven.
......Obediance and faith are not works, for that is what must be done in order to be saved!

the thing is obedience and faith are attained becausewe are saved. i'll concede we have some measure of obedience and faith before we are saved .....

Now your just contradicting yourself, and in turn agreeing with me.

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 Re: confused

i see...two "sides" here... but i dont think what side one sides on matter to our salvation... but some intresting stuff...


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