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 In Preparation for Christ's Exaltation

Brothers and sisters on SI,

I was reading T. Austin Spark's "God's Spiritual House" a while back, and came across a powerful truth I'd like to share with the readership here. It's quite a rich gemstone, and its luster increases as we draw nearer and nearer to the Antichrist's manifestation. Be blessed and gain knowledge!

"David's greatest son - for God had given him many sons - was brought out into clear view as the one chosen by God to be exalted to a place of glory and power above that which had been given to any before him; and it is interesting to note that, while Solomon was ordained and chosen by God for that position, he did not come out as distinguished for it until someone else made a bid for that position. You will remember the incident of Adonijah, who subtly worked to get the throne, to get what God had appointed for Solomon. By that subtle movement to usurp the throne appointed for another, Solomon was distinguished at once, brought out and proclaimed as the one chosen by God.

When God's Son and God's appointment concerning His Son was assailed, and His place sought after in a conspiracy, the Lord Jesus was marked, and brought out into the light as the One God had chosen. That is something which recurs. There it was in the case of Solomon, and it was so in the case of the Lord Jesus at the beginning of this dispensation. And it will happen again at the end when the Antichrist makes his bid for world dominion. God will then bring His Son out as the One chosen and anointed for that position, and all will be manifestly put in subjection under His feet, as they are now spiritually and potentially.

- T.A. Sparks

Paul Frederick West

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 Re: In Preparation for Christ's Exaltation

Be blessed and gain knowledge!

Mike Balog

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