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 talk about propaganda........

If anyone doubts or is ill informed about what is currently occuring in the middle east at the moment i highly recomend the following site.

this site reveals the propaganda that is occuring at the moment on the middle eastern telvision programs.

this is a big awakening, i propose as i have in the past to pray for our Jewish friends in Israel today.

God bless u all!

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Joined: 2006/1/13
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 Re: talk about propaganda........

On this site you can view an interview with a 3 and a half year girl who claims.....

(concerning the Jews) "they are apes and pigs"

3 and a half........this brainwashing is massive. Unfortunately this mass brainwashing is not only done in the middle east but in our back yards.

i gtg, ciao all.

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 why do you think..

.....that we have named the enemy, named what the war is all about.

It's not a "war on terror", its a war against islamic fascism.

As a Jew saved by Grace, as a nine year old in 1969, I was shown, in temple, a 27 minute French documentary called "Night and Fog" about the genocide against our people by the german fascists, the nazi's. As a 9 year old, this was a diamond piercing my brain, it was the day my childhood ended.

As a 41 year old on 11 Sep 2001, I sat watching CNN, and another diamond pierced my brain, I saw the face of islamic fascism, and remember thinking three words to myself: "Tehran is Berlin". Back in 2001, on that day, I knew who the enemy is, and I can tell you that Osama bin Laden is but a tool, just as Hiz'abouallah is but a tool, of the fascistic islamic clerics who lead the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Their dream is of a fundamentalistic islamic conglomerate of nations extending thruout the Middle East, from Egypt to Pakistan to Indonesia. Since this region controls the resource that dynamic capitalism runs on, petroleum, they believe that they can control the world, once they control the region, THRU religion, a religion based in the belief of "jihad bis saif" (which means 'struggle with the sword')in the name of allah, who's fighters are of the mindset that to be a martyr in the cause of allah is the highest attribute to aim for.

The german fascist mindset was based on the humanistic mindest of the "aryan superman". The islamic fascist mindset is based on the the belief that allah will give them victory thru the sacrifice of the "Istish-haad", which means heroic martyrdom, others use the term "shahid".

Whatever the words, it's fascism, islamo-fascism plain and simple.

And like Pearl Harbor, on 9/11, these islamic fascists scored a tactical victory, and set the wheels in motion for their strategic defeat.

Believe me when I tell you, both the Israeli Defense Forces, and the U.S. are making plans for a much wider conflict to smash these fascists.

 2006/9/11 11:19

 Re: why do you think..

Bartle... I'm w/ya on this one, my brother.


 2006/9/11 12:29

 Re: this one is pretty clear to me......

and the man speaking is a "religious" leader:

[url=]"Death To America"[/url]

 2006/9/11 14:46

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Propaganda is used to form opinions and sway the masses of men. This is the way of Satan.

I myself was trained as a child to hate blacks. I was trained to look at blacks as an inferior shiftless people. I grew up in eastern Pennsylvania. I then moved west to California where in the course of life I began to see how hatred is taught to the children. For the last ten years I have had a most wonderful experience with meeting fellow brothers in the Lord from all races.

I say all of this for this point. I have recently moved back to Pennsylvania and have found that very little has changed. The racial division is as strong as it was when I left PA.

So, we ourselves are also a victim of propaganda. Satan seeks to destroy the sea of men. The lie has many facets.

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

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Many would have you believe prejudice between races are limited to the south! Oh, dear!

Several years ago I helped the University of Southern Mississippi with a oral history project in which we went and interviewed people in the community. I did a lot of interviews of all kinds of people, blacks, whites and Mennonites!

Anyhow, one of the blacks I interviewed used to head the local NAACP. He is now 80 YO. Mr. Jones told me how he was raised here locally, lived in the north for sometime before returning to the south. His observation is that the northern people love the blacks as a race but hate the individual. Southern whites hate the race and love the individual. AND he prefers the latter!

This is true. I discovered this in my interviews. Yanks would be shocked to hear of the friendships that exists between the older whites and blacks. They would do anything to help each other, they were like family. Since the culture has changed where not many blacks work in domestic jobs, it appears this closeness is disappearing.

Now, what did popular propaganda tell you?


Sandra Miller

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