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Joined: 2005/5/2
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 Re: distorted meanings

so many people want to make Jesus their "lover", but so few concern themselves with making Him their LORD.

This is impossible. If you do not know Christ as your Lord, you do not know his love.

Some things are not dependent on human response: Christ IS Lord, and Christ has an intense love for the human race - whether one believes it or not.

"For God so loved the world............ "



 2006/9/11 12:28Profile


Diane... I wasnt saying it was possible. I was speaking of the desire of many people's hearts... to have the "warm fuzzy" Jesus without the "Judge of the Universe" Jesus.


 2006/9/11 12:32



What fuzzies,it's a total walking by faith, most times blind faith. There are people that say they feel the fuzzies every day, the only time I get them is when I walk thru a field and get burdocks all over me.

But as regarding LORDship, I think LOVE and LORD can be wrapped up in this verse,

John 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.


 2006/9/11 12:44

Joined: 2005/5/2
Posts: 3777


There are always going to be the hordes out there (and in the chuches) who distort Biblical truths and misuse words.

People require divine enlightenment and the demonstration of TRUE love. Our duty is to cooperate with our Lord so that they can experience the love of God through us - and, alas, that may include warm fuzzies. Warm fuzzies can soften hardened hearts, and let people know God cares.

If we fail to love as Christ called us to, can we really expect the confused, the needy, and he hungry to seek the better love?

The onus is on us, is it not? When our fingers are pointing at those out there who misunderstand God’s love, think of the ones pointing at us.

See 1 John

“This is how we know what love is,
Jesus Christ laid down his life for us,
and we aught to lay down our lives for our brothers.” 1 Jn 3:16

Now, I find that very convicting!



 2006/9/11 13:07Profile

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Santa Clara, CA


Am having conection issues right now and cannot respond to everything else going on here ...

It's with this kind of reasoning that has led to the deletion of my post. I wished that I had of printed it out before it was quoshed.

It is emphaticaly not.

It is the lack of consideration that this whole ideal, this 'lover' business as a construct is pathetically being attempted to be supported by trying to correct it. Worse, your own innuendo's that were deleted, that of equating it to sexual reproduction ... None of this nonsense has any scriptual warrant in the way it is being bandied about and only grows worse by attemtping to straighten it out. It is not the time for it. The thing needs to die a sudden death first. Think Paul West here said as much elsewhere ... a word in due season, and this is not the season for it.

There is a raw follow up that came out this morning ... I couldn't care less how it is accepted or otherwise, if the server allows it is to follow.

Mike Balog

 2006/9/11 16:30Profile

Joined: 2003/6/11
Posts: 9192
Santa Clara, CA


[i]Your bit which you have eaten, you shall vomit up, and
spoil your pleasant words.[/i] Pro 23:8

Notions! Opinions!

The imagination run amok.
These vain, unchecked, untested ... contestations.
The stench of mingled and mangled truth.

Religionists! Pharisee's! Legalist's
Fundamentalist's ... Recalculated, reapportioned from
suspicious minds, defenders and prognosticators, labels
to throw about, a sword to thrust through the soul
longing for purity, honesty and truth.

Oh Lord, we have gone astray! We have become afraid
of our own kind! Of hurting their timid souls and not the
grieving of Your Holy Spirit. We will launch off far too
easily to perceived injury, to contention and quarreling
over the most trivial of matters and not once stop to
listen to what You might say to us...

Oh Lord, send revival if for no other reason than to
frighten us to the core for our lack of reverence and Your
great Holiness, Glory and Honor. We have no fear Lord!

No appreciation of how mighty and terrible it is to fall into
Your hands! If our feeble minds could but stop all the
constant chatter should we not recognize that even Your
love is a devastating matter. That the cross of Your Son
is the very terrible combined justice of wrath against sin
and love ...

Oh God, we are bereft of knowledge and full of
foolishness. The great littleness of our stinking opinion.
We are afraid with a wrong fear. Of purity and testing.
We think Your word is a playground or a armory
whereby we pickup what suits us and wield it as our
desires direct us. We have not learned the true lesson
that Your revelation needs Your interpretation, not ours.
How dare we ascribe human knowledge to decipher
spiritual truth. If we have not Your Spirit we are in great
danger to even approach Your thought, but because the
sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily,
therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in
them to do evil.

And we, [i]we[/i] of all people, who do know You, who have in
measure Your Spirit dwelling within us ... Have we just
glazed over, settled into some diabolical comfortableness,
hardened our hearing by a lack of silence, contemplation?
Is it my heart that is grieved alone? Or is it Your Holy
Spirit grieving and convicting me of my own folly! Surely it is I. Not
praying as I ought. Not listening to my own
counsel, to listen to You, Oh Lord.

We want to be heard! But I wish no such thing any
longer. Let the Lord be heard. Let every last proclivity of
this fallible tongue, this shaky pen, this corrupted,
untested, unchecked thought, deed, action, be silenced
before Thee. Enough! The Lord be exalted! The Lord be
glorified! The Lord is risen, is King, is all in all.

But I must go on to speak. Am compelled. It is as if I
have torn the fleshly robe asunder to let out a cry
against this hideous evil. This repulsive thing. Let me
state right up front, if I am wrong smite me with the fist
of kindness, it is welcomed and desired...

Andrew Strom, God bless your soul for having the sheer
courage to stand up and uncover this grievous error that
is making inroads into God's set apart, Holy church. With
all due respect and heart wrenching charity I feel it is
not enough. That only because it is unfinished, even
those who ought to know better giving far too much of a
soft headed sentimentalism and queasy acceptance when it needs a bloody
stake driven through the heart of it, to kill it in it's tracks.

It's horrific and smells of the devil's sweet, light subtle
tactics. Truth disguised, another pure word trampled on,
relegated to the trash heap, the next in a long line of
aberrations, stealing the very heart of meaning. Ready
to met the same fate as, [i]anointing[/i] and a whole
host of supposedly 'Christianized' catch phrase's, drained
of their context, sapped of their strength and an abuse
of their power;


Something so pure it defies words ... and yet, and [i]yet![/i]
The words flow effortlessly, flippantly, carelessly. To
even step into the mire of this rubbish, to bring in the
word brought forth yesterday, these equations of sexual,
sensual, soulish absurdities. I am grieved beyond words,
repulsed and dismayed [i]still[/i]. There is no room for
even consideration it is so corrupt and abdicated of
what true intimacy is. I can hear the backlash already.
So be it. Am throwing down the gauntlet on this
diabolical thing before it gets some foothold here. Forget
your rebuttals of sliced scripture verses, your esoteric
reading esegisis into the pure and Holy. I think some of
us have lost our natural and spiritual minds in one fell
swoop. If you must play with this strange fire, take it all
the way to it's logical conclusion. Are you quite ready,
willing and able to apply it to God Himself? Some fallacious construct
beyond the triune nature of the Lord, the Holy Spirit and God almighty?
Dare you?

This is playing in the cesspool of the lower nature, this
abomination of 'lover', this equating of Jesus, King of
Kings and Lord of Lords to this repulsive, disgusting
'relationship' idea of human compatibility. Will not
entertain the right understanding of all that is evident by
way of analogy and comparison of the Lord coming for
His bride, holy, pure and spotless while using this cavalier
humanish misrepresentation. It's not worth the effort to
attempt to draw it out into the right understanding in the
middle of this pig sty. [i]Cast not your pearls[/i]...

I can find no charity at all towards this whole business
nor any scriptural warrant that isn't mangled out of it's
context. Time to be a legalist! Time to hold fast to what
is true, holy, pure, undefiled.

Let the full force of this romanticism be laid waste. What
is the cross of our Lord? Some swooning, lovers paradise?
Or is it the instrument of death and destruction, of a
bloody hell let loose on the pure Lamb of God! [i]For God
so loved the world[/i] that He destroyed sin on the cross
of His only begotten Son and we will go making merry,
traveling some lovers lane, some notion of intimacy that
we have no understanding of. Worse, to go about
misrepresenting the devastating, earth shaking, history
changing and ever reverberating effects still felt to this
very moment.

Shall we next romanticize the decapitated martyr's? The
burning corpses of the saints? The persecuted right now
in countries foreign to this diabolical western notion.
Anyone ready to go preach this message to them? It is a
bloody spiritual battle out there and now this sweet sentimental,
flowery construct is to just sweep it all off
it's feet. Nonsense! Rubbish! It's vile, degrading, disgusting and we
could care less.

Dear Lord, send fear! Send [i]fear![/i] Send trembling and
understanding, please Lord, send revival before it's too late.

[i]So because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit
you out of My mouth.[/i] Rev 3:16

Mike Balog

 2006/9/11 16:42Profile

 Re: Rubbish

Mike your a true poet, passionate indeed.

Your posts are like sea billows, up and down, quite good I might add. I always like reading your post, as an orator would. (thats a compliment)

But alas, the old 'but' word, it sticks it's face on every conversation and paragraph.

I do believe that you have no idea what my post was talking about.

I do not wish to bandy it up, it was written down in "raw" form, yes, it was like a sketch, not complete at all. It needed to be stretched out with verse and experince. It wasn't perfect, it needed perfection. It was a work of art, a Picasso, shapeless, similiar to our lives, but when perfection comes we shall see Him face to face.

Nothing more of the sexual nature will be added to SI from me.

All is well, God bless my brother, keep the faith.


 2006/9/11 19:35

 Re: Rejoice

This is playing in the cesspool of the lower nature

Mike what in Gods name are your talking about. Your running like table salt.

You've taken this way out of context, your accusing me of something that I simple have not done.

Your screaming Revival, Revival, but the Holy Spirit is screaming, Knowledge, Knowledge, my people are perishing for a lack of it.

Do you know how many Christians live under condemnation? Do you??

Tens of thousands Mike, tens of thousands. Revival is not going to get the job done, a healing wave of God's Spirit must flow through the camp, of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

My people are trodden underfoot by Churches that use them for merchandise, they do not care for them, neither will they feed them the true bread, for they do not have it themselves.

Revival is not for the Church, it's for the world. The church is alive, it's not dead, if it's dead, than Christ is dead, for we are members of His body.

Your repulsed over my post? I AM REPULSED OVER PREACHERS WHO PUT DOWN THE BODY OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. Those who say that the Jew is more important than the Christian believer when it says that we are ALL one in Christ Jesus, there is no difference between the Jew or the Gentile. This makes me sick, I vomit over this corruption.

I get sick when beleivers say that they are sinners. We are NOT sinners, we sin yes, but we have an advocate with the Father, Christ Jesus the Righteous. This Roman Catholic idea crept into our thinking thru the charismatic movement and we have accepted as truth, it's a lie, is the resurrected Christ a sinner??? He is not I tell you.

It's these things that repulse me, it's these things that turn my stomach. I have seen what Churches do, I have seen what Legalism does to a Church it rends it into pieces and stands there an adulterous woman who wipes her mouth saying,

Proverbs 30:20 Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness.

This type of adultery is someone who takes Grace and Law and takes it to bed with them and tries to marry them together. (spiritually speaking)

But Paul says, that God is not the author of confusion, God does not destroy one thing away and than only to bring it back. Jesus Christ is Grace and Truth, that is the only thing that God is in favour with.

Our time will come, North America is a missions field all it's own.


 2006/9/11 20:08


as the Spirit leads me to say, I would lock this thread now, no spiritual profit or edification can be gleaned from further discourse on this.

just a meek suggestion.


 2006/9/11 20:20

 Re: brothers

Might not be a bad Idea. Again sorry I was not aware of the previuos thread on this subject. More important things to be focused on. God bless, John

 2006/9/11 20:26

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