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well ive looked some things up, i dont think i will go to this church... i will pray over this... its just to be honest , i feel somewhat alone... i have many christian friends. My wife is a beliver...but still i dont know anyone who really "burns" for the lord... do you understand what i meen? someone who really really want to go all in for jesus...most people i know...are satesfied whit the fact im now not going to hell... and then its fine...

i see so many things going on that i know is wrong or of little importance... and when i speak out and say so...i often get this you think you know better then all think you are better.... but i dont... i just see one thing in the bible...and another in reality, i dont know...maybe im to stay where i im... wait on the lord.

thanks for everyones advice ...


 2006/9/11 11:24Profile


The Adventist Church is trying to soften it's image these days to be accepted by more evangelical churches, yet it has not softened it's legalistic doctrines.

They believe the mark of the anti-Christ is worshipping on Sunday instead of Saturday (the Sabbath). Paul wrote extensively about the legalistic "believers" who were grace-killers. One of the things they pushed on Gentile believers was circumcision, claiming that in order to be truly saved Gentiles needed to be circumsized. This is not true. Another thing from the OT law that they claimed you needed to do in order to be truly saved was you needed to observe the traditional Sabbath Day... and Paul shredded that false teaching as well.

So here is the Seventh Day Adventist Church claiming that you are anti-Christ if you do not worship on Saturday. In other words, you can not be saved if you do not observe the OT law of the Sabbath.

This is a lie, a false teaching, a heresy... and easily refuted by anyone with enough brains to simply read their Bible.

There are plenty of other reasons to avoid this false religion as well.


 2006/9/11 12:26

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