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  Adventist Church

im looking for a church and i found an Advent church...ive never heard of them and i really dont know so much..have anyone some information on them?

here is some info on what they belive...but since my englisch isent the gratest...i could need someone point out any "crasy" things going on, its hard to find a church that got things going... no church is perfect just as no man is perfect..but still i want to go to a church that have the basics down. Now im going to a "pentecostal" church...but since they dont belive we should talk about sin or hell...or any of that conviction stuff.... becuse thay think that scares many potential belivers away, and thats just one of many things i belive is totally wrong from how it should be. There is many other things to i dont think belong in a church, and other things that i honestly think grives god, that is going on... then there are many other churches so i im now going out to find the best one...not a perfect one but something closer to what it suposed to be, so any info on this advent church is great :)
gods peace to you christian


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 Re: Adventist Church

From what I know about the Seventh Day Adventist I personally would not attend their church.

On the surface they seem ok, but the ones I know of personally have nothing to denote them as Christian.

Basically, they meet on a Saturday to have a meeting, since Saturday is the sabbath. Sunday is the Lord's Day for Christians.

They are against eating pork. Don't ask me why, but that is just one belief they have.

The ones I know personally are into fornication, having children outside of marriage, gambling, drinking alcohol etc.

All I can say is, it's your decision.

I know I have not painted a good picture of them. But it is a true picture of what I have personally witnessed over the years. God bless.

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 Re: Adventist Church

Hi Christian,

Hopefully others will be able to direct you to other points which you may need to consider.

I did find a few things in scanning through the page you provided which I think are cause for concern. Some more than others.

First from #24, speaking of Christ they say

In 1844, at the end of the prophetic period of 2300 days, He entered the second and last phase of His atoning ministry. It is a work of investigative judgment which is part of the ultimate disposition of all sin, typified by the cleansing of the ancient Hebrew sanctuary on the Day of Atonement.

The language here, especially [b]second and last phase of His atoning ministry[/b] sends up red flags in my mind. I would definitely want to know in very clear terms what is meant by this. Also, what is meant by this [b]investigative judgment [/b]? Since further on it is said that this somehow reveals [b]who among the living are abiding in Christ, keeping the commandments of God [/b] I suspect that it may have something to do with #20.

Under #20, concerning the Sabbath they say it is

God's perpetual sign of His eternal covenant between Him and His people.

Now if they mean the nation of Israel that would be one thing, but this is somehting else I'd want to know. And they also say the Sabbath is [b]a symbol of our redemption in Christ, a sign of our sanctification, a token of our allegiance, and a foretaste of our eternal future in God's kingdom.[/b].

Things here which I'd question also.

Lastly under # 26, they say

Until that day death is an unconscious state for all people.

I would challenge this also.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. These are a few things I noticed while scanning the document.

Grace and peace to you in Jesus.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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mmm i know what you meen... the church im now attending , if you ask them they would by words say very nice things that makes it sound like this is a good church... but after attending for some time i see the opposite...and this advent church ...ive never heard of it before.... i just dont know....
thanks for looking it thrue... this isent a hasty decision...i will continue to look around and so on...and i belive the lord will lead me there...... i found another... very good teaching and so on... but they have hmmm i dont know what i should call it..."modern dance" to modern music.... i dont know...maybe thats something we can was just something in me that was wondering.



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 Re: Danger

Hi brother,

Glad you are taking inventory here, there is much that is problematic with this particular construct. Here is some more information that appears to be addressed fairly;


Brother, this is a very dangerous out take of Christianity, more so due to the subtleties of having a great appearance and similarity to many of the truths evident in scripture. Many, maybe most even, are orthodox and accurate according to their creed. More than a few comparisons to the Jehovah Witness's and other like-minded aberrations of the truth. Legalism and exclusive-ism, cult like, if not a cult outright.

Test all things brother.

Mike Balog

 2006/9/9 9:48Profile


There is a difference between the Christian Advent church and the Seven Day Adventist church.


 2006/9/9 9:54

 Re: SDA church watchout!

Stay away
From the SDA church
They are indeed a cult
I should know I used to be a Regional Overseer of a cult myself! The Moonies (Rev. Moon)
SDA church teaches worship on Saturday or you are going to hell. They said Christ was coming in 1844 but they stuffed it up He never came. O they got the date right, they said but the facts wrong. Instead they give this theory about Jesus moved into the Most Holy Place in heaven from the Holy Place (as if they should know what Jesus is doing, so arrogant) and began the work of investigating people to see who's worshipping on Saturday or not (Final judgement). It's preposterous nonsense. They're vegetarians. Some of them look like they haven't had a good meal in ages. How does this religion go in Pacific Islands where they love pork? Not very well I bet.
We did 20 lessons with them and they never got out of the Book of Daniel. They believe Jesus came to help us keep the ten commandments. They have this picture of a sinner facing a huge book of the ten commandments and Jesus peering down from the top saying : 'Well?....'. They do home visits, acts of service, everything the regular churches don't do. Like Mormons, JW the SDA church are BAD NEWS!

 2006/9/10 22:28

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Cleveland, Georgia

 Re: Adventist Church

I knew one guy that went to worship on Saturday, and he was very nice. Haven't known any SDA members besides him. I have heard that some are genuine, but that their teachings in general are pretty much a laugh to someone who is intimate with God.

I wouldn't waste time trying to figure them out, but I also wouldn't waste time trying to join their church, as I am sure there would come a point where you need to agree with some particular doctrines or they would have you find the door. Some probably are saved, but they seem to be focused on the wrong things.

My two cents.

Hal Bachman

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I would suggest in your search for a church, you pray diligently before you go and if something does not seem right in your spirit about this group,listen to that disquiet and keep looking. God is more interested in you finding a brotherhood you can relate to then you are!

One more point: doctrine is very important! It provides one with a point of reference on how life should be lived! It teaches us about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and where we fit into the scheme of things.

Another point: some churches are into the emotional expression they lack any substance at the heart. Life is looked at through the senses of feelings. How do I feel? I feel this, that, it is "I Feel, I feel.." This is idoltry.(You havew displaced God, his Word as the authority with your feelings, senses or "I".) Beware of this mentality. Having said this I would guess all of here have to wrestle with this at some point or another.

Blessings to you in your search ....


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Adventist Church

Hi Christian,
I am familiar with the SDA church. I wouldn't go so far as to say that they are not Christians. The ladies I know love the Lord and want others to as well.

Their doctrine is very legalistic. Although they deny that. The pork thing is a dietary law from the old testament. if you look very closely they follow alot of the old testament laws. They also don't believe in the pretrib rapture, but neither do a lot of people.

as for the post that said all SDAs do is gamble, fornicate and have children out of wedlock...that is a generalization and should not be taken seriously as I could name 'christians' in every denomination that do those things.

I wouldn't recommend that denomination to anyone, but again, I think that there are true believers in that organisation as well.


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