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 Prayers for rain answered in West Texas – and how!


[b]Prayers for rain answered in West Texas – and how![/b]
Reservoirs overflowing 1 month after officials made case to God

There was some snickering in certain parts of the country when city officials in the drought-stricken Texas towns of Lubbock and Rockwall took their case for rain to God in the form of resolutions calling for prayer.

While the votes made national news – sometimes in the "quirky" sections of big-city dailies and news services – the results didn't, until now.

Within seven days of the Lubbock vote, the rains started. And they haven't stopped.

Some three and a half inches of rains fell in the town over the Labor Day Weekend alone, overflowing some reservoirs and spillways.

Jody James from the National Weather Service recalled: "We were dealing with red flag warnings, fire danger, and extremely dry conditions earlier in the year."

Without mentioning the prayer requests, Channel 11 KCBD reported: "Looking outside, you'd never guess a month ago that Lubbock was described as parched, and in serious drought conditions."

James said: "We were very behind on rainfall, several inches below normal as we got into the early mid-part of summer, just in the last 3 days we have got 3.5 inches."

In January, the Lubbock City Council implemented stage one of its drought contingency plan because of the dry conditions. By June the situation had reached the desperation point. Lake Meredith, Lubbock's primary water source was at a record low, and losing water daily.

In July, Lubbock had received only about half its normal rainfall of 10 inches. Between June 1 and the Lubbock vote at the end of July – which represented the growing season for cotton – the area got only .75 inches, far less than the normal 4.43 inches. As September gets underway, the area is on track to reach its annual average for rainfall.

"All areas lakes and reservoirs are doing better, but we still need more rain. We can't just recover from a long term drought in one episode of rainfall, but this is what we needed to get started," said James.

Apparently taken with the results in Lubbock, the Texas town of Aledo is considering a similar resolution for prayer.

It's not the first time prayers for rain in Lubbock have met with good results. In January 2004, after a year of drought, the city and county set aside a Sunday to pray for rain and got the second-wettest year since records have been kept.

more info:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Prayers for rain answered in West Texas – and how!

It's not the first time prayers for rain in Lubbock have met with good results. In January 2004, after a year of drought, the city and county set aside a Sunday to pray for rain and got the second-wettest year since records have been kept.

"Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on th earth by the space of three years and six months. And he prayed again, and the [b]heaven gave rain[/b], and the earth brought forth her fruit."
-James 5:17-18

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Prayers for rain answered in West Texas – and how!

I felt that rain today, here in San Marcos, Texas. I honestly can't remember the last time it rained around here! We were in such bad need of it; all the grass was dying, plants and trees withering. Very, very dry. It rained all day today, and very abundantly. I remember waking up this morning, hearing the rain fall against my window. I didn't know Lubbock had been praying, but I sensed something of the Divine with this particular downpour. I thanked the Lord on my way to work. I came home tonight and opened SI - and read this post.

Praise the Lord, he is good and merciful.

Paul Frederick West

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 Re: Prayers for rain answered in West Texas – and how!

Hmmmm, interesting!

Presently we are in the throes of a severe drought..the worst in my 45 years of living here. Crops are a total failure (unless it is irrigated land)- it is an agricultural community where farmers grow corn, soybeans, cattle and have a minimum of 12,000 acres of ponds, growing catfish. Unless we get rain, the ponds will be in trouble. I heard Monday of a city church that is planning on a fast Saturday to pray for rain...and they are city folks!

I understand Paul's reaction to rain....

Thanks for posting this upbeat article.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: May I share this


[i]“But prayer was made earnestly of the church unto God for him.” –Acts 12:5[/i]

Our subject is, “How to pray so as to get what you ask.” I can think of nothing more important than that to discuss with you. Suppose it had been announced that I was to tell the business men of Los Angeles how they could go to any bank in the city and get all the financial accommodation they desired any day in the year, and suppose, also, that I really knew that secret and could really tell it. Do you think that the business men of that city would consider it important? It would be difficult to think of anything they would consider more important? But praying is going to the bank, going to the bank that has the largest capital of any bank in the universe, the Bank of Heaven, a bank whose capital is absolutely unlimited. And if I can show you how you can go to the Bank of Heaven any day in the year, and any hour of the day or night, and get from that bank all that you desire, that will certainly be of incalculable importance.

Now the Bible tells us that very thing. It tells us how we can go to the Bank of Heaven, how we can go to God in prayer any day of the year and any hour of the day or night, and get from God the very things that we ask. What the Bible teaches along this line has been put to the test of practical experiment by tens of thousands of people, and has been found in their own experience to be absolutely true. And that is what we are about to discover in God’s own Word.

In Acts 12 we have the record of a most remarkable prayer, remarkable because of what was asked for and remarkable because of the results of the asking. King Herod had killed James, the brother of John. This greatly “pleased the Jews”; so he proceeded further to arrest the leader of the whole apostolic company, the Apostle Peter, with the intention of killing him also. But the arrest was made during Passover Week, the Holy Week of the Jews; and, while the Jews were perfectly willing to have Peter assassinated, even eager, they were mot willing to have their Holy Week desecrated by his violent death. So Peter was cast into prison to be kept until the Passover Week was over, and then to be executed. The Passover Week was nearly over; it was the last night of the Passover Week. Early the next morning Peter was to be taken out and beheaded.

There seemed to be little hope for Peter, indeed no hope at all. He was in a secure dungeon, in an impregnable fortress, guarded by sixteen soldiers, and chained by each wrist to a soldier who slept on either side of him. There appeared to be no hope whatever for Peter. But the Christians in Jerusalem undertookty to get Peter out of his perilous position, to completely deliver him. How did they go about it? Did they organize a mob and storm the castle? No, there was no hope whatever of success along that line; the castle was impregnable against any mob, and, furthermore it was garrisoned by trained Roman soldiers who would be more than a match for any mob. Did they circulate a petition and get the names of the leading Christians in Jerusalem signed to it to present to Herod, asking that he would release Peter? No, that might have had weight, for the

Christians in Jerusalem at that time were numbered by the thousands and among them were not a few influence with a wily politician such as Herod. But they did not attempt
That method of deliverance. Did they take up a collection and gather a large amount of money from the believers in Jerusalem to bride Herod to release Peter? Quite likely that might have proved successful, for Herod was open to that method of approach. But they did not do that.

What did they do/ They held a prayer-meeting to pray Peter out of prison. Was anything apparently more futile and ridiculous ever undertaken by a company of fanatics? Praying a man so securely incarcerated, and so near this execution, out of prison? If the enemies of Peter and the church had known of that attempt they doubtless would have been greatly amused, and laughed at the thought of these fanatical Christians praying Peter out of prison. Doubtless they would have said to one another, “We’ll see what will become of the prayers of these Christians.”

But the attempt to pray Peter out of prison was entirely successful. Apparently Peter himself had no fears, but he was calmly resting in God; for he was fast asleep on the very eve of his proposed execution. While Peter was sound asleep, guarded by the sixteen soldiers, chained to a soldier sleeping on either side of him, suddenly there could have been seen standing by Peter “an angel of God.” The angel “smote Peter on the side” as he slept and awakened him and said, “Arise despierta quickly.” Instantly Peter’s chains fell from his hands and he arose to his feet. The angel said to him, “Gird thyself, and bind on the sandals.” Peter did so, and then angel said, “Cast thy garment about thee, and follow me.” Peter, dazed and wondering, thought he was dreaming; but he was wise enough to obey God even in his sleep and he went out and followed the angel, though he “thought he saw a vision.” The soldiers were all asleep, but unprevented Peter passed the first guard and the second guard and came to the strong iron gate that led into the city. Moved by the finger of God, the gate “opened to them of its own accord.” They went out and silently passed through one street.

Now Peter was safe and the angel left him. Standing there in the cold night air, Peter came to himself. He realized that he was not dreaming, and said, “Now I know a truth, that the Lord has sent forth his angel to deliver me out of the hand of Herod, and from all the expectation of the people of the Jews.” Stopping a few moments to reflect, he said to himself, “There is a prayer-meeting going on.”

My prayer for you today is that if you find yourself in a prison jail as Peter did that you would know in the depth of your spirit that you are being prayed for and as God sends his angel to release you I pray that your focus once and for all be whole heartily and entirely On The Call. I come against in the Mighty Name of Jesus, with the authority that has been given to me through Christ because I do sit in Heavenly Places with Him I come against any distractions and hindrance that would hold you back from your primary focus which is and should be the primary focus in your heart and on your mind. The Call

Heavenly Father begin to do it now in the Mighty Name of Jesus, may there be a shaking in the heavens and on the earth, shake off whatever is not of God may you see yourself in your next level rise up men and women if valor Rise Up!

Father I repent right now if what I am about to ask is not according to your will and your timing, I ask for a New Level not a new season but a New Level in you, A New anointing filled with heavenly minded expectations that the primary focus be in you Jesus, fill them with the desire to redeem the time, do a new thing Yes Lord begin now open the wooden doors for your chosen elect to preach the gospel, fill the calendar Lord fill the calendar for your anointed OPEN THE DOORS in the mighty name of Jesus, open the wooden doors fill the calendar Lord, fill the calendar according to your word so that the time may be redeemed according to your word, in Colossians.
Thank you Jesus I thank you Lord I thank you.

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