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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : The People of the 1904 Revival.

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 The People of the 1904 Revival.


[img align=left][/img][b]EVAN ROBERTS[/b]
The best known of the revivalists associated with the awakening. Having been a coal miner and later a blacksmith at 26 years old he felt a definite call to full time Christian ministry. During the initial period of his training an overwhelming experience of the SPIRIT OF God eventually led him back to his home church at Loughor where he began to share this experience with the youth. The outcome of these messages was full churches and meetings continuing into the early hours of the morning. Soon there was talk of conversions and renewed faith with converts expressing their newfound joy in spontaneous prayer and hymn singing. For the next 18 months he travelled throughout Wales with his revival message. Due to the novel way that he usually led meetings accompanied by his team of young women soloists the news media saw him as a celebrity and reported his every move and word to a fascinated readership.

[img align=left][/img][b]ANNIE DAVIES[/b]
The best known of the soloists in the Evan Roberts team. She joined the team early on in the revival and remained with Evan all through the missions that he under-took. She took an active part in the services and as well as singing would often pray and pass on a message as she felt lead. Her ability as a singer and sensitivity to the atmosphere of the revival services very often moved congregations to tears. She is most well known for her rendering of the Love – song of the Welsh revival “Here is love vast as the ocean”.

[img align=left][/img][b]DAN ROBERTS[/b]
The brother of Evan. He quickly became involved in the revival after his eyes were healed in response to the words of his brother. He to travelled around Wales holding revival meetings and hundreds were added to the churches as a result.

[img align=left][/img][b]FLORRIE EVANS[/b]
The teenager from New Quay who publicly confessed that she loved the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart. This she did in the morning youth meeting at her church. Her simple words were the spark that lit revival fire in her church and in the west Wales area, a fire that would soon become national in its scope. These words spoken on Sunday February 14 1904 were to be the first drops of an n international downpour. She later came into contact with Evan Roberts who was deeply Impressed with the godliness that he saw in her and the rest of the NewQuay youth. During the revival she often travelled as part of Joseph Jenkins team holding meetings throughout North Wales.

[img align=left][/img][b]SETH JOSHUA[/b]
An evangelist with the Forward Movement of the Calvinistic Methodist Church. He had been praying for revival for some time and had asked that God would rise up a person not from the university or college but from the working classes. In Evan Roberts he saw the eventual answer to this prayer. During 1904 Seth had been holding missions all over Wales including one at Newcastle Emlyn where he first came in contact with Evan Roberts. It was a prayer prayed by Seth at Blaenannerch that so touched Evan and the words”Bend me oh Lord ” soon became Evans own prayer and motto.

[img align=left][/img][b]SYDNEY EVANS[/b]
Evans close friend and fellow student at Newcastle Emlyn. He too came to experience a deeper Christian walk while at the college and witnessed the spiritual struggles of Evan. He was powerfully used during the revival and similar to other revivalists travelled all over Wales conducting meetings. He too was accompanied by a team of other youth who took part in the services. After the revival he went into full time Christian service eventually becoming the principal of a Theological College in India. He also married Evans sister Mary.

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