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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes


You won't have been around in christian circles for very long...before you would have heard the well KNOWN AND used "phrase" "oh don't judge", lest you be judged yourself !! ( be careful now )

And such peoples we know are quoting from the well known text-that is familiar to us all....and taken from the sermon on the mount in [MATTHEW CHAP 7:1-5]

So then if we just stop there and quote that passage to someone-then the inference is this " all judging is SIN...therefore don't do it....this is wrong and it is wrong, you lack love, your commiting sin yourself, Jesus said don't judge at all ( period/ full stop )so Just PLAIN DON'T DO IT...OR YOU WILL BE JUDGED yourself BUDDY !! so watch it...they say to you

:-( And so usually the scenario that unfolds next is the person quoting matthew seven walks away feeling good and justified, and the person who allegedly JUDGED OR WAS ABOUT TO JUDGE walks away with his TAIL BETWEEN HIS LEGS feeling condemned or beaten up NOW by the word himself.

So then are all forms of JUDGING then to be EQUATED as sin ?? when then is it wrong to JUDGE ?? when have we crossed the line then so to speak - and are GUILTY of and IN VIOLATION OF matthew seven ?? and how do we reconcile THAT VERSE OF "Judge not" with other passages found in the Word such as " judge a righteous judgement " and from the pen of Paul at Corinth

And furthermore to that we are exhorted in that same letter to " compare spiritual things with spiritual things" Now how can one compare what is spiritual unless a "spiritual evaluation" is made ??

Unless you EXERCISE discernment and be spiritually "discriminating" then can one compare spiritual things with spiritual things ?? HELLO

Moreover are we not exhorted from the author of Hebrews CHAPTER FIVE to Grow in THE sense realm SO AS TO DISTINGUIS (THAT IS spiritually speaking) AND TO DISCERN THE "DIFFERENCE" BETWEEN BOTH - GOOD AND EVIL.

And again are we not admonished - to not be children in " understanding" spiritual matters, and rather be children in malice....but in matters of comprehension, we are told to be MATURE, TO BE RAHTER ADULTS, GROWN UP, AND TO BE MEN OF MATURITY, AND OF COMPREHENSION !!

Not babies, not carnal, not lacking in understanding, still on the milk bottle AS IT WERE...being weaned - NAY but be RATHER MEN of understanding, BE spiritually "DISCERNING" AND SRITUALLY DISCRIMINATING" and compare what is scriptural to what is scriptural, AND make evaluations on SUCH THINGS AS: manifestations, judging prophecy, be like the berean christians who searched the scriptures DAILY, AND AS JESUS HIMSELF SAID and wondered " HOW IS IT THAT YOU CAN'T EVEN JUDGE IN YOURSELVES....what is right ?

Another fascinating verse were these words from the Lord Jesus " the children of this generation are WISER in their generation, than the children of light "

Paul reminds us from 1 corinth 2:15 that it is the person who is "spiritual" that judges all things

Modern christianity is in throes of captivity and spiritual bondage today...because the ministry has [failed] to teach the congregations, as the priests did "under law" what the difference was between the " profane " and the "holy" and between the clean and the unclean....what is holy and what is PROFANE !!

And so we mix christianity with various forms of carnal entertainments, pagan dance routines, christian rocking, stand-up comic routines, we paint the walls and ceilings black, and bring in coloured stage lighting....and why ?? cause they the ministers know -it will get the young people in....if we mix chritian lyrics with a strong beat, constant drums etc - then the young people will be attracted to our meetings.

And so a little compromise here and a few cracks in the wall here, won't matter, as it doesn't matter what the means is, in getting them to the assembly....just get them THERE - and then we can convert them ( once there in ) brethren this then is the justification - today for the mixture and various entertainments we see... nowadays.

Have we as the church failed to compare "spiritual things - with spiritual things" ??

Is the modern church in the mess she's in today - due to "do-gooder's out there who wrongly mis-quote Matthew seven "judge not - that you be not judged" ?

Paul states clearly from 1 corinth 2:12 " that we have NOT RECEIVED THE SPIRIT ...OF THE WORLD

So why then do we bring the world into the church and onto our platforms, and justify it by saying it is multi-culturism...and so don't judge

And after all different nations have different ways of expressing WORSHIP and the OPERATION OF THE GIFTS.... hmmmmm is that so ??

Okay If we then cut these ones some slack and agree then it is okay to celebrate God in numerous dance routines, have flame throwing, comedy and joke time, break dancing, stobe lighting, skits and theatre of every nature, hip-hop bop dancing etc etc

:-o THEN THE END RESULT SHOULD BE GOD IS GLORIFIED IN ALL THINGS, THE YOUTH ARE MORE SPIRITUAL, LIVE CLEANER SEPERATED LIVES DURING THE WEEK, and the elders of the church can speak unto them as "spiritual" and not as unto babes.

Brethren we have to look at all this through God's telescope....and compare it with spiritual,things, we compare apples with apples, not apples with oranges, if we hand the evening service over to the youth, like 80 % of nearly all churches today - then what is the end result ?? did it draw you closer to God, did the service promote holiness or sensuality, was conversation after church more condusive to spiritual things or to carnal things ??

Does the ends always justify the means - in other words just get the crowds in, get the youth coming along to services, give them music that appeals to the flesh, some fancy stage lighting, paint the walls black, some comedy, make everything light hearted and breezzy, become all things to all men, and presto, they will get SAVED, AS A RESULT THIS enviroment and this atmosphere



You see i might be old-fashioned brethren but i was raised that once you got saved, you put off the filth of the flesh, you put of the babylonian garments, you put of the works of the flesh, and you maintain a good conscience towards God -whom has NOW saved you.

But if they come out of the world and see that the church is really not that different to the world, other than their really nice people who don't get drunk, do drugs, or use profanity anymore....then why should they "be ye seperate" and touch not the unclean thing...or as Paul said be ye CLEAN that bear the vessels of the Lord, and that every man and woman should KNOW how to possess his vessel in " HONOUR" and not in fornication or uncleaness !!

So going back to matthew seven what does "judge not" mean then ??

Well to me it means "unjust" criticism, character assasination, the perenial fault-finder, and nit-picker - it is as jesus said "judging" after the flesh ( and not rather after the spirit )it is the desire to tear down and destroy people ( having "it in" for somebody )AND to set people at NOUGHT.

It is the "human Level" one to one "judging" amongst ourselves that WHICH is unfair, unwarranted, and unjust ( meaning it was not a RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT YOU PERFORMED) did you go to God in prayer before you went to that person, or did you judge based on "outward appearances" judge Jesus said [by the spirit], and compare spirit to spirit, be above board and even handed in decision making and YOUR treatment of otherS ....the golden rule applies here " as you would that men would DO to you...then do so to them also.

If you want respect - then give respect
If you want kindness - then shew kindness
If you want friends - then be friendly
If you disdain and hate harsh unfair criticism - then don't dispense harsh and unfair criticisms.
If you want charity and love - then give charity and love away to others.

If you go after other peoples faults and flaws, expect much of the same yourself ( i speak of character flaws, PULLING OUT LOGS AND SPLINTERS )because if the person you handed out the correction too - senses or feels you handled yourself badly in your approach,then they will be right back at you...with the same AND SIMILIAR judgementS..... you DISHED OUT TO THEM !!

And friends to me Jesus was not even including the "divine" aspect to matthew chapter seven...he merely refers to the "human" aspect of judging one another - and as to how we conduct ourselves and ouR TREATMENTS of one another, and if you distrubute unjust WORDS ANDcomments - you can expect it - to bounce RIGHT back to you, and upon your own head.


Bro Stephen

 2006/9/3 21:31Profile


One of the things I like about rainstorms is the "thunder", that shakes the ground, produced by the "LIGHT-ning"

I think thats why I like the previous post so much. The "light" that it sheds inspires me and I pray the thunder of it will shake many in christendom awake! Thanks for posting it. God bless,John

 2006/9/3 21:48

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How right you are! This one will almost certainly come to you from someone who doesn't want anyone examining their brand of spirituality! What our Lord was addressing here was not "judgment". As was said, there exists ample scripture that encourages us to use judgment in all situations in order that we might not stumble or lead others astray and keep on the path that leads to eternal life. What Jesus was addressing was a spirit of "judgmentalism" that finds fault with everything or everybody. When someone uses this "scripture twist" on you, you might ask them what led them to judge you thusly!! They are most certainly attempting to render a judgment and they expect it to be the final word. There is generally not a great deal of warmth that will follow such an exchange but we must declare His Word, even if we have to spell it out for some folks. Amen? Amen!

Pastor Mike Mitchell

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I understand Matt. 7:1-5 as directed to hypocrites. I'd like some thoughts as to the meaning of the following verse, 7:6, about the dogs and pigs.


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I go out on the street quite often preaching, holding gospel banners, etc. This is the one verse everyone knows. You hear it all the time.

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Oh, what a timely post. Carnaly minded must love this vers so that his sinfull pleasures and dark works will not be revealed and denounced. Of course we all know that there is but One who judges and executes judgement and punishes those who deserve punisnment. But as it was mentioned in this thread, this words of Lord Jesus was directed to hypocrites whose judgement He so perfectly described with a figure of spec and log in an eye.
It also places a huge responsibility on one who judges the fellow christian. For to see uncleannes in others, we have to be clean ourselves. If we, the followers of Christ Jusus are called to be the light of the world, then all the more to our fellow bretren christians.
We have to expose the sin or any unrighteousnes in between us and repent of it and ask forgivness to the LORD. But we need to do so in meekness, watching ourselves so that tempter does not have opportunity to give us vain feelings like "I am holier than you".
Yes, this is probably one of the verses that so called liberal "churches" hide behind. Ones that endorse baby slaughter by abortion, or gay and lesbian agenda and other garbage and filth of the fallen world.
I was realy appreciate your time to for this post sir.
May triune Godhed be exalted above all. Peace be with you all brethren.

levan giorgadze

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Casting pearls before swines would be like explaining some wonderful experience you had with the LORD to someone who is packed full of demons. It is not necessarily harmful, it is just more or less a waste.

I have heard that the Hebrews often were supposed to have spoken of good words as jewels, and that if you didn't have a jewel for someone when you speak, then don't speak at all. So the illustration I get is to use your words wisely.

Hal Bachman

 2006/9/5 0:32Profile


One response that I have used to those who quote this is; I say,(in a very calm semi slow voice),but you have now judged me by saying I am judgemental or condeming.

Those who cry judge not are guilty of judging.

The Lord declared "judge not according to apperance, rather judge righteous judgment" and in another place he said if you have pulled the log out of your own eye then you will be more able to pull the splinter out of your brothers eye.God bless, John

 2006/9/5 8:55


The verse is only taken out of context because they don't know the context from which they strip it.


 2006/9/5 13:03

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