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And am I only born to die?
And must I suddenly comply
With nature’s stern decree?
What after death for me remains?
Celestial joys, or hellish pains,
To all eternity?

How then ought I on earth to live,
While God prolongs the kind reprieve
And props the house of clay?
My sole concern, my single care,
To watch, and tremble, and prepare
Against the fatal day.

No room for mirth or trifling here,
For worldly hope, or worldly fear,
If life so soon is gone:
If now the Judge is at the door,
And all mankind must stand before
The inexorable throne!

No matter which my thoughts employ,
A moment’s misery, or joy;
But O! when both shall end,
Where shall I find my destined place?
Shall I my everlasting days
With fiends, or angels spend?

Nothing is worth a thought beneath
But how I may escape the death
That never, never dies;
How make mine own election sure,
And, when I fail on earth, secure
A mansion in the skies.

Jesus, vouchsafe a pitying ray,
Be Thou my guide, be Thou my way
To glorious happiness;
Ah, write the pardon on my heart,
And whensoe’er I hence depart,
Let me depart in peace.

Charles Wes­ley, Hymns for Child­ren, 1763


 2006/9/8 14:52Profile

Joined: 2006/1/31
Posts: 4991

 Re: Hymns

Righteous God! Whose vengeful phials
All our fears and thoughts exceed,
Big with woes and fiery trials,
Hanging, bursting o’er our head;
While Thou visitest the nations,
Thy selected people spare;
Arm our cautioned souls with patience,
Fill our humbled hearts with prayer.

If Thy dreadful controversy
With all flesh is now begun,
In Thy wrath remember mercy,
Mercy first and last be shown;
Plead Thy cause with sword and fire,
Shake us till the curse remove,
Till Thou com’st, the world’s Desire,
Conquering all with sovereign love.

Every fresh alarming token
More confirms the faithful Word;
Nature (for its Lord hath spoken)
Must be suddenly restored:
From this national confusion,
From this ruined earth and skies,
See the times of restitution,
See the new creation rise!

Vanish, then, this world of shadows,
Pass the former things away:
Lord, appear! appear to glad us
With the dawn of endless day
O conclude this mortal story,
Throw this universe aside!
Come, eternal King of glory,
Now descend, and take Thy bride!

charles wesley


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Joined: 2006/1/31
Posts: 4991

 Re: Hymns

No strength of nature can suffice
To serve the Lord aright;
And what she has, she misapplies,
For want of clearer light.

How long beneath the Law I lay
In bondage and distress!
I toiled the precept to obey,
But toiled without success.

Then to abstain from outward sin
Was more than I could do;
Now, if I feel its power within,
I feel I hate it too.

Then all my servile works were done
A righteousness to raise;
Now, freely chosen in the Son,
I freely choose His ways.

What shall I do was then the word,
That I may worthier grow?
What shall I render to the Lord?
Is my inquiry now.

To see the Law by Christ fulfilled,
And hear His pardoning voice;
Changes a slave into a child,
And duty into choice.

Will­iam Cow­per


 2006/9/17 12:31Profile

Joined: 2006/1/31
Posts: 4991

 Re: Hymns

O who like Thee, so calm, so bright,
Thou Son of Man, Thou Light of Light?
O who like Thee did ever go
So patient through a world of woe!

O who like Thee so humbly bore
The scorn, the scoffs of men before;
So meek, forgiving, Godlike, high
So glorious in humility!

And all Thy life’s unchanging years,
A man of sorrows and of tears,
The cross, where all our sins were laid,
Upon Thy bending shoulders weighed.

And death, which sets the prisoner free,
Was pang, and scoff, and scorn to Thee;
Yet love through all Thy torture glowed,
And mercy with Thy life blood flowed.

O in thy light be mine to go,
Illuming all this way of woe;
And give me ever on the road
To trace Thy footsteps, Son of God.

Ar­thur C. Coxe


 2006/10/5 14:21Profile

Joined: 2006/1/31
Posts: 4991

 Re: Hymns

How shall I follow Him I serve?
How shall I copy Him I love?
Not from the blessèd footsteps swerve,
Which lead me to His seat above?

Privations, sorrows, bitter scorn,
The life of toil, the mean abode,
The faithless kiss, the crown of thorn,
Are these the consecrated road?

’Twas thus He suffered, though a Son,
Foreknowing, choosing, feeling all,
Until the perfect work was done,
And drunk the bitter cup of gall.

Lord, should my path through suffering lie
Forbid it I should e’er repine;
Still let me turn to Calvary,
Nor heed my griefs, remembering Thine.

O let me think how Thou didst leave
Untasted every pure delight,
To fast, to faint, to watch, to grieve,
The toilsome day, the homeless night.

To faint, to grieve, to die for me!
Thou camest, not Thyself to please;
And, dear as earthly comforts be,
Shall I not love Thee more than these?

Yes, I would count them all but loss,
To gain the notice of Thine eye:
Flesh shrinks and trembles at the cross,
But Thou canst give the victory.

Jo­si­ah Con­der


 2006/10/5 14:23Profile

Joined: 2006/1/31
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 Re: Hymns

O Zion, open wide thy gates,
Let figures disappear;
A Priest and Victim, both in One,
The Truth Himself, is here.

No more the simple flock shall bleed;
Behold, the Father’s Son
Himself to His own altar comes
For sinners to atone.

Conscious of hidden deity,
The lowly virgin brings
Her newborn Babe, with two young doves,
Her humble offerings.

The agèd Simeon sees at last
His Lord, so long desired,
And Anna welcomes Israel’s hope,
With holy rapture fired.

But silent knelt the mother blest
Of the yet silent Word,
And pondering all things in her heart,
With speechless praise adored.

All glory to the Father be,
All glory to the Son,
All glory, Holy Ghost, to Thee,
While endless ages run.

Jean B. de San­teüil


 2006/10/5 14:24Profile

Joined: 2006/1/31
Posts: 4991


O for that flame of living fire,
Which shone so bright in saints of old!
Which bade their souls to Heav’n aspire,
Calm in distress, in danger bold.

Where is that Spirit, Lord, which dwelt
In Abraham’s breast, and sealed him Thine?
Which made Paul’s heart with sorrow melt,
And glow with energy divine?

That Spirit which, from age to age,
Proclaimed Thy love, and taught Thy ways?
Brightened Isaiah’s vivid page,
And breathed into David’s hallowed lays?

Is not Thy grace as mighty now
As when Elijah felt its power;
When glory beamed from Moses’ brow,
Or Job endured the trying hour?

Remember, Lord, the ancient days;
Renew Thy work; thy grace restore;
Warm our cold hearts to prayer and praise,
And teach us how to love Thee more.

Will­iam H. Bat­hurst


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"There is a fountain, fill'd with blood,
Drawn from Immanuel's veins,
And sinners plunged beneath that flood
Lose all their guilty stains.

"Dear dying Lamb, thy precious blood
Shall never lose its power,
Till all the ransom'd church of God
Be saved, to sin no more."

i dont know who wrote it... but i found it in Albert Barnes Atonement,


 2007/1/19 4:54Profile

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Oh, enter, Lord, Thy temple,
Be Thou my spirit’s Guest,
Who gavest me, the earth-born,
A second birth more blest.
Thou in the Godhead, Lord,
Though here to dwell Thou deignest,
Forever equal reignest,
Art equally adored.

Oh, enter, let me know Thee
And feel Thy power within,
The power that breaks our fetters
And rescues us from sin;
Oh, wash and cleanse Thou me
That I may serve Thee truly
And render honor duly
With perfect heart to Thee.

Thou art, O Holy Spirit,
The true anointing Oil,
Through which are consecrated
Soul, body, rest, and toil
To Christ, whose guardian wings,
Where’er their lot appointed,
Protect His own anointed,
His prophets, priests, and kings.

Thou, Holy Spirit, teachest
The soul to pray aright;
Thy songs have sweetest music,
Thy prayers have wondrous might.
Unheard they cannot fall,
They pierce the highest heaven
Till He His help hath given
Who surely helpeth all.

Thy gift is joy, O Spirit,
Thou wouldst not have us pine;
In darkest hours Thy comfort
Doth ever brightly shine.
And, oh, how oft Thy voice
Hath shed its sweetness o’er me
And opened heaven before me
And bid my heart rejoice!

All love is Thine, O Spirit;
Thou hatest enmity;
Thou lovest peace and friendship,
All strife wouldst have us flee;
Where wrath and discord reign,
Thy whisper kindly pleadeth
And to the heart that heedeth
Brings love and light again.

Our path in all things order
According to Thy mind,
And when this life is over
And all must be resigned,
Oh, grant us then to die
With calm and fearless spirit
And after death inherit
Eternal life on high.

Paul Ger­hardt


 2007/1/19 5:00Profile

Joined: 2006/1/31
Posts: 4991


Charles Wes­ley, Hymns and Sac­red Po­ems, 1740.

Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire,
Let us Thine influence prove:
Source of the old prophetic fire,
Fountain of life and love.

Come, Holy Ghost, for moved by Thee
The prophets wrote and spoke;
Unlock the truth, Thyself the key,
Unseal the sacred book.

Expand Thy wings, celestial Dove,
Brood o’er our nature’s night;
On our disordered spirits move,
And let there now be light.

God, through Himself, we then shall know
If Thou within us shine,
And sound with all Thy saints below,
The depths of love divine.


 2007/9/24 11:17Profile

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