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Basically Ravenhill bashes everyone, but mostly it is just the stereotypes that he makes fun of and not the actually people in them: such as in Spirit of a true prophet (Speaking of John Baptist) "After all he was a baptist, and you know how they are for advertising, but anyhow..." :-)

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 Re: Ravenhill Bashes Everything

After all he was a baptist, and you know how they are for advertising

I'm just getting into all these new sermons and preachers I've never heard of. I'm not too familiar with all the denominations. I basically went to an interdenominational church since I was saved. I love Paul Washer's sermons but why does he talk about Baptist's so much? What's the difference between his church and mine?

Leonardo Santana

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From what I understand Paul Washer is in the Southern Baptist denomination. I think he yearns for the "baptists" of today, to act like the "baptists" of yesterday. I wouldn't mind it either. ;)

Josh Parsley

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I edited the title of this thread, not finding it that suitable. Ravenhill spoke with prophetic urgency. He was rousing a backslidden church that did not heed the call of his words. God help us all in the light of the judgement seat.

"We all know to live better then we are living and thats our condemnation."
-Leonard Ravenhill

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Yeah I went to post a comment and accidently started a whole new thread. Someone was asking about why he was making fun of Evangelicals, so I was basically trying to say that he doesn't limit it to anyone, he will call out anything wrong with any denomination, thats what I love about him. On the serious ones (unlike the one about the baptists I posted earlier) he does not let a bias or fear of man get in the way of what God says.

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