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 Annex the West Bank

I frequently like to the listen to the Hassidic music on an Israeli internet radio station Arutz which is called A7. It used to be an underground radio station that was primarily listened to by the first settlers in the Territories, those intent on reclaiming Judea and Samaria.

Now the radio station has come overground.

(here's a favorite string of music of mine, the second song Ano HaShem is a sung recitation of the 16th verse of the 116 Psalm

I was reading the news and saw this opinion column and thought I would forward it for your consideration, in the light of Brother Rahman's exploration of the Jewish experience.

Time to Think About Annex and Transfer
by Arlene Peck
August 16, 2006

I'd rather not be able to say, "I told you so." Yet, it's difficult not to gloat when I see how the rest of the world is reluctantly beginning to realize that something must be done soon about the evil and crazy culture that is attempting to thrust itself upon the rest of us.

For the past five or six years, I've been writing about "us" as a confused and myopic generation, that didn't have a clue about the enemy it was facing. Belatedly, I believe that we in the 21st century are finally recognizing some uncomfortable truths, which may save our lives yet: the culture of militant Islam, rabidly foaming at the mouth from across a yawning abyss of cultural and ideological implacability, is rooted somewhere in the 7th century.

We have woken only to discover that our culture is still in the midst of a crusade, which these poor people are conditioned to undertake (to their own detriment) by truly evil "religious" leaders, those carrion-eaters who call themselves imams and mullahs, and by corrupt politicians.

Gawd! A crusade! Perhaps Mel Gibson could make a movie addressing that. (Come to think about it, I told you so about him, too.)

One of our major problems in the West is that we have a leftist-fed "sound-byte" mentality, which hasn't been able to grasp the importance of "tribalism," which still holds sway over countries such as Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. This is the mentality that underpins everything there - complete loyalty to the clan. That, and submission to a God they say is no friend of the West. We Westerners have been living in a delusional cloud. How else to explain the many nations and leaders who have been so blind to the signs, which have been glaringly obvious, for so long?

For the past six years, I have been warning that anti-Semitism has been growing at a rapid rate among Arabs and Europeans, the latter in a sort of déjà vu, totally reminiscent of pre-war Nazi Germany. This anti-Semitism is being actively acted out in the so-called Arab-Israeli conflict. The Islamist culture has never made it a secret that it targets all Jews for extermination; after all, it is called for by their prophet and holy writings. Pre-dating 9/11, when America's attention was so barbarically drawn to Islamist demands, the world stage has been overflowing with Islamist leaders who declared this. The question remains: Why didn't we listen?

I can only say that, for far too long, it didn't seem to bother anyone too much. However, I now think many Western nations are beginning to face up to the fact that these ongoing Islamist actions are not about land, but about religion. Their Koran tells the faithful 1.4 billion Muslims that anyone who won't convert must die. And some are now mindful of another truth - that after the Jews, Christians and Hindus are next in their sights. They have been burning churches and killing Christians in the Horn of Africa for years now, with barely a word of protest from Western nations.

In light of these facts, it is appalling that, due to world pressure, the Israel Defense Forces are forced to fight like a prizefighter with one arm tied behind his back. Had the United Nations followed up on Resolution 1559, agreed to by all parties, instead of sitting by for the past six years while Hizbullah armed themselves to the teeth, Israel would not have had to fight at all.

Incidentally, I was in many of those same "nests of vipers" cities, such as Tyre and Sidon, as a journalist, when I was reporting the conflict in June of 1982 and again in 1993. These border towns aren't neighborhood communities. They are enemy territory used for the explicit purpose of launching rockets into Israel. Don't tell me about agreements. The Arabs only begin negotiations after the terms have been agreed. Anything else is considered 'weakness' in this culture of war. Fortunately, many people are recognizing that the Middle East is littered with agreements that just did not work.

Today, many realize that radical Islam started this latest outbreak of violence, but unfortunately, it has fallen, again, on Israel to finish it. The cease-fire allows Hizbullah to declare itself the winner. Inside the Islamic world, it is seen in no other way. The United Nations, the European Union, the Vatican - all these paragons of virtue remain blinded to one incontrovertible fact: Israel is in a fight for her life.

The recent shooting attack at the Jewish Federation in Seattle, in which one innocent person was killed and six wounded, is a perfect example of what where facing. It was carried out by the son of one of the founders of the mosque in that city. Now, five years after 9/11, Islamist attacks are again being seen on our shores. Will there be an outcry from my country? I doubt it. However, if churches and Christian ministries are next, attitudes might change. Only then might we begin to admit, to ourselves first and then publicly, that Israel and its little strip of land has nothing to do with the Muslim craziness.

Since when did the media tail wag the dog? Now that they "won" a cease-fire with Hizbullah, with whom is Israel to negotiate? Is Israel to sit down with terrorists who represent no sovereign nation? Apart from the inanity of that idea, Hizbullah will only use this time to re-group and re-arm.

And how, exactly, did Israel fight this war? I know of no other army that warns the enemy by megaphone, television, leaflet, radio and even calling people on the phone to tell them that they must leave specific areas because they were going to be attacked. Only Israel does this, to avoid large civilian casualties. Then, the world condemns them.

Drastic times, drastic solutions. I feel now is the perfect time for Israel to annex Gaza and the West Bank, and expel all Arabs. All Israelis must have the security of knowing that those in Gaza will no longer have the leisure of running into Israel and bombing or kidnapping hostages. The same type of pamphleting campaign, which warns of Israeli retaliations, should carry a new message. If Arabs insist on continued campaigns of terrorism and warfare against any Israeli territory - anywhere - then ten percent of Gaza will be taken back by Israel. Be specific - which village, which well, which mosque, which street to which street - and then do it the next time they test Israeli resolve.

Transfer "the Arab enemy within" to any of the surrounding Arab countries. Let us see how well they like living in a Muslim-controlled country. And, like a mantra, let us repeat that this is only one front in a global war against Muslim domination. World War III has been going on for decades. We've just been so busy entering a new millennium that this monster facing us has only belatedly gotten our attention.

 2006/8/19 1:52

 Re: Look familair?

heres a group of Hizabouallah pledging allegiance. I seen that type of salute before.

The President was right when he termed it "Islamic fascism".

 2006/8/19 2:05

 one more site

you might interested in viewing the news from an Israeli perspective:

 2006/8/19 2:28

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 Re: Annex the West Bank

Brother Bartle,

This might be off the topic, but were you born into a Messianic Jewish family? If not, what were the repercussions for becoming a follower of Yeshua? Being from New York originally, I have had many Jewish friends...and I know how Jews in general regard Jesus Christ - the dead, emaciated "god" the gentiles kiss on a cross. I have been in many discussions with Jews - and even some Israeli Jews - about Jesus Christ, and read Mike Brown's "Answering Jewish Objections." I am also very well informed of the "refutations" anti-missionaries use against Christianity.

My question to you is did you lose many frinds because of your faith in Jesus? I know that people from Jews4Jesus have been spit in the face in NYC for merely witnessing. What an illustrious day it will be when God lifts their blinders. Lord haste that day. My best friend for over 25 years is a Russian Jew living in LA. I would give my life I knew God would save him because of it. And I don't just say that. His name is Jonathan and I love him like a dear brother. We've known each other since 1980.

By the way, great music! Thanks for the Arutz Sheva link. I'm sure you've heard of Merv and Merla Watson. They're my favorites, old-school Isreali artists, basically the founders of the modern Messianic sound. Merla's violin is so incredibly anointed, I just weep and weep. Their "And Then Shall the Virgin Rejoice in the Dance" is pure bliss. Paul Wilbur I also like.

It is to be regretted that most Gentile Christians have never experienced worship like this. I've been to outdoor revival meetings here in rural Texas where the Mexicans do the praise and worship Messianic style and just get into the Spirit. It's very, very powerful.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2006/8/19 9:00Profile

 Dear Brother Paul-my testimony

Thank you for being interested in my life, I mean that.

I was born of a Jewish mother and a Gentile father. This marriage in 1958 was a complete rebellion on her part. Good Jewish girls didnt marry Gentile boys in those days. (or even today)

I was sent to Jewish religious and Hebrew school from the time I was a small boy till I was bar-mitzvahed at age 13. Oh how I loved it all. Some people, Catholics and some Jews regard their childhood religious unpbringing as a bad time. I never did, I loved it all, the study of Torah, the study of Hebrew.

My father is completely irreligious, thats grievous, and my mother furthered her rebellion by taking an African American lover, who I might add was a friend of my father, who really didnt care. My mother had a child, my sister out of this affair. (praise God, that abortion wasn't legal as I love this dear girl, she is a school teacher for many years and we are so close, her skin color never impacted me until ugly school children would call her names)

At that time, my mother who I assume was fascinated with black culture began to take us to African-American Baptist and AME churches on Sunday, which I loved attending. Oh to see the love poured out to Jesus, to see women slain in the Spirit dancing in the aisles, to hear the melodic "calm to storm" preaching of the black pastor. How I loved that man, and to me Jesus, was not some "goy" deception.

It's funny, on Tuesdays and Saturdays I would be in shul, temple, studying Hebrew and Torah, and on some Sundays I would be in black churches. That sounds like I would be one mixed up kid, but I wasn't, I loved it all. I didn't see a difference, I saw a CONTINUATION.

My mother, may God have mercy on her, began at that time to practice astrology AND read tarot cards. Even as a small boy, I KNEW this was wrong, and would have nothing to do with it. Later, she taught my sister how to read the astrological charts and cards. I thought the whole thing was unholy, and against Torah, even today I regard the Kabballah as entirely false and counterfeit. Moses would ground the Kabballah into dust....I digress.

When I was fifteen, right across the street, an old mansion was rented by a group of Jesus freaks, or Jesus people. I began to hang out over there. One day I decided to read thru the Bible, instead of starting in the Gospels, i began at Genesis, and I got so lit up by the Spirit that I went into their backyard and was going to build a small brick altar to make a fire sacrifice to Yahweh. One dear brother, he was practically a kid himself, early twenties, rebuked me so bad for my "apostasy", that I left that place and never returned. He didnt realize that I had yet to learn that Jesus was the Final Sacrifice and that no other was needed. Instead of gently schooling me on the meaning of the Cross, he just laid into me, and I walked away for 27 years.

I never really had any Jewish friends, not because of choice, but I just gravitated to the Gentile kids, they all knew I was Jewish, but it wasn't a thing. I would date Jewish girls, but their parents loathed me because I was so Gentile, not to mention the fact that I was good for nothing.

I remember I returned home from Navy boot camp on my way to language school, and I went to pick up my childhood sweetheart, my first love, and her father, a prominent attorney had nothing but disdain for me seeing me in my bright Navy summer white uniform, suntanned and young, on my way to serve my country. That hurt me, she was delighted, she loved me. But all he saw was a young man who was BENEATH his daughters social status.

Later she dumped me and married a Jewish lad who was from a prominent rich family, and I wound up marrying a red-haired Irish girl from the wrong side of the tracks, who gave me a brilliant beautiful son. Now this red haired Irish girl divorced me, I played a crucial part in tanking that marriage, but she did one thing for me: even though she wasnt saved, on a day of crisis for me, in a desperate phone call to her, at a turning point in my life, where I had two options, either to put a pistol agaisnt my head or to get blindingly high, she told me to pray to God to be with me.

for the first time, I was in submission to her AND the Lord and I began to pray, and it was like a snowball rolling down a hill. Withing two weeks I was in a New Testament church confessing Christ.

Oh we are all so imperfect, and He, the Lamb of God is entirely perfect and merciful.

I weep over the divorce, I didnt want it, I will always love this girl, still do. She re-married and in a week I will be with her, her new husband, his son, and my boy. I will love them all as family, with the love of Christ, no agenda and no bitterness, and no remorse, for God is good.

May the Lord bless you, and thank you for allowing me to show you parts of my life.

With tears, your brother bartle.

 2006/8/19 16:07

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 Re: Dear Brother Paul-my testimony

Dear brother, that post was most amazing. I feel so close to you after reading that. We have [b]many [/b] things in common, Bartle.

Both my parents were goyim, of course, but my dad totally irrelgious, and my mother was deeply Roman Catholic. Now, years later, she is [i]heavily[/i] into Kabbalah. She lives in South Florida, and my wife and I make yearly treks over there to see her. We always end up getting into it with her - inadvertantly - as she insists that Jesus was a master Kabbalist, hence the miracles. She is so brainwashed by the Zohar and Rabbi Berg's nonsense that when I even [i]mention[/i] the Deity of Jesus Christ and the judgment of sin she tells me to shut up. Conversations end very quickly!

You mentioned going to "language school" in the Navy. This wouldn't happen to be DLI in Monterey, California, would it? If so, I was there in 1998, learning Arabic and then Russian as an Army intel signal interceptor.

You are so precious, brother, and I'm glad I met you on SI! God is so good; His timing impeccable. I had to chuckle when you spokeof building a brick altar. That's the kind of stuff I like! Innocent zeal! Your posts give testimony to your heart, Bartle, and I have discerned your great heart for the Lord through your posts. Thank you for being REAL here!

My prayer is that the Mighty One of Israel continue to shine his face upon you, and keep His hand onyour precious family, your son, all those close to your heart. May your prayers rise before His throne as sweet fragrances before the prostrated cherubim and seraphim, and may the King grant your tearful intercessions. May God's heart be delighted when he looks upon you, seeing your faithfulness and obedience, and may the Holy Spirit provoke you to walk in a greater measure of holiness and abandonment to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ! May God's plan and purpose for your existence be fully manifest in your life, well before He calls you home to the eternal glory of the Conquering Host above.

With deep love in Christ Jesus, I remain

your Brother Paul

p.s. I will pray for your precious mother!

Paul Frederick West

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Dear brother, that post was most amazing.

I agree, wholeheartedly. Thank you brother for sharing your heart here.

Mike Balog

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Oh we are all so imperfect, and He, the Lamb of God is entirely perfect and merciful.

Blessings Brother. How wonderful to be grafted with you in Christ!


Mike Compton

 2006/8/19 17:56Profile

 Brother Paul....not only brothers in the Faith....

but brothers in service to our country.

you wrote:

You mentioned going to "language school" in the Navy. This wouldn't happen to be DLI in Monterey, California, would it? If so, I was there in 1998, learning Arabic and then Russian as an Army intel signal interceptor.

you bet it was DLI!! hahhah. What a great place.

Initially, I was going to go to Naval Air, flight school...NROTC, the whole route, it was my intention to fly P-3's, Orions, on anti-sub missions. Everybody I knew wanted to be fighter jocks, Tomcat drivers (F-14) but I always thought that antisub patrol was crucial to protecting fleet assets, and kind of overlooked. Plus the P-3 is a piston driven aircraft, slower, and I like slow. (lol)

anyway, to make a long story short, when it came time to do the color recognition test, I couldn't tell them apart and FAILED. I was crushed, but the Navy is good, and they offered me DLI training as a Korean linquist, what we call a CTI, the Arny MOS is 98 Gulf. Many of my dear friends were Korean language Army 98 Gulfs, as I served for a time in Korea outside an Army base. I was at DLI from May of 77 till March of a bit before your tenure.

Oh it was bad in those days, the military did NOT really have their stuff Vietnam and all. On the day that I graduated, HALF of the second floor of our barracks was busted, denied clearances for homosexuality.
I kid you not, I don't know what these guys were thinking, as EVERYONE knew that NIA was conducting security clearance background checks before we went to the second stage of our training, the classified part in Texas.

But, oh well. Korea was a great mission, I was there during a very scary, exciting time. It was close, believe me. later I served at NSA, and then came back home to Chicago.

I'll pray for your dear mother also, and I send you my love as well. You put my joy in my heart today....both you and my two Mike brothers, Compton and are all beloved brothers in Christ. That is what the Lord meant by Church. Though we four, (and others) are separated by physical distance at this moment, we are fearfully, reverentially and carefully KNIT togther in the Holy Spirit.

My heart is brimming with the joy that only Jesus can bring.

Lets also pray for our brothers and sisters overseas, and for those who are young and will have to serve in the coming war. May God have mercy on all.

In Jesus' love, bartle

 2006/8/19 19:02

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 Re: Brother Paul....not only brothers in the Faith....

Yup! 98G - that was me! Now I'm a 56M Chaplain's assistant. What a small world the American Armed Forces are! God bless.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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